Giant earthen pyramid found near Samara

November 10, 2012 17:24

Giant earthen pyramid Samara writer, Slavic-ethnographer and local historian Yevgeny Bazhanov found in the area near the village Kinelskiy Alakaevka. Isosceles triangle with sides of 150 m and 100 m limited basis rampart and ditch. Inside — a mound 40 m long and 20 m wide in the shape of the eye. The height of the mysterious object is about 3 m

 The researcher is sure discovery is part of the temple complexes of the ancient race of Aryans. This symbol of the sun was created presumably in 2 — 3 millennium BC.

— This is one of the main characters that are used in their rituals the Masons. That triangle eyes and we can see here, — says Evgeny. — In the Samara region have been many different archaeological finds. But this picture, we see the first time.
The Light to the degree focuses on the parts of the world. The base of the triangle — in the east, the summit looks due west. This, according to the author finds evidence of high development race creators figure.
Yevgeny Bazhanov equipment brought to the mound — an indicator of geophysical anomalies — and made measurements. It turned out that on top of the energy above the background every 15 — 20. But at the foot of the mound, it drops, it power over the ordinary meaning of the background of all three.

— When he went into the perimeter of the character, I felt a surge of energy, — says Evgeny Bazhanov. — Just feel the impact of the powerful flow of energy. We've filmed an episode for the film at this point, during the staging of dance of the sky throughout the day there were crosses.
However, the expert historians reacted to the discovery of more than critical.
— Yevgeny Bazhanov have no historical profile of education, he is engaged in research as an amateur — says historian and tour guide, local historian Gleb Aleksushin. — So consider him an expert in study of local lore is not necessary. Also he is not authorized to make any conclusions and present their "discovery" in the form of scientific breakthroughs.

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