Gloria — AntiZemlya

November 29, 2011 19:59

Gloria - AntiZemlya

According to the Information Center UFO research in the coming years due to the sun peep planet inhabited by intelligent beings. Center Director Valery Uvarov suggests that contact will take place, and before preparing for a meeting with another civilization, answering tricky questions.

According to recent reports, the life on Mars still is. If we are to be entirely accurate — was about 12-13 thousand years ago. In any case, it was the conclusion made by scientists from the center. Hard to say, as if the events developed further, if one day or night, can not say for sure, the companion of the red planet not from his orbit. He ran with a comet or lost during the 'Star Wars' as if we can find out only after contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. We only know that Phaethon quickly retreated from its orbit and headed to surf the Galaxy on the road explodes into thousands of small phaeton. It is impossible to describe what happened in the universe after such an accident, all kinds of disasters pursued ordinary people from all the inhabited planets of the solar system. All the continents on Earth went cracks that might have confused, but something has changed places. The planet has drifted away from the Sun, during its circulation increased, and if before the earth was equal to 360 calendar days, but today it is more than five days. And it all happened in a matter of minutes, a sharp instant cooling led to a long ice age on Earth. According to one version, Yakutia, which used to be inhabited by mammoths and drifting in the equatorial part, now is where we are accustomed to see it, and the poor animals were frozen to not completely digested in the stomach of food. Mars also distanced himself from the sun, life on the icy planet has become impossible. People, or rather, aliens, for some time, had tight.

Gloria - AntiZemlya

Disturbed equilibrium gave themselves felt even in the most remote corners of the galaxy. To save the Earth and stop further freezing, the aliens have chosen the only true solution. After all, to our "ball" and no further rolled into bottomless space, just something right, which will increase its mass. So that part of the Phaeton, which remained after the explosion, the balance sheet was dragged to the planet, we have a man-made satellite — the Moon. And with it, people have a great opportunity to sigh wearily and unsubscribe one by one lyric poems

Of course, by the Martians had to urgently move to another planet. Until recently, we have no reliable data indicating their place of residence. There was, however, one planet, causing suspicion that it disappeared, then reappeared in view of terrestrial astronomers, and so, according to Valery Uvarov, it is there and moved people from Mars. The first information about her date from the XVII century, watched her professor Giovanni Kassnni Paris Observatory in 1666. Then planet named scholar Gloria disappeared until 1672.

And most recently, in the last century, our compatriot Candidate of Sciences Cyril Butusov managed mathematically prove the existence of another planet in the solar system, whether it be in the same orbit as the Earth in the opposite direction from the Sun. But you can watch it again at thirteen because of cyclical fluctuations. The nature of the oscillations is also not clear, and suggests that Gloria, like the moon, created artificially and are hidden from the prying eyes of man. This is evidenced by the instability Gloria relative to the Earth and the Sun. If we are faced with some cosmic body or large meteorite would hit the Earth, of course we will be in difficulty, but "anti-Earth" general risk to leave the orbit. Therefore gloriyanam not only beneficial, but essential to maintain our world in complete safety.

How do they do it?

The clearest example concerns our brethren in mind, according to Vacheriya Uvarov, was demonstrated in 1908, when our planet threatened Tunguska meteorite. Many years on this debate were the most severe: the body was close to the earth is one, but, according to eyewitnesses, on different paths to the same unknown why there were several explosions and fragments found it was not possible. But, apparently, today humanity closer to solving this mystery than ever.

The complexity of the phenomenon, scientists explain that "in an event attended by several objects addition meteorite was still some energy balls", sent some kind of installation on the interception and destruction of the Tunguska body. The installation is located in the north-west of Yakutia, in the Upper Viljui, where for hundreds of miles around nothing but fall out of the forest, rock fragments and traces of some tremendous upheaval.

The ancient name of this place "Elyuyu Cherkecheh", or "Valley of Death." It is now clear to us that the Tunguska body was blown up by aliens to save the stillness libration point of the planet Earth to remain in place, and did not like to meet Gloria. And earlier about the existence of extraterrestrial unit in the "Valley of Death" known only to local hunters, which make up stories about the metal monsters that lie deep underground, in the frozen ground, so on the surface there were only small metal hemisphere.

