Ghostbusters. In Rostov-on-Don, made a list of anomalous zones

January 13, 2013 21:13

In Rostov-on-Don have compiled a list of anomalous zones, where there are unexplained things. The most popular place in supernatural forces was Green Island and the old city center.

Ghosts, flying saucers and other unidentified objects have long been interested representatives Rostov service anomalies. Now the "Ghostbusters" have decided to compile a list of places in the city that regularly occur PE, violate the laws of physics.

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Service anomalies works in Rostov-on-Don in 1998. Organizational service is part of the North-Kavkazvkogo Ufotsentra branch of the International Academy of Informatization. Its staff are trained and receive certification uniform sample. The service is non-commercial in nature and brings together experts in various fields. The objectives of the Service consists of collecting and processing information about anomalous phenomena in the Southern region, helping people affected by these events, check out specialists, diagnosis and treatment of residential premises of paranormal activity.

The service takes calls and statements from Rostovites, carefully examines each message on the unusual incident. Anomalies detected violations of ordinary physical laws. So away officers spend required measurements of the electromagnetic field, torsion fields and other physical parameters. There is evidence that the effect of unexplained forces may lead to fatal consequences.

Rostov service anomalies presented a list of places, the most active in terms of esotericism. The old city center entered the top unconditionally. Several quarters, which include houses built in the nineteenth century, the old slum streets and courtyards legendary Rostov proved to pose a supernatural. Thus, the allegations of individual citizens, in an abandoned historic complex "Paramonovskie warehouse" them was the ghost of a girl.
One of the most mysterious places in Rostov-on-Don was named Green Island. This is a small area of land in the eastern part of the city, which is connected with the right bank of the Don ferry. In addition to recreation, cafe-kebab and urban areas to fishing interests on the island supposedly fallen in reed thickets of UFOs. UFO is based on a document, which tells about the battles of the NKVD for possession of the island before the war.

Mysterious Green Island became overgrown with legends in the early twentieth century. Then he ascribed glory last refuge drowned. Local people were convinced that the spirits killed in whirlpools Don people come to the island and buried in thickets of reeds, scaring fishermen and bathers.

Early last year, the administration of the area was declared plans to build on the lands of the island anomalous branch of Skolkovo. Rostov cautious attitude to the plans of the officials, because even the most die-hard skeptics agree that any construction can begin only after checking the area for energy anomalies.

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