Gardeners Bashkiria alarmed massive summer white butterflies


Photo: Shamil Valeev

25.06.11.Zhiteli several areas of the country are watching these days mass flight of white butterflies — reports of their invasion came during the week in the IA "Bashinform" from the territory of Arkhangelsk, Beloretsk, Nurimanovsky and Iglinskiy areas.

Tourists fixed mass aggregations of these insects in the places of rest, on the rocky beaches of Inzer, in coastal thickets around the Pavlovsk Reservoir, in the Urals. Motorists reported the highway M5 "Ural" that unusually large flocks of butterflies stuck to cars on the way.

Interviewed agency "Bashinform" gardeners also recorded population growth of white butterflies and expressed concern that they can cause damage to fruit and vegetable crops, once the garden pests. Specialists entomologists at the request of IA "Bashinform" insect identified by the photos as boyaryshnitsu.

According to media reports the Urals Federal District, this phenomenon is present not only in Bashkortostan. In the Middle Urals gardeners celebrate an unprecedented invasion boyaryshnits butterflies, caterpillars that cause severe damage to fruit trees and shrubs. In the vicinity of Miass, on the road towards the village Syrostan also recorded mass flight butterflies boyaryshnits.

It is a large diurnal, with bright wings, which are clearly visible black veins. Its wingspan — 7 cm Butterflies are more common in moist places with public access to the water. Boyaryshnitsa spread throughout Europe as well as in North and Central Asia to Japan. In our area butterflies emerge from pupae in June.

According to experts, the butterfly itself is not dangerous to plants. However, it lays eggs, which appear in 10-15 days voracious caterpillars. They become a storm for fruit orchards. The favorite kinds of food for them are plum, pear, apple, apricot, hawthorn, mountain ash, spirea average, sloes, rosehips, cherries, cranberries.

Adult caterpillars boyaryshnitsy dark, with black and orange stripes along the body, covered with hairs. Caterpillars boyaryshnitsy susceptible to various diseases, so their massive appearance in the gardens there at intervals of several years.

— Last year's drought has exacerbated the phytosanitary state in the country, — commented on the situation in the department of forest protection of the Ministry of Forestry of Bashkortostan. — This year the pests particularly active. Dramatically increased the number of flies and other insects.

Specialists of the department conduct an annual survey of forest pathology and pest control starting in the fall.

— With boyaryshnitsey in the country seriously fighting, — the head of the Raphael Naushirvanov. — Mass moths boyaryshnits forest protection experts have already fixed in 1997-98. But cause serious harm forestry tracks boyaryshnitsy then failed.

If the forest pest inspection will identify major centers, foresters will use biological control measures. And not with the butterflies, and with tracks. But, usually, nature itself regulates their numbers.

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Honored Scientist of Bashkortostan Gizyar Mansurov told how much damage they can inflict garden pests.

— In general, they are afraid of apple, — told Mansurov. — Caterpillars pierce the fruit. As soon as it eats the seed, apple loses contact with the tree and fall off. As a result, the apples ripen and fall. Leaves caterpillar boyaryshnitsy not eat.

In today's mass flight chief horticulturist Republic sees nothing wrong.

— Each year, on a certain day, these butterflies fly — he said. — Just in the olden days, people did not notice. Several times I witnessed this phenomenon. It's okay for the gardens of the republic in this.

Gizyar Mansurov acknowledged that the pests in gardens this year was really more due to the fact that in the last year were good conditions for their reproduction.

Measures of their competent gardeners made before flowering. A spraying against codling held June 10-15.

— Our most delicious apples, fragrant — sure Gizyar Mansurov. — And they are not afraid of butterflies.

Full photo report can be viewed on the link to the source.

author: Galia Nabieva

Source: IA "Bashinform"

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