Yakuts, though they did not know the fateful role of these "boiler" for civilization, but do not be a fool, avoided this remote area side. Here is an excerpt from a letter from a person to attend the "Valley of Death": "I have been there three times. Saw seven of these "boiler". They all seem to me quite puzzling: first, the size — from six to nine feet in diameter. They are made of unknown metal. It can not break off or even scratch. Vegetation around the "boiler" abnormal — is quite different from that which grows around. It is more lush, taller than a man and a half to two times. In one such place we stayed the night a group of six people. Nothing bad is felt. No one after seriously ill. Is that one of my friends in three months completely lost all his hair. And on my left side of the head (I slept on it), there are three little sore the size of a match head each. I treated them all my life, but to date has not passed. "

In our world, there are three such facilities — one of them is under the water near the island of Crete (not working), the second is also under water — between America and Easter Island (in readiness). So in a sense, we are lucky, our — the third and final installation — not only works, but is in reach.

Vilyuisk set fires to destroy not all cosmic bodies in the Earth's atmosphere, but only if the decline of foreign bodies, arrive to us from outer space, facing the widest ecological catastrophe. This is the effect of a nuclear winter, and changes in the trajectory of the planet. Even when the body can cause powerful earthquakes, floods, associated with changes in the shape of geoid, is a threat to Gloria. If you suspect that a falling body wants perezarazit all here unknown bacteria or aiming straight for the installation, you can be sure that in this case it sharahnet — will not find. That's why when the Tunguska meteorite flew close enough, out of his alien monster fell one by one power "balls", driven by a force field. That's why researchers generations can not find the remnants of "Tungussa." They just do not. They were turned to dust, and that is in the form of magnetite and silicate beads scattered throughout the forest.

Do they want us to be friends?

Among other things, Uvarov said that "power plants have so-called" energy source ", which is a system of energy security of the aliens. From these sources they draw as any information about us, and about the universe in which we all live. It is with this and related pieces of UFO sightings in the world and as one of the confirmations of their stay — "crop circles."

Valery Uvarov also believes that the security complex in the "Valley of Death" is in automatic mode. Most likely, the monitoring of the installation is on Mars, it allows tracking of celestial bodies on the far outskirts of the Earth. Monitor not only natural objects, but for the spacecraft and the satellites being sent from Earth to Mars. Also, according to Uvarov, humans while not welcome in space. And do not be surprised when the satellites are sent people surf the vast expanses, deviate from the desired orbit. This is not only a manifestation of the higher mind, to whom are endowed with the aliens, but the only possible evidence of unwillingness start dating close in space.

Then the disappearance of "Phobos-1" satellite, launched in 1988, which could capture the planet of the sun, becomes understandable. The fate of "Phobos-2" that saw activity on Mars, similar. True. "F-2" still managed to get pictures of the approaching object, after which it has deviated from the desired path. Further proof that life is Gloria, can serve a comet flew behind the sun, but the back does not appear as if glorityanskie spacecraft returned to base.

But the strangest recent development is the comet-rent Roland 1956. This is the first comet radiation which took astronomers. When a comet-rent Roland came from the Sun, in its tail in the wake of about 30 meters unimaginable way earned transmitter — strange, but true. Then he switched to a half-meter wave, separated from the comet and went back for the Sun. It is still not clear that it was for the transmitter and who flew with him at the Sun. Not gone unnoticed by terrestrial astronomers Comet (maybe it was not a comet at all, and UFO), which used to spread all the known planets as if an inspection. Terrestrial technology does not yet allow us to make anything that even remotely resembled a flight of "how to comets."

Whether for our sun, on the opposite side of the orbit, there is another planet, which does not differ in mass and size of our Earth? What planet is this: part of a harmonious dual system, which can be "dubbed" Earth — Antizemlya? A better alternative world and our Earth, with respect to Gloria, "draft" — the idea that inspired the writers — fiction, for example, by Sergei Lukyanenko?

