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October 9, 2011 8:25

The laws of the Otherworld

Give me the sky, and I will ascend!
It is human nature to strive to create a system of rules that are not only a universal description of the existing order of things, and then be able to have in and of themselves to maintain this order, adjust ….. and if necessary, reinstall it. At the same time, the desire for freedom, including the inside, so it is valued harm magicians, too, ideally, should be granted. In other words, the rules should be, but these rules are to be distinguished one: versatility. Whether you are dealing with shamanism, Wicca, Kabbalistic teachings or ritual of "Western" magic, you would like to look at some laws which are more or less axiomatic to all esoteric systems and worldviews. It is possible that the following will be able to meet these somewhat utopian, but has a right to exist (at least for us, the incorrigible optimists) dreams:

Laws of another world.

1. Stick to the path that leads you, no matter what goal you set for yourself or put.
2. Never be afraid of distractions, do not swerve.
3. Answer those who show love to you, to respect those who act as custodians.

Taking anything, I do not need in the hopes
persisting in their actions, I do not need a success!
With regard to the first law, you know that those who have traveled before you, have left their mark on the rocks and trails that lead you to where you want to go.

The first law can be understood as follows: If you have chosen your path, you should not hesitate in his choice. For Truth, Light, Darkness, Eternal, a source, a word, wherever we are and our way, we can draw different paths. / Methane from tradition to tradition, from school to school is not worth it. It should be possible to try to learn more, but without getting out of the way. You can thoroughly study the theory of energy-fields, and get excited about the idea of further energoinformatsionnogo Development, but without ceasing to be a witch or a necromancer. / If you need guidance, then look at ways that are similar to yours, to following the path that resembles your own. Trust your choice, and the choice of the trust going. If you face a problem, and you can not take a final decision, try to take the position of those who have been in your position before. Ask advice: pride is nothing compared with the Truth. But, most importantly, be prepared to listen to this advice. When looking for an answer, first formulate the question. If you manage this, you reflect on it yet, write on paper magic ink, leave the moonlight, pressed paper crystal. Let the wind flipped through your mind like a book, let the rain blurs your bewilderment, giving them a fantastic shape. In them you can see that for so long and tried in vain to find. Meditate, ask the card runes, other oracle. It is said that the response by 90% in the issue.

Pride as the liver — the more, the more it hurts.

And if we decide to ask someone from the so-called "Living", first pobespokoyte someone whose life is the position, and (most important) the perception of them around the same as yours. The first condition is to ensure that the content of the answer was available to you. Second, in order for you to receive it in the form in which it is likely to be expressed. After all, even the most competent specialist magician who can not explicitly, but gently put you in the face of the need, for example, to change something in yourself, can only worsen the situation. If you ask for advice, do not forget: FSI-defect not peculiar only to Buddhas. All the others in one way or another to them, alas, are allocated. If you believe that asking FSI could be harmed by your answer, then either put on thy advice in digestible form, or do not answer. Sometimes it is your inability to act as an advisor says about your unwillingness to give advice at all, wasting energy. Sometimes it is — a signal of your inability to understand the situation. When you listen to the answer, keep in mind that getting advice, always (!) Contains the answer to your question, and the answer exists in your reality, and only for you. Yes, then he can guide exclaim something like "he did not understand", but someone who understands, who is able to do something to understand and establish the place of either the "truth" in his scheme of things, he was initially understood that. For myself-so. Only subsequent events (sometimes on a scale close to the historical) can prove that it was interpreted correctly, and what is not. Any advice, any answer to any question, it is only an additional factor driving the development of your own consciousness and the ability to manage themselves in the movement path. Sometimes you will just need to you to indicate a possible source of your misunderstanding, and the solution you are able to choose for yourself.

Distractions will try to knock you off the road, said intermediary; you may feel that it is necessary to turn off the main power path that leads you and look for a new one. But such thoughts and images only distract the traveler, and we urge you not to succumb to such temptations. Otherwise you will hardly achieve great success in the magical work and in daily life.

Quiet winter evenings playing Sherlock Holmes
on his violin to Mrs. Hudson.
Violin sounds echoed through the night to London,
and from that taken away from bullies feet
the robbers to give up.
Rapists were also dissatisfied.
The shortest path between two points is a straight line. No wonder many personifications, metaphors associated with all sorts of detours disappointing forecasts and promises. Those who went to a "curved path", however, is not always renegades and traitors Way. It is important to understand only one thing, the main thing: to determine the priorities and decide once (!). All that happens then can be assessed only in terms of your future, formulated earlier goals and, of course, appropriate. Any information that falls into your hands dostoyana attention exactly to the extent that employment in some case fits into your path to the desired objectives. If you do not go outside the Way, the most terrible that happens to you is a hitch, which is interpreted as an extremely bad experience and nothing more, I would not dare. Even a null result of certain actions sometimes would yield the opportunity to avoid many mistakes, prepared for another. (So, Seeker who knew the flaw in his youth, was originally behind the young man righteous and flying toward the great goal from childhood. But it is the same vice, stand in the way both again, the one who deliberately left the flaw is much more likely to deal with them than the one who knows the temptation. thing is that the one who defect known to date nature of the phenomenon. To the untrained same defect may appear in the guise of truth and then happens is, as stated in the Act: The path is forgotten . This often happens with practicing tantric sex: from the way of achieving a higher harmony, union with a man or woman becomes a goal. This spiritual basis of this behavior can not be: the time lost. Seeker lost. But distractions are not always. In many cases you feel that a direct effect on your path or that event has not, but there will be your ally memory. zealous owner like you hide the new data in the basement of your memories. And in the future, maybe not at all in this life, met, found and carefully stored the information you finally come in handy. This may explain, for example, the fact that in the study of scientific treatises almost all wizards and witches have a unique syndrome of total recall.

