Ghost stroked my stomach, as if coaxing a baby …

August 31, 2012 16:26

"Ghost stroked my stomach, as if coaxing a baby ..."

"Ghost stroked my stomach, as if coaxing a baby …"

While priests, psychics and scientists have puzzled over how to defuse the Krivoy Rog "Barabashka", which burns on the body of a young woman signs in the form of arrows and chicken legs and strangles her in the night, he attacked two more people
More than two years ago, the information in the "facts" about the unknown creature leaves burns on the body of 22-year-old Alena Dorogova, became a sensation. Priests, psychics and readers have tried to solve, which means the guest visits from a parallel world and how to stop them. After Allen was three months pregnant … Fortunately, the baby was born healthy. But evil forces continued to pursue the young mother. The last time we wrote about Alena, in March 2011, after someone burned on the hands and feet of women in the form of new signs of arrows …

 August 14 "facts" called Allen, to wish her a happy birthday Katyusha (a girl who was still in the womb was attacked ghost, was two years old) and learn how to do. "With my daughter's all right, — said Alain. — A "Barabashka" no stopping. Has already become a hit on other people … "
"The doctors suspected that I myself and sectarian paint a wound"
— In our house, house lived for centuries — says 24-year-old Alain Dorogova. — My mother and my grandmother told me that constantly heard the sound of splashing and bare feet, but did not attach any importance to this. At first thought, that it seemed to them at night and when someone started to choke him, decided that this is a dream, and get to the essence of what was happening did not. After the death of his grandfather inherited the house passed to me. I got married and had a daughter Masha.
During my first pregnancy, "Barabashka" does not run amok. Except at night loud stomping on the roof, often threw things and dropping tables. But when I got divorced from my first husband and went to live in a civil union with her new husband Eugene, unknown creature like crazy. That it may just get up! We heard the sound of a fine, as if a group of goblins running, nights could arbitrarily switched-off light. And in January 2010, just at Christmas, IT climbed into our marital bed.
Waking up from a sense of blocks of ice around, I felt that I was someone choking cold hands. I cried. Husband Jack awoke on my hands as if traces of the handcuffs. The same marks were in the neck and legs. The house was deathly silence, all the doors and vents through which could get attacked me being closed. In horror, we immediately took her daughter and fled the night to my mother, who lived in the house on the same street.
The incident we did not tell anyone. Just prayed hard, hoping that will not happen again. However, five months later, in May 2010, the Trinity, the unknown creature at night again tried to strangle me. Then on the back of my hands were burned ten centimeters in length, similar to the marks of chicken legs. And in the abdomen, the tip down — boom scorched twenty centimeters. On the neck, I saw a red bar, as if someone was trying to strangle me a thick fishing line. Footprints were drawn: the room smelled of burnt skin, although the pain for some reason I did not feel unbearably … burn was later, and then we will grease the burn ointments.
We were advised to hold the sanctification and purification of the home, throw out all the old clothes and old furniture and cajole brownie poppy seeds, wine and sweets. We all did it, but something unknown was not going to get out of nowhere. Meanwhile, when I was seven months pregnant got to the hospital (I suspect a threat of miscarriage) and the doctors saw an arrow on the stomach burnt, they said, "Maybe you sectarian? And when the baby is born, you and he is going to do? If you do not recognize, where arrows on your stomach, you have to take delivery will not. In general, you need to be tested for psihzabolevanie. Who knows what? "
Her husband Jack was trying to prove that we were both baptized, every year it passes a mandatory medical examination (Eugene an electrician), but no one listened.
Physicians can understand it: they see such first. Well, what do we have?
Allen asked for help in the "facts." An explanation of the phenomenon have been involved in Krivoy Rog Ukrainian priests and ufologists. Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Archpriest Oleg Melnychuk described the incident as a manifestation of the devil's power, which can be cast only by God's power. He recommended that prospective parents often to confession, communion, prayers and puzzle over the meaning of the burns on the body of the woman, because "all the signs and symbols are incompatible with the idea of the concept of spirituality and religion." Father Oleg dismissed the suggestion that the evil force does not want the child's birth, and said that there was no threat to the baby no.
— Given the blessing of God to man to be fruitful and multiply, and no one can stop it — he said in an interview with "facts."