Since we declared the slogan, considering all the phenomena in the world without stamps and restrictions philosophies of science, religion and politics, why should you and I do not look for evidence of this intriguing topic?
The idea of finding a twin of our planet — unknown to us until Gloria — comes from the priests of ancient Egypt. According to their view, the people were endowed at birth not only to the soul, but also a kind of astral counterpart, which then in the Christian religion turned into a guardian angel.
Over time, the idea was indirectly reflected in the teachings of the ancient Greek Philolaus, who placed in the center of the universe is not the Earth, as his predecessors had done, and a central fire — Hestnu, on which all the other celestial bodies, including the sun, which has executed like a mirror, reflecting the rays of a central fire, spreading them through the universe.
Moreover, the idea of Philolaus, just as everything in nature is used to form pairs, and in the sky there should be such education. And it was not limited to the fact that his partner in the world called the moon, but also suggested that somewhere in the diametrically opposite point of the orbit, constantly hiding from the eyes of our heavenly fire, spinning, some Antizemlya.
Since then, so much water under the bridge … and heavenly fire "burned," and in its place has shifted our sun is shining, but the idea of the existence of Earth's twin, no, no, yes, and there will be again. How it is justified?
Let's lay out all the arguments "for" that indirectly point to the existence of such a twin …
First, there he is in fact, we really could not find it, because the "stare" in the direction of the Sun — the problem is very simple. Many astronomers injured his eyesight and even blind, trying to watch our star. And the area that it covers the sky, enough to place there is quite decent planet …
The second consideration is based on the fact that in the past researchers for a long time could not precalculation of the position of Venus in the sky — whimsical "morning star" did not want to follow the traditional laws of celestial mechanics. As some experts believe, is possible only if the movement of Venus gravity acts of another, not accounted for in the calculation of the celestial body. Someone points out that in this way from time to time, "naughty" and Mars …
Third and finally, there are some evidence of astronomers of the past. Say, in the XVII century, the existence of consideration Gloria shared first director of the Paris Observatory, the famous Giovanni Domenico Cassini. (Yes, the one who gave its name to the recently posted in the vicinity of Saturn interplanetary probe). So in his time were found near Venus a celestial object. Cassini was decided that he had found a satellite of Venus. But its existence to this day is not supported by modern research. What if Cassini was able to see another heavenly body, namely, Gloria? ..
This judgment is supported to some extent in 1740, the English astronomer and optician James Short. And 20 years later, so does the German astronomer Johann observer Tobias Meyer — the man known in the scientific world the seriousness of their judgments. No coincidence that he owned a very accurate lunar tables of determining longitude at sea.
But then the body has disappeared somewhere, and about him for a long time no one remembered. And now a new surge of interest in the mythical Gloria. Than it is due? Yes, at least the fact that if such a planet actually exists, it can be an ideal base for … UFO. Ships, starting with a double planet, is very convenient then approaching the Earth; because they move from orbit to orbit is not necessary — just a few speed up or, conversely, to slow down at the same orbit … But seriously, some astronomers do not deny possibility of a double planet. "We know that the Earth revolves around for at least one moon — they say. — And we do not notice it only because the moon is made of this … dust and tiny meteorite fragments, which are grouped in the so-called libration point. After all, according to the decision of the famous problem of the stability of the heavenly bodies, close to the Earth — Moon surely there must be some point of the trap, where the gravitational field and will chase their prey. "
Similarly, for the system Sun — Earth should also have a point, as for the system Sun — Mars, the Sun — Venus and etc. In general, dust twins planets, in theory, not so rare in our solar system. That's just hope that they live our counterparts, something special is not necessary. In a cloud of dust to live it is not very comfortable …
Gloria or Antizemlya supposedly is in the same orbit as the Earth, but can not be observed, as always hidden from us the sun. Is it even possible to exist in the same orbit of the two bodies? From observations it is clear that it is possible.
The system is similar to Saturn's moons solar system. Every large satellite of Saturn has its own planet in the solar system. Such is the visual model. So in the Saturn system is almost the same orbit corresponding Earthly perfectly get two satellites — Janus and penance. One moves along the outer orbit, and another on the inside. Every four years, they come together and share their orbits. It turns out that the same mechanism is also possible in the Earth — Antizemlya.
