Global warming is a mirror of the national policy

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Despite the abundance of evidence of skepticism about climate heating increases

Lost in the 460-page first issue of one of the American Journal of Science for 1975 publication did not attract attention. Although the title was bold: "Are we not on the brink of global warming?" It is in this article, a climatologist Wally Brecker coined the term, which is destined to live long.

Scientists estimate how much carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere over the next 35 years, and how it will affect the temperature rise. His prediction was accurate. Over the years, new compelling proof of the reality of the "greenhouse effect." However, this idea is growing resistance in the U.S..

"Denial increases with increasing magnitude of the threat," — says an expert on economic ethics Clive Hamilton. According to his observations, the denial of the heating of the atmosphere in the U.S. is becoming more political and ideological.

Polls suggest the expansion of the gap between Republicans and Democrats in the debate about climate change. A candidate for the nomination in the Republican presidential Rick Perry even accuses environmentalists is that they are lying for money. Apparently, in the upcoming election global warming once again become a bone of contention.

"The opposition by the Republicans is becoming tougher — said in an interview with AP 79-year-old" father "studies of climate heating Brecker. — But, of course, increases the pressure from the Democrats. So that the polarization is exacerbated. " His prediction: "In the end, global warming becomes accepted fact, and to the extent that Earth has not seen for millions of years."

Political scientists Makrayt Aaron and Riley Dunlap said that climate change following the legalization of abortion and other explosive issues divide between the left and right flanks of the political spectrum in the U.S..

But Al Gore is optimistic. Former Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner for his work on environmental protection in the Associated Press interview pointed turning points of recent history — the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of racial segregation in the United States: in both cases, the potential changes slowly accumulate until it reached a critical mass.

Even joke Wally Brecker that deny the role of human activity in global warming can blame God losing relevance. In May, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican — the successor agency, once chasing Galileo — announced that the human factor in global warming is unquestionable.


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