From the diary of ufologist




January 1
Celebrated the New Year. At midnight, the sky was visibly present, the invasion of multi-colored UFO. Toward morning there were aliens, to the horror like crazy.

January 3
Unfortunately, that day has passed without meetings. But I'm giving myself a vow, a day without a flying saucer.

January 8
When the guests had left, I got up from under the table, he saw a flying saucer. She fell. There was a scandal with his wife. Just think, because of the same plate.

January 14
Went with the wife of the guests. I fell three times his nose in the snow. Scum what they do with our earthly attraction. We need to create a zone of protection space.

February 11
TV crew landed, he implied, filmed with a hidden camera. But I do not spill the beans. Around THEM!

23 fevryala
I will build myself a holiday. Zasyadu on the roof with a telescope. To mask'll liter. Or maybe it's better two?

March 9
Morning met, as it should have, ufologists, in trezvyake. Had all of our plus a couple of journalists from the youth edition. Discussed the current invasion kvazigumanoidov.

March 30
Yesterday, the two green beer beat. I do not like their color.

April 5
Quite overpowered UFOs, even in a dream from which there is no salvation. His wife said that in the dream I swore terribly last words and I called some Irina. I'm not to blame, he was under the influence of telepathic aliens.

April 9
Being in a deranged state of mind, was curled extraterrestrial intelligence in the gutter. What they want, then do it.

April 17
Yesterday saw off the green at the Altair. I do not know why he decided on this, because there it will change not only the place of residence, gender and nationality, but also my hands and feet pootryvat as on Altair creeping civilization. After seeing themselves barely crawled home.

May 2
Grin is back! With hands and feet! Tomorrow we will again see him off. He is still determined to become altairtsem.

May 19
Today, we are pioneering veterans organizations are celebrating landmark achievements. And so I decided to pass the same on matallolom UFO! I'll go poohochus.

June 1
So they came for me. His wife passed. Sold humanoids. Some strange aliens. All my life I painted them green. And they are all in white. You lie not we take …

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