There were also sightings. For the first time, back in the XVII century, the famous astronomer GD Cassini observed near Venus crescent-shaped object. He took him by the satellite of Venus. Then in 1740, the object observed Short, in 1759 — Meyer, in 1761 — Montaigne, in 1764 — Rotkier. After that, the object was observed. Perhaps rocking around the libration point, the object from time to time out because of the solar disk and is available for observation.
Just the movement of Venus and Mars, there are some anomalies, which can easily be explained by assuming that the Earth has a twin. The fact that these planets in motion in their orbits that are ahead of the estimated time, then left behind. And in those moments, when Mars is ahead of schedule, Venus behind him, and vice versa.
There are quite a bold hypothesis about the existence of an advanced civilization Gloria, who is our ancestor. Only on fantasies case has not yet gone. The very possibility of Gloria's still a big question.
One of the adherents of the theory of the existence of the planet, Gloria, is a famous Russian astrophysicist, Professor Cyril P. Butusov.
Butusov Cyril P. — physicist, astronomer, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics. Working in the St. Petersburg University. Developed the theory of cycles of solar activity (1958). Discovered a number of structural regularities in the structure of the solar system, in 1985, gave a forecast number of undiscovered satellites of Uranus, confirmed later. Found a manifestation of the "golden ratio" in the distribution of the parameters of the Solar System. Series of discoveries and hypotheses can classify it to the luminaries of Russian science.
The most interesting conclusion from the theory Butusova is the hypothesis of the existence of Antizemli. The patterns suggest that the Earth's orbit must be another unknown planet.
More than half a century in astronomy and physics — complete silence. Wherever sunsya everywhere triumph of Bohr, Heisenberg and Einstein. It's time for scientists to fall into melancholy and a bottle of port to lament the fact that the world has long been studied and all open. However, if you have at least half an hour chat with astronomer, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, and now assistant professor of Physics of the Academy of Civil Aviation Cyril Butusov, you probably believe in miracles again.
Meditate on the mysteries of the universe Cyril Butusov began with the first days of the Pulkovo Observatory, which came in 1954, after the distribution of the Polytechnic Institute. After 4 years young scientist boldly opened the door to the headmaster's study and tabled Observatory director Professor Mikhailov sketches — no less — of his own theory of solar activity.
As you study the material face of the master grew darker. These theories perfectly matched with the data. Sun has behaved exactly as predicted inexperienced employee. It was only after seeing the discrepancy curves at 100 years in the past, Mikhailov cheered and pushed his paper. Asked to Butusova prevent it to a computer to facilitate the cumbersome calculations academician only waved his hand: "What are you, my friend, has been booted routine calculations a hundred percent."
In this case was over. In five years, American scientists published in the scientific journal the exact same job, and the priority was lost.
The first bitter experience has taught the young officer. He realized that the company which is the end of fighting for his ideas and not pay attention to the skepticism of colleagues.
Next Butusov began to find out cause of the discrepancy of his theory, and. with experimental data and find new patterns in the solar system. In the end, an astronomer has developed a "wave cosmogony solar system," which explains the mysteries of birth of the planets, especially their orbits and predicts many completely unbelievable things. In 1987, he defended his work on the thesis.
One of the most interesting findings from the theory Butusova is the hypothesis of the existence of Antizemli. The patterns suggest that the Earth's orbit must be another unknown planet.
For example, in the Saturn system, in orbit corresponding to the Earth to revolve once two satellites — Epimetheus and Janus. Every four years, they approach each other, but do not face, and change places.
But if the Earth has a twin brother, then why we do not see any telescope cornfields? Butusov convinced that an unknown planet, which he named Gloria, conceals the sun's disk.
— At the Earth's orbit of the sun directly is the point, which is called libration — explains astronomer. — This is the only place where it can be Gloria. As the planet rotates at the same speed as the Earth, it is almost always hidden behind the Sun. And you can not even see it from the moon. To fix it, you need to fly to 15 times more.
But there is one interesting point. Libration point is very unstable. Even a small impact can move in the direction of the planet. Maybe that's why Gloria sometimes becomes visible.
So, in 1666 and 1672 respectively the director of the Paris Observatory Cassini observed near Venus crescent body and assumed that it was her companion (we now know that there were no satellites Venus not). In the years that have seen something similar many other astronomers (Short, Montel, Lagrange). Then a mysterious object had disappeared.
