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January 28, 2013 15:55

UFO Arkadiusz Myazga is publishing his book on UFO incidents in Poland, many of which were collected by the author himself during his research. On the Internet, a small piece was published, dedicated to a series of mysterious events in one place — the Carpathian village Glienicke, which, perhaps, can claim to be "anomalous zone". We offer you a translation from Polish of the fragment of the book.

Observations of strange shapes in Glienicke: 1) the case Mrs. Sophia L. in 1950. 2) Pan Jacek case in 1998-1999. 3) in the case of Pan Marek 2009

Observations of strange shapes in Glienicke: 1) the case Mrs. Sophia L. in 1950. 2) Pan Jacek case in 1998-1999. 3) in the case of Pan Marek 2009

Rarely happens that UFO show constant activity in one place for a long time. A similar situation I faced in Carpathian Glienicke, located some 15 km to the south of the Ropczyce. There have been meetings with the registered UFO various sorts — from close encounters of the second kind to the events that are difficult to classify.

The story of one family

Observation, which happened first, happened in the summer of 1963. Witness X (his name will not be called), being at the time of the 6-year-old child, played before noon in a small clearing near the barn of a previous. At some point, the boy felt "out of place", and crept back to "goose bumps." When he looked back, he saw in front of him (in the north), a strange object, which compared with a "loaf of bread", standing on the ground four meters away from him. The object was small in size — about 90 cm in height and width of the meter, color — graphite.

The boy noticed that the surface of the object covered with irregular patches of darker color. They alternately lit and darkened, as if pulsing, while the object itself is slightly trembling, without making the slightest sound. This greatly intrigued by the boy, because he had not the slightest idea what it could be. He walked slowly to the object, feeling increasing ambient temperature. In the end, he touched his hand to the surface of the object, then it literally paralyzed: it was impossible to move any part of his body.

This condition continued until the time when he wanted to scream in fear, but then the "object" let the boy's hand, and he threw in his direction scarf struggling ran home. After a while he returned to the same place with his mother, but on the green lawn is nothing but a scarf was not. During the call, the witness said that the surface of the object seemed cold to the touch and a kind of "sticky."

This observation has been documented at the scene in September 2001, after 38 years. Witness were consistent. Moreover, his sister recalled that he long ago told her the story, though it was then and considered that his brother met with some "weather" phenomena. They also found that in the same incidents and other strange events.

80-year-old Sophia L. maintains that in the summer sometime in the early 1950's in the same place where her son met a strange object, it is also faced with something abnormal. According to her, she had seen at a distance of 6 meters a strange figure standing with his back to the eyewitness. The creature was dressed in brown, an increase of about 160-175 cm and was like a man with a broad-body structure.

Surprising was the fact that the figure, having made a few steps forward and rebounding strongly from the ground up into the air, and "disappeared" at a height of about 2-3 meters above the ground. Unfortunately, after so many years Sophie could remember little about the event. What did she see? The moment of "dematerialization" There is talk about what happened obviously was not something ordinary, with which we have to face almost every day.

Disappearing cross and ball

Strange things were obviously tied to Glienicke. In early spring 1963, three boys (age 10) in the afternoon watching the flight of a small "cuboid". This place had a length of about 30 cm, 10 cm in height, and silently moved in some 6 meters above the ground, making the flight maneuvers, avoiding standing in the way of trees. One witness said he tried with friends to get to it throws the sticks.

In Glienicke I had to visit more than once, recording the stories of its inhabitants. Among them was the observation of spherical UFOs — at the end of October 1976 (the date, presumably, is not accurate, perhaps it was even in 1985), it was evident the four.

It was about 18.30 in the street has reigned darkness, when suddenly sitting in the house for adults ran frightened child with the message that there is something strange on the outside. At that moment, the room in which there were witnesses, filled red light. People immediately poured into the street, where we saw a three-meter in diameter red ball moves away towards the lying a hundred yards meadows. On the surface of the object traced vertical "strip". The witness had the impression that "inside the object" something spun from left to right. UFO flying 20 meters above the ground, and 15 seconds later, literally "disappeared" in the air, leaving a trail of gray-blue haze.

Almost at the same place in the summer of 1985 one of the members of the same family on an overcast day saw a "cross of light" yellow-pink in color, a few meters above the ground between the sheds. The "cross" was uneven dark beams, and in general seemed to undulate. It is in the height of 25 m observer estimated at about 1.5 m Interestingly, the "vision" has disappeared after a few seconds. Was it a lightning strange shape? But the event took place not during the storm, and at the same time a witness did not hear any sound.