Father Oleg advised not to be afraid to live in the house after the birth of the child, but the baby quickly baptized, and the house sprinkling holy water. But the head of the Ukrainian Scientific-Research Center for the Study of anomalies "Zond" Artyom Bilyk advised to leave the country house as soon as possible, considering that it is still a threat to its inhabitants. But the family did not move anywhere: spouses started repair, care for pets. Well then quit? The only thing not to live in sin, bringing these evil spirits, Allen and Jack have formalized their relationship.
A month later, on August 14, 2010, Allen gave birth to a daughter.
"After visiting television crew that filmed the story about the paranormal, ghost attacked me and dragged my head under the nightstand"
— Mom Alena Lyudmila very worried for her daughter, — says Galina Turner, a close friend of the family. — Sewed her daughter in a shirt, in which Allen went to the maternity room, a prayer against the Antichrist, a prayer for the children and mothers prayer of the Holy Cross. Contractions began on August 14 at nine in the morning, and at 9.45 Alyona birth. Fairly quickly, because this is the second birth. When my friend Val-law Alena, first saw a newborn granddaughter, she immediately called me: "Everything is normal." This meant that the baby are all in place, no evil stains and marks on the body is not present. She was born Zdorovenki. Weight of 3700, growth in 53 centimeters. Everyone was happy …
Daughter named Katya. The child grew and developed normally. And "Barabashka" … went to go and see his mother.
— Sometimes, it seemed to me that he has some intelligence (many researchers did note the presence of alien intelligence in a parallel world. — Ed.) — Said Alain. — He was acting like a spoiled child, playing and dropping objects, how rude and unhappy with something man trying to take revenge for something.
In autumn 2011, our history has arrived to remove the channel "1 +1" for his new project about paranormal phenomena. On the day of their arrival, the test showed that I was pregnant again. I had a feeling of joy and fear at the same time. Undergo the horrors of the attacks brownie again, as during my pregnancy Katusha? Again to risk his life and the life of the unborn child? I realized that I can not live another long nine months, shaking with fear and terrible different assumptions.
Channel "1 +1" filmed story. TV crew left. I went to bed. Just starting to go off when I saw that in the corner sits hugging her knees, a man. Then he came over and started stroking my stomach, as if coaxing give birth to this baby. In this case, seems to be eyeing whether to pick it up. I was numb, but in my head flashed clearly that give birth to the devil I will not …
As if reading my answer, the shadow left in the corner, and her head began to sway from side to side, as if judging my decision. And then there was a failure in the memory … scared burning leg, and I felt something pulling me under the nightstand.
— When I woke up from the noise and turned on the light, he saw that his wife was lying on the floor and sucked her head under a low nightstand height 20-25 cm — says Eugene, husband Alena. — On the face and abdomen it was blood. But his wife said that she had no pain. Now I think: I had a handkerchief to wipe the blood and pass on the DNA test to find out who it belongs to. But then, in fear, we have not figured out to do it. Only managed to call TV men who were still in Krivoy Rog.
— They came fast — says Alain. — Filmed the story about the night attack, which is then shown in the issue "Potoybіchna Ukraine" for January 24, 2012.
I have long been tired of this story. But the ghost — no. It is a phone call, even though I changed ten times the sim card, and silent in a tube. Is lit: "The room is not defined." What grabs my feet in the toilet, so much so that I fell on the floor …
"The psychic told me that I am tormented ghosts of dead German soldier"
— Maybe it's a persecution complex? And in the most simple things you saw the machinations of the devil? In fact could call and hooligans, and fall into the toilet possible without the help of evil spirits — just slip.
— I clearly understand what is happening can be attributed to my crazy imagination, a mental illness, so he took a certificate from the mental hospital, which does not suffer from this — said Alain. — When I was once again invited to a TV show, this time in Moscow on "Live with Mikhail Zelensky," I went to hear the answer to a single question: "How do I get rid of this filth?" It changed the residence as advised by many to be little. "Barabashka" was attacking me even then, when I ran to her mother in law. And to her house about three kilometers away. For the ghost appeared, it is not the distance.
Ether before me said finalist of "The Battle of psychics" Galina Bagirov. She said that she sees the place where my house, called the names of my family. And even saw a coffin with my unborn first child and said, as I was going to call. Indeed, before the birth of their first daughter, Masha, I had a miscarriage on the long term. I am very grieved about this kid …
Galina Bagirov said that the house of bad energy. During extra-session, she saw my house, too many legs in boots, people who die in agony. She said that I, apparently tormented by the ghosts of dead German soldier. Later we learned that in those places during the Second World War were fought, and our village was built in 1952 POWs.
— Live spoke other versions?