The existence of indirect evidence of Gloria and older sources. For example, a wall drawing in the tomb of the pharaoh Ramses VI. He wore a golden figure of a man, apparently to symbolize the sun. On either side of him, the same planet. They dashed orbit passes through the third chakra. But the third planet from the sun — it's the Earth!
If Gloria exists, then it is likely there is life, and perhaps even an advanced civilization. After all, the planet is in the same conditions as the Earth. Many cases of UFO sightings, especially during the nuclear tests could be explained. After all, any disasters on our planet are for Gloria answered by a serious danger. If a nuclear explosion shifted the Earth, the two planets come together sooner or later, and there will be a terrible accident.
Next, perhaps, even more important for mankind Butusova conclusion of the theory states that the sun — a double star, the same as many other stars in our galaxy. This second star in the solar system called Butusov Raja Sun, since the first mention of it was found in the Tibetan legends. Lama called it "metallic planet", thus emphasizing its huge mass with a relatively small size. It appears in our area once every 36,000 years. And each visit ends with a great shock to the Earth. It was 36,000 years ago, the planet disappeared Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man appeared. Presumably, the same land acquired satellite (moon), intercepted Mars. Before that, according to legend, the moon in the sky was not.
Butusov suggests that Raja Sun in its development ahead of our star. Following the natural processes of the evolution of stars, it has passed the red giant phase and exploded, becoming a "brown dwarf". Lost a lot of weight, Raja Sun passed the planets that revolve around it, the current Sun. Moving at a very elongated orbit, it goes far into space over distances 1100astronomicheskih units and is virtually indistinguishable for modern observers. But the most annoying thing is that the next return of the star-killer is expected soon. 2000 plus or minus 100 years. Rather, Raja Sun passes through the zone of steroids between Mars and Jupiter. Perhaps these cosmic debris are all that remains of a planet after contact with the evil dwarf, which mass is 30 times greater than Jupiter. In any case, the upcoming meeting does not promise anything good for humans.
Once Lev Gumilev, author of a controversial theory of ethnogenesis and passionarity Butusova asked to think about the reasons passionary aftershocks. The fact is that once in 250 years on the surface of the Earth in a very limited range is a mysterious phenomenon — a kind of genetic mutation, which resulted in people living in the area, get some quality. They become active, they have a super-ability, they can easily sacrifice their lives for the ideals. When such people-passionaries becomes a lot — there is a new ethnic group. Gumilev himself believed that this phenomenon is caused by some cosmic radiation.
— When I began to think about the possible mechanisms of drive, it immediately came to the conclusion that the only body that can cause a similar effect, is Pluto — says Kirill Butusov. — Its orbital period around the Sun is equal to 248 years. Being on the boundary of the magnetosphere of the Sun, it can help break the galactic cosmic particles in the solar system. No wonder in astrology Pluto is a planet, responsible for the collective efforts of great reforms.
All is good, but one important detail is not explained. By Gumilev zone passionary shocks were in the form of very narrow bands, similar to the band on the moon's shadow at times of solar eclipses. Since cosmic radiation could act so selectively, Butusov proposed the hypothesis of "relative of drive." For example, in the time of the solar eclipse on the Earth befalls the powerful flow of particles from the solar flare. Throughout the world there is a mutation that resulted in people becoming more lazy and inert. In their background who was in the area of the lunar shadow, we will seem excessively active — that is PASSIONARITY!
In general, the direct evidence of Gloria's not, but there are indirect. Scientists have long predicted accumulation of substances in the libration points in the orbit of the Earth. One of these points is just the sun.
Well, in a dispute between supporters and opponents of the hypothesis of the existence of a twin of our Earth — Gloria, as always, dot the "i", time ….

So now that we know the truth about almost everything, the circumstances clearly play for us. In the next 13 years, Star stand so that Gloria will appear from behind the Sun. We're finally able to find benefactors, who have long been "blown dust" from our land, whether they like it or not. But there will be a welcome touch? Now the future of the planet — in the hands of everyone, everyone should express themselves Homo sapiens. While the left has a few years, you need to be well prepared for the meeting. Because it affects how long humans will be in the back of the cosmos. Few years, not to disgrace himself by ignorance in the face of friends and brothers in intelligence — not so much.

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