Strange guest in the house

A few meters further there is a house in which there was a strange figure. It happened in November 1991 witnessed the event was Mrs. Christine (name hidden). It was about 11 at night. After a day of work she went to bed. Her husband worked in the night shift. After a few minutes, something strange happened. Near the TV woman noticed someone's silhouette. At the same time she realized that she could not even move, and it frightened her even more. The creature approached her bed (as if swimming in the air), and Christina felt his icy touch above the feet.

As she spoke, during the nightmare lasted two minutes, it maintained a clear conscience. A minute later being returned to his place, where they come from, and disappeared. It was about 1.6 meters height and very thin. Unfortunately, because of the darkness she could not see any other details of her appearance. Christina impressed person, trustworthy. Since that time, she was afraid to sleep in a room by myself, and in the absence of her husband's house for the night included a light. It is not known, however, as it has gone through the experience correlate with other events have taken place in the village.

In April 2001, the family was awakened by Christina her daughter, who claimed that "something shining in her window." It was about two o'clock in the morning. To doubt her words parents went to her room and, indeed, there they saw a bright light lit up the room. Through the window were visible two yellow-white ball. The first was at a distance of about 200, and the second — 600 meters from the house. Balls moving, hovering above the nearest houses and the cemetery, and then returned to the original position. The closest of objects emit light so bright that it was sufficient to light up a room the girl. What's gone by 6 am, which was only a witness Christina, as others have already gone to bed.

Column on the field. Ball in the chimney

Interestingly, these two spheres that circled above the municipality for four hours, no more of the villagers did not see. But in this part of me Glienicke was detected on two other events that are quite difficult to explain. In September 2000, one witness over the field corn was observed phenomenon in the form of a fixed "luminous column." He was ashen color, reaching a height of 15 meters, with a fairly narrow (according to the witness, barely meter wide). When a man wanted to get closer, the object becomes invisible, but at the same time appeared again when the observer is moving away from him. After a few minutes of "glowing pillar" disappeared.

In April 2002, from a colleague I had received information on the next meeting with UFO in Glienicke. As it turned out, they were concentrated in one place — the conventional square 150×150 meters, where as many as three times is "close encounters." The first of these took place in May 1990 and concerned the observation of small objects flying low over the ground. This event was documented in May 2002 during a conversation with one of the witnesses (the second, unfortunately, declined to comment.)

From the report, Pan Kryštof has learned that the incident happened when he was a child, my friend and I went to an empty abandoned house at the crossroads somewhere between 19.30 and 20.00. Now it is dusk, and the sky was overcast. At a distance of about 50 meters from the structure of the boys watched in amazement as the chimney of his departed meter diameter ball. "We felt really strange, and ran goose bumps" — recalled an eyewitness. Meanwhile, the object down and hovered at 1.5 m above the ground, causing consternation among unwitting witnesses who had fled their homes.

Jesus or a stranger?

The second incident, which occurred in the "zone", was the strangest of all events in the Glienicke. It's about being observed, a meeting which took place in 1998 or 1999 the witness was 50-year-old man — a simple man, for many years living off odd jobs. Fast forward to the day when the witness (let's call it Jacek), passing on his farmstead near 23.00, noticed that the trees at a distance of about 30 m to the dark figure surrounded by a luminous halo. Several terrified Jacek uncertain step toward her direction and stopped a few feet away.

Jacek argued that at this point all the hair on his body stood on end. The figure reached about 1.8 m of growth and was dressed according to an eyewitness, a black cape. Outwardly it looked like thin young man with short hair, but because of the limited vocabulary witness was not able to give even an additional description of her appearance. Around it spread strong light undetermined cause.

The most interesting was the fact that the figure Jacek exchanged a few words. He claimed that it was she who first established verbal contact with him, saying: "Come to me", to which a man said, "Lord, I do not want to go anywhere." A few seconds later, the unexpected happened: being ascended up and witness felt a twist of air. A few meters it was gone, and went out of its surrounding glow as "switching off light." During a conversation with Jacek was found that in this phase of the contact he was very cold and it broke into a sweat.

