Global warming: biougroza

One of the main topics, which scientists discussed at the Commonwealth Conference of the Americas, held in Moscow, became the biohazard. For the first time scientists have talked about this a few years ago. To counter biougroze, today formed a special working group, which included experts from the CIS. And the main weapon in the fight against pests can become space.

Global warming is already making itself felt. In the Arkhangelsk region, where 30 years ago on Tick-borne Encephalitis just heard today count cases of bites.

Victor Mountain, Head of Laboratory Research Center for Ecological Safety, explains: "Here is a chart that shows the incidence of tick-borne encephalitis in the Arkhangelsk region. This temperature. You see, it is growing. On average, 10 people per one hundred thousand inhabitants. "

The fact that the Arctic ice is less — a fact undeniable. Confirm this and the pictures that have been made over the last forty years of satellite remote sensing.

First of biohazard scientists started talking a few years ago. Growth in the number of locusts, Tick-borne Encephalitis — a consequence of a global temperature rise.

Victor Mountain, Head of Laboratory Research Center for Ecological Safety continues: "There is global warming. Accordingly shifted to the north physiographic zones, respectively, the first is your response to insects. They can be carriers of disease, destroy crops, damage to forests. "

The main weapon in the fight against pests should be space. See insects from orbit can not. But it is possible to determine exactly how favorable the conditions of their habitat in some areas. And to make the forecast.

"From space, the mites themselves are not visible, sitting under the leaves, but you can map the space of various biological systems. This can be seen from space very well, "- adds Victor Mountain.

Once for space exploration was a huge number of institutes, design offices, centers around the former Soviet Union. Scientists now the former Soviet Union have once again decided to unite.

Leo Green, director of the Space Research Institute said: "We must unite. We only win if we introduce the coordination of joint activities. Yesterday, we proposed a joint Institute for Space Studies. On the example of what has been done by our colleagues in Dubna. A very successful experience. "

Create such a center, which would gather together all the projects, and it is not only bioougroza and space monitoring, and deep space exploration is planned in the coming years. The main link in the chain must be the Russian Space Research Institute, as in former times.


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