GLONASS support — a competitive advantage for manufacturers of chipsets and mobile devices

Another foreign manufacturer of chipsets expressed support for GLONASS along with GPS in their decisions, according to ICT-Online. In this case, support for GLONASS is not added for the sake of Russian consumers as an important competitive advantage in the market, the vendor is able to differentiate products and increase sales growth, emphasizes the publication.  

Dual-system navigation on mobile devices opens up additional benefits to consumers. Support for both satellite systems at the same time provides high-quality positioning. The result is a more accurate location data anywhere in the world, which is especially important in dense urban areas. To determine the coordinates of only three GLONASS and GPS satellites in any combination that minimizes the technical risks associated with failure in the satellites.

Support of the Russian satellite system is being implemented in the top models of smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Note or the Sony Xperia S. Gradually, however, predicts edition, GLONASS will be available in mass market devices.

"The synergistic effect of co-operation of GLONASS and other navigation systems enhances the attractiveness of consumer characteristics of devices. Thus, the inclusion of support for GLONASS becomes profitable for manufacturers, is an objective competitive advantage in a highly competitive market, — says the press service of NGOs RIC-Systems. — GLONASS is an advantage and a solution for professional purposes. A striking example — domestic TETRA subscriber equipment with built-in GLONASS. "

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