— The transfer had been invited by famous Russian therapists, ufologists, representatives of the church. From Krivoy Rog came my gynecologist Maxim Piven, who testified that indeed during pregnancy seen in my stomach and arms burned, made the subject of a hot (burn marks are visible on the body of Alena and now. — Ed.) And my neighbor fortune-telling, explaining that she could not help my family, because I realized that this is not an ordinary house, but a stronger being.
Most of those present tried to find a scientific explanation attacks "Barabashka." Advised to refer to a neurologist to EEG brain. Someone even suggested that maybe somehow I always get nervous and scratch herself in a dream. I still thought, well, let's scratch nails still possible, but to myself in the dream with a hot iron to burn belly boom?
One therapist said that I have a classic case of stigma, this is when the human body there are open wounds, if he is afraid of something. But the stigma often formed by religious fanatics in places of "the five wounds of Christ": the hands (wrists), feet and side, and sometimes on other parts of the body (signs of a crown of thorns on his forehead, the trace of the cross on his shoulder), I also burns were in the neck, abdomen, back of the hand and the side of the leg. And not as the marks of the nails, and in the form of chicken feet and words, as if a child wrote.
I was offered to review their fears, to adjust the atmosphere in the family, ask for a good therapist or just … agree with the spirit. "In the XIX century, when the priest could not help drive out the devil, advised to appease some of his offerings — poppy seeds, sweets," — said one of the experts. But my "Barabashka" somehow does not want to negotiate, I tried it …
The experts have not come to a consensus. Of all the versions seemed to me the most plausible version of the famous psychic Galina Bagirova of German soldiers, who may have died on the spot where the house stands.
"My friend was thrown off the couch onto the street"
Check out this version, the "fact" turned to Krivoy Rog-known historian and journalist, author and compiler "Encyclopedia of Krivoy Rog" Vladimir Bukhtiyarova. He said that during the release of the Krivoy Rog from the Nazis in February 1944, killing many soldiers on both sides.
— In the area where he lives Alain, heavy fighting was not, yet people were dying and there, — said Vladimir Bukhtiyarov. — I believe in hell are small, but if it is believed that the ghosts — the souls of the unburied bodies of the rites of the Christian, it is quite understandable appearance in areas of the paranormal. After all, who died during the liberation fighting soldiers from both sides were unable to bury.
The Soviet army was exhausted. There was not enough food and clothing. The population of the city is also in dire poverty after two and a half years of occupation. Therefore, local not strain anything. With German soldiers shot dead and took everything they could, often leaving them naked on the frozen ground. Many of them — and our own, and German soldiers — lay under the snow until spring. There was no one to bury the body: in the city were women, children and the elderly. Dead, lying in plain sight on the main streets, often buried almost on the spot death. When the snow melted, buried the rest found in the backyard. Maybe someone did not notice — the victim may have been left to lie in a ravine, strewn explosion the trench or the creek and was interred. Maybe someone dispensable soul wanders in places so far?
At the spot where the house stands Alena could be dressing station or a field field hospital, where they could die seriously wounded Germans. Once again I say that poltergeist does not believe it, but, as the reality is, it can be.
Hearing the comments of the historian, Alan said that he would not dismantle the house brick by brick, to test this version to the end. "In the end, the same people live in houses with ghosts — she sighed wearily. — And there is nothing. "
Meanwhile, the ghost began to attack the others. As a resident of the Krivoy Rog told Galina Turner, who knows the family close Alena Dorogova once Allen went to the store where she works. After her departure, Gale took to get a thing in the back.
— There was a little light, — says Galina. — At this time something flew past my shoulder and burned. I froze everything inside, because I know too well the story of Alena, to consider it a coincidence.
The second incident happened to a friend Alena Ivan (name changed at the request of the men).
— Ivan deeply religious man — said Alain. — Trying to help me somehow ward off unknown creature began to speak, so I gave up smoking and the "revised" their friends, because if they are not very righteous life, it hurt me to struggle with evil spirits. Vanya left. A few days later I met his mother. "Alain, — he says — it happened to us! That night, when Ivan was with you at a party, he came home, he lay on the sofa, and then he was thrown … with this sofa. He flew out of the house, opening the door back, and fell to the ground. The son was in such shock that ran back to the house on all fours …
"FACTS" Call John in Krivoy Rog.
— I do not even want to think about it, — said Ivan. — It's over, and thank God. This happens to many people. Go to the Internet, there still is not telling. What happened to me, it was not so scary. I'm all right now. Let's not talk about it …

Larissa Krupin, "FACTS" (Krivoy Rog — Kiev)

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