Ghosts of the forest in the Kaluga

January 13, 2012 11:38

Not that natural anomalies around us everywhere. Yet, in our life we meet them, and quite often. Scientists are trying to give a scientific phenomena such explanation, but not always, they are able to do so.

Immediately be seen that, according to geophysicists, at this point the river is a powerful tectonic fault, but she also measured anomalous area is on the edge of the underground ring or formed as a result of the old volcano, or is a consequence old meteorite crater.

In this zone, often recorded in various shapes and sizes, unidentified flying objects, which can not only behold, and even take a picture … In addition, there is from time to time there are cases of teleportation (instant transfer of people from 1 place to another within a few km).

But this area is manifested not constantly, but only in times of its own activity. Usually define the limits of its special equipment, by which measure the energy field. But with all this into account as an extraordinary animal behavior, the presence of more stunted vegetation in comparison with the surrounding area.

Not counting the bride band-anomalschiki researchers found in the east the same field three "impure zone" — the small villages in the districts Shchigry, Ogarkov and Nikitskoye. People who live here, there has been a UFO different configuration: disk-shaped, triangular, spherical, and even in the form of cigars and pyramids.

About Ogarkova there is also a place in which people hitting (including local residents) start immediately wander, though here and there is a very good reference point — the road, near which are the highest oaks.

In addition, a few kilometers from Nikita is a forest, which villagers say exactly "vicious" and because it does not ever walk. Indeed, trees bent and then wrapped the most unnatural way. Grass does not grow here. Twitter of birds can be heard. In short, the dead and thought the nightmare forest. There were times when inadvertently wandered here Gribnikov-city dweller vaguely discernible effect (but it is not like people) blocked the way into the forest. That, of course, did not resist and quickly vorachivalsya to where just came. When it became clear this horrible, mysterious forest, it was visited by many not only lovers of memories, and researchers.

Last, using the device, it is noted that at the entrance to the forest especially sensitive people always feel the paranormal for their anxiety and fear. In addition, they immediately begin to experience perceptible weakness in their starting strong pain in the head, while some — languid and shortness of breath. It turns out that as though she longs to take the zone is not in their own country on a physical level debilitated people.

And in 2002, an expedition of professionals on anomalous phenomena have on the matter clarified.

As the researchers arrived at Nikitskoye, they immediately arrived some very curious and very thin 18-year-city boy from the truckers named Victor. He tearfully persuaded to take control of it with you to the "vicious" forest. With the emergence of the young men in the expedition immediately miracles began. In the first day is all his own work "paranormalschiki" quite freely walking on dead wood and make the necessary measurements using the device, and Victor was continually come up against some invisible walls that are in any way he could not overcome, and whenever called for help. He, of course, constantly rescued. With all of this every time he is read his "savior", that before their arrival he always struck his forehead on any solid wall, and in his very ears buzzing. In the end, by order of the control of the expedition "anomalschiki" with frame measured the aura boys and most realistic way horrified, because it had been "perforated" in many places. It turns out that the 'enchanted' forest warned Victor that come to him in a very unsafe. The young man is immediately taken out of the timber and sent to the village to my grandmother, to whom he had come to rest. Out of range "accursed" forest a few moments later, he found himself completely normal and healthy.

Remaining in the forest for 10 days, researchers have suffered many horrors, but have seen it, that is given to create, may be the only time in my life, well, it's not much, but just looking and courageous.

Once a day, not far from the fire appeared suddenly weird whitish substance — something like ghosts. But it was enough just to try to look closely at them, they at once disappeared. Because of photographing this mysterious phenomenon is not out of the question. Middle of the night, many of the "paranormalschikov", while in the tents, beheld their ceilings dark shadows any weird creatures with bolshennymi heads and puny bodies, heard the languid steps, which at first seemed closer, and then carefully removed. But most of all, "campers" scarecrow shadow that always hung over the tents of their stay, and somehow appears periodically in the dead forest chilling noise.

Kaluga anomalous zones, you see, any special, besides they are quite close to Moscow, but, unfortunately, the current PQ no means for the solution of this furtive nature.

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