Difficulties that will be faced at times on the way, may seem distractions. However, when you find yourself in a difficult situation, it is important to remember that it is a product of your inner and there is outside of you. Be prepared for difficulties. Think about why you are experiencing them, and next time try to part with them.

Nordic scientists have deduced a new variety of banana.
Small, frail, they hardly make their way
through the ice and died with the words:
"Life — sucks!"
Shamans believe that any journey "out" — the essence of the journey "inside." Any answer to any question you find within yourself and all monsters, all creatures of darkness is not the generation of darkness outside, but the inside of darkness. What exactly generates monsters-sleep a reason decrepitude is a feeling and you need to learn to avoid obstacles when traveling. Sometimes, giving up this or that action on other worlds, we also accurately reject his counterpart in the real world, the physical world. And many years later, and in everyday life, and travel again, we again see the obstacle … the same thing …. But on the other hand … We did not overcome it … We do not bypass …. But we passed, because lost, not yielding Because it was … and because of this

The third law is quite easy to understand. Waste away from hostile or threatening you creatures. Do not follow them, if you are afraid of them.

He died an old goat. And down his soul,
as expected, to the river, and there — boat
and rowed sitting wolf.
Goat and froze with fear, and the wolf says:
— Che look, cabbage, come on!
The fact that you are afraid, afraid for good reason. You are not sure will be able to defeat that has blocked your path. Shamans say that if you are Warrior, the need to escape from the monster, but if you're a healer (or Finder), you need to absorb the monster itself, make their way through it and be reborn again, passing the test. Rather, everything is true depends on your personal view of things. If you are a warrior, you will inevitably perceive the problems and obstacles as monolithic construction, and education. They are active on their own, they are able to attack and win over you win. Once you have the advantage over the Force, you no longer feel fear, because soldiers do "fear" does not have, just be careful. Care, as opposed to fear, is objective. If she tells you to "run", run. The next time the same cautious whisper to you "you can do it" — and you will make. But if you Seeker, any monster that is generated by many sources. You can afford to be part of it and to win the inside, knowing the phenomenon, expanding it into components. If you think in a concrete manner, then this knowledge and truly looks like you swallowed a monster, and you, being dissolved in it, still retain their independence and are able to take the same form and shape (or any desired shape or incarnation) only after the the animal is the enemy shall deliver you out of yourself naturally. However, I met a description of where the monster to devour the Seeker "davilos" or later regurgitate his / her or suffer from ill indigestion. If you vindictive, but a measure of humility, you is not so great, remember that in and of themselves can be a very toxic "dish."

Guides, who will come to meet you, for you will experience love, but not always gentle and accommodating. They radiate an aura of caring about you and your interests.

Vstpechalis two.
— Have you heard how scared Rabinovich
put in his ogopode?
— No, but what?
— Before the worst thing is that the crows brought back the harvest for the last year!
Another thing, your guides. It should be very clear about what "love" in this context. This is not love, but love in its true guise, the same one that is inseparable from the care and combined with an attitude sometimes even tender. Sometimes guides will treat you like "down." It should not surprise you, because you are to them as those characters of the jokes (dog or students) that "everyone understands, but can not tell"). When you learn how to catch a glance of the conductor, when any of his gesture would be meaningful to you, and you will be able to think in sync, then you will have the necessary element of a good relationship with the conductor, gratitude, respect, and … yes, it is, love. "Docile"-lack of compromise, which is often said in the Otherworld of utter indifference to you. The fact that in the physical world believe "conformism" ability to compromise, in another world not a virtue … not a flaw … and figure neutrality. Conductor is initially "not neutral." And it's worth it!

Offering gifts conductors, very important: it demonstrates your willingness to engage in energy exchange between the inner and outer worlds.

It has long been an accepted fact that in order to get something, you first have to give something. Sometimes you may want to first get advice and help. Your friend, the conductor did not require return. Sometimes they treat us like children, whose gratitude pleasant but …. not expected. Nevertheless, this is not a reason to continue to behave in the same spirit. Thanks, offering itself brings joy. Oh, yes, it is an exchange … but it is not the exchange to which you are forced to. This exchange, from which you will bear you a chance, you do not have to give up. You sacrifice no scarlet silk rags, not wine or beer, not the spices …. The sacrifice part of himself, the one part that understands that giving is not with the incomparable pleasure. And the most precious gift that was brought by you, it is the energy of your joy, your happiness of communication.

It is imperative to show respect to such entities. Do not quarrel with them, do not yell at them, do not try to ignore them, or would threaten all of your journey, as well as future contacts with them. / … /

Sometimes conductors can be (or appear to you) moody and irritable. Remember, they have their reasons to be dissatisfied with you. Try politely and correctly ask them about it. Often you will be surprised by their great foresight, and their even "angry" advice will bring you much good afterwards.


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