This same man had witnessed another strange incident, this time related to the UFO, happened March 29, 2002 at midnight, when he carried into the house with buckets of water. At some point, he noted that the southeast approaching spherical object red-pink color, flying at an altitude of about 50 meters when the ball flew over his house, all for a second courtyard was as bright as day. Everything pointed to the fact that the light emitted flying object, which quickly disappeared behind the house. The question, what would it be, Jacek said in simple: it was a "star, which exploded."

Luminous figure

Several events of Glienicke able to explain, and they concern mainly the satellite or the Leonids meteor shower, which is often introduced observers astray. Otherwise be an event which is known from January 2002, I had a long time to persuade him to witness that he told about it.

It happened in August 1997, very late at night, when Pan Z. returned to his home in Bronishove. He was on his way to the 2 km. The night was lovely, warm and nothing predicted unusual. On the way, he suddenly noticed that in 50 m from a strange figure appeared pale in color, as if woven of light. Growth — about 1.5 m, the head was disproportionately large relative to the body. Other details of the appearance were invisible. Although she moved like a man, but made no slightest sound. Consternation that seized an eyewitness, was so great that he rushed forward, landed in a ditch with water. When he looked around, no one was around was not.

Circle in the sky

Often, witnesses reported sightings of luminous circles in the sky, which usually has the effect of laser equipment or reflectors. I have dealt with many such incidents, but among them there are those that are difficult to explain. One such case occurred just at Glienicke.

In June 2001, about 21.00 cyclist saw a strange phenomenon in the south-eastern part of the sky. It was a circle, composed of luminous dots of yellow, green and red, which are slowly moving left and right.

According to witnesses, the phenomenon of the maximum is at a distance of 5 km around navsego. Five minutes later, the observer moved on his way. Could this be the effect of the laser system? But to show this effect, able to introduce witnesses to err, the sky would have to be in the clouds from which the light must be reflected. Often in such cases, the visible light rays or if the "object" is converted into the form of an ellipse.

UFOs do not sleep

One of the last recorded event Glienicke occurred May 16, 2009, and again came to the appearance of strange shapes. Shortly after the incident, was able to visit farm Pan Leszek where it all happened. Witness was a 48-year-old Pan Marek familiar farm owner. On that day, at about 16.00, they decided to ignite a small fire on a small hill surrounded by young deciduous forest to fry sausages. But soon the weather began to frown, and went light rain. When Marek was sitting on a bench in the woods, he heard a sound coming out of the barn at 25 m from it. He described it as an echo of the fact that something has fallen from the roof, take a ride on the tiles.

The man looked in that direction and saw a figure standing motionless in the barn. This "something", according to an eyewitness, watched him for a few seconds, then disappeared behind the structure. Even for a moment, and he was scared, but he decided to run there, but found no trace. Seconds he had to consider the creature: the growth — about 1.8 m, dark or even black, frail body structure. What is interesting, the witness claimed that the figures had black hair falling over his shoulders and clothes, like the one worn by Catholic priests. Her arms close to the body, though it was not visible hands. Face seemed brighter, but still dark.
If this vision was the key to the discovery of traces, which could leave the creature. But, unfortunately, it did not. In a study of the territory for the presence of other anomalies I was used a Geiger counter. Common background area, defined by measurements in the three control points — 14.3 mSv / h At point "A" level of gamma radiation on the three measurements averaged 17.33 mSv / h

At point "B" (where there was a creature), the level of gamma radiation (average of three measurements) was 15.3 mSv / h The values in these areas were slightly higher than the background. This small anomaly is not necessarily associated with the observation mysterious figure. For other research instrument was used to measure the simple detector of electromagnetic fields (up to 30 G), but he found no significant abnormalities. But interestingly, in the place of observation being a compass needle was deflected at an angle of 10 degrees. Retrial of three minutes later — and the arrow has deviated slightly. It's as if the magnetic field is "throbbing." Perhaps responsible for this held here waterways.

Pan Marek — a calm and not looking for fame. His case, he agreed to talk only after the persuasion of his friend. It was given to him is not easy, with some awkwardness, and I doubt he even shared his observation with anyone. His story was very simple and specific. He did not know what it was observed figure, and anything like that, like many other residents Glienicke never previously encountered.

PS This article is an excerpt from the book Arkadiusz Myazgi "UFO Podkarpacie", which may be published in the near future.

Translation of an article from the Polish — Victor Haiduchyk.

Author: Arkadiusz Myazga

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