Full Moon in New York teased storm


18.05.11.Aktivny atmospheric front, strong wind and full moon — the ideal conditions for the storm. Under threat of New York Manhattan.

For residents of the east coast is the most dangerous active atmospheric front and strong winds from the Atlantic. And if it coincides with the full moon, the threat of flooding is doubled. This situation is not uncommon for the coastal states, such as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) announced a storm warning for the Bronx, Kings, Brooklyn, Queens and northern Manhattan. In these areas, the possibility of local floods due to low tide and heavy rains. Only for 6 hours there fell 20 liters per m², weather forecasters predict the possibility of precipitation 100 liters per m². In New York Bay of raging high waves. Cyclone has to go for the next day and the weather begins to improve.

Recall that New Yorkers lived through the worst storm in 2007, while wind gusts reached 120 km / h and rainfall — 200 liters per m². Wind broke thousands of trees, and some places, the water came up to 1-2 meters high. Storm in 2007 was caused by a rare coincidence of astronomical and atmospheric phenomena, low pressure and a full moon.


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