General analysis of urine

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General urine analysis (clinical analysis of urine) — laboratory research, allowing to assess the physico-chemical characteristics of urine sediment microscopy.

What indicators are examined in a urinalysis?

Ranked urine, its transparency, specific gravity, acidity (pH). The urine is determined by protein, glucose, bilirubin, urobilinogen, ketones, nitrite, and hemoglobin. In the urinary sediment reveals epithelial cells, red blood cells, white blood cells, cylinders and bacteria.

Why is performed urinalysis?

  • for the diagnosis of kidney diseases: nephritis, nephrosclerosis, amyloidosis, kidney stones, tumors;
  • for the diagnosis of pyelonephritis, bladder diseases, prostatic cancer;
  • to detect early signs of disease, so the urine is indicated for routine inspections.

What are the indications for urinalysis?

  1. mandatory testing, which is carried out in all patients regardless of the presumptive diagnosis;
  2. kidney and urinary tract infections;
  3. annual checkup;
  4. assessment of the disease and the effectiveness of the treatment;
  5. persons who have had a streptococcal infection (sore throat, scarlet fever) is recommended to pass a urine test after 1-2 weeks after recovery.

How to prepare for the study?

On the eve should refrain from drinking alcohol, emotional and physical stress, do not eat vegetables and fruits that can change the color of your urine, do not take diuretics. It is not recommended to take a urine test for 5-7 days after cystoscopy and women during menstruation.

How to collect urine for the research?

Before urine collection should be performed hygienic toilet vulva, then assemble the entire portion of morning urine allocated immediately after sleeping in the prepared clean and dry container, stir and pour about 50 ml of the prepared container with a tight lid.

Can you store urine?

The collected urine should be delivered to the laboratory within 1-2 hours, it should be stored in a cool place.

How many days to wait for the results of a urine test?

1 business day.

What are the normal values of urinalysis?



The number of delivered urine analysis

Diagnostic value has


Different shades of yellow

Transparency urine


The smell of urine

Blurred, non-specific

Reactions urine or pH

Acidic pH — 4.8 — 7.5

Specific Gravity (relative density) of urine

1010 — 1025


<0.140 g / l

Glucose in the urine


The ketone bodies in urine

There are no

Bilirubin in urine


Urobilinogen in the urine

5-10 mg / l

Hemoglobin in the urine


Red blood cells in the urine

0-3 in sight for women
0-1 in sight for men

White blood cells in urine

0-6 in sight for women
0-3 in sight for men

Epithelial cells in the urine

0-10 in sight

Cylinders urine

There are no

Salts in urine

There are no

The bacteria in the urine

There are no

Mushrooms in the urine

There are no

Parasites in the urine

There are no

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