Gone to nowhere!

Each year, conducting statistical analyzes, the state found ourselves short about a million people. No, these people do not die, they seem to dissolve into the air … Maybe they just move to other places, without the knowledge of local government bodies, and may actually disappear mysteriously. At the very least, such cases are known to science.

Traces of about half of them are: a life cut short an accident, someone lost their own free will, otherwise not fortunate enough to become a victim of crime, and anyone unlucky encounter with a natural disaster. But there is still a million, of which nothing has been heard … It happens every year around the world and, most of all, sad account will be replenished. Here's how it happens.

As the drain

In Italy, in the Sicilian town of Taconite is a place with a bad reputation. You know, just like the name "Devil's Trap" is not allowed. And it was so …

In the middle of the XVIII century, there lived a craftsman Alberto Gordon, an honorable man and a solid, not some scatterbrain. One day he decided to walk around the estate in his native exceptionally good company: the right hand of his beloved wife, to the left — my dear Count Zenetti, and even some friends. Just have a conversation, relevant jokes, all the noble cause-and suddenly threw Alberto trick that can be expected from the beardless youngster, but never from the father of the family — took and lost the blue. That's exactly what the blue — either you pit or a secret passage. Like all alarmed! His wife, of course, slammed into a swoon, but not confused Zenetti Count: yard told people to arm themselves with shovels and dig the ill-fated plot … Of course, the excavations have yielded no results — just pieces and an old shoe …

Alberto began in his native estate 22 years later. Astonished the servants exclaimed, "Oh la! Sir, where did you disappear to? Signora all eyes cried, as you have sunk into the water! "And Alberto's eyes widened," Hey, are you obpilis grappa? I will not disappear! "In the words just-found Gordonii got into a madhouse …

Seven years craftsman was in the house of mourning and sorrow, seven years among the fools screaming, slobbering idiots and useless looks. And never had no one to speak about where are walking two decades. As long as it does not speak with a doctor named Mario, a kind and warm-hearted. He is something Alberto and revealed the secret. According to him, it looked easy. And quickly — well, think of it, was gone for a couple of hours, got out, you know! And then for some reason all the goggles and interpretations about any of 22. Too crazy, they would be in a cage! ..

It was a tunnel is long and dark. Alberto was a long, long time, called out his fellow travelers, but the answer was silence. Suddenly, in front of a cloudy and dim glimmer of light, which went on the Italian. The picture, which opened eyes, nothing is clear: an unknown landscape, all entirely in points and holes, and then flickering. And then — again tunnel. At this time, Alberto met shaggy creature that enlightened Gordon that he was in a crevice of time and space. And there is almost no way back …

And told the guest about a certain woman, a real storyteller, apparently. She naplela Tunnel prisoner about some drops and particles moving at lightning speed, of strange cities, where all residents forever young and immortal. And then the tunnel was moved with compassion and "spit out" … contributes absolutely Alberto back to the place from where he disappeared.

Dr. Alberto believe the story and decided to return with him to the scene. When they were in the yard and approached the artisan describes the place, it was awful again. Gordonii took one step back and "dove" as the first time, but now forever. After this incident, Dr. Mario, believing in the machinations of the Devil, ordered the construction of a wall around this place and called it the Devil's Snare …

Fog, ominous fog

Again, Rome, Italy, July 14, 1911. On the platform of the station pandemonium. Rich audience fanned herself, sipping lemonade and sangria, adjusts the cap and the fragrant smoke cigars. The young ladies excitedly racket, "Mama Mia, well, when?" The reason for the general bustle inspire and intrigue: more than a hundred wealthy lucky about to go to the railway cruise, take in the sights of the new road. Oh, would rather have! Reporters scribbling sketches, proud and portly bows with Voyager rulers ranks of the company "Sanetti" which arranged this wonderful tour … And next ordinary citizens, the poor and the small things traders do not reduce envious looks from those sent for a walk. That would be in their place, the Blessed Virgin, why all the one and the other nothing? .. If only they knew that there is nothing to envy, but pity the poor fellows travelers just right …

It all happened incredibly quickly and at the same time terribly slow. Before entering the tunnel under superdlinny Lombardy tourists saw a strange mist, viscous, milky-white. A couple of desperate goals considered a natural phenomenon sinister and did not want to "this abyss swallow" them. And jumped out of the train going to nowhere, as it turned out. It was they told what had happened to trehvagonnym composition. Eyewitness accounts were more than valuable: the destination train arrived. And no amount of combing the tunnel, we could not find any trace of the crash, no human remains.

And now for Thought: after many years of a runaway train zipped in Mexico City, raced past Central Station, boomed alarmingly and only him and saw. At the same time, Mexican psychiatrist Jose Saksina described the very strange case of practice: a psychiatric hospital for a week were 104 Italian. These black-Mediterraneans taldychite same thing: they came to Mexico by train. Insane, what can I say!

Walking down Broadway

No less mysterious story can be found in the archives of the New York Police Department. In November 1952 night on Broadway car knocked down to death by an unknown man. The driver and witnesses claimed that the victim "suddenly appeared on the street, as if fell from above."

Police noticed that the victim was wearing a costume of an ancient breed. Even more surprised them the identity card issued 80 years ago. In the pocket of the victim showed up and business cards indicating the profession — a traveling salesman. One of the detectives checked the address on the business card, and found out that this street was renamed more than half a century ago …

The old police records check lists of residents in the area of the last century. There and found a mysterious traveling salesman — and last name, and address match the business card data. Were interviewed all the people with this surname live in New York. Found the old woman who reported that her father disappeared 70 years ago under mysterious circumstances: went for a walk along Broadway and never returned. She gave police the photo, in which a young man, remarkably similar to the person who has got under the car with a smile, was holding a baby girl. In the picture has to be indicated date: April 1884 …

Traps time

Stephen King told the world the story of the lost time, but he was not the pioneer. The ancient tales spoke of enchanted travelers, who met the elves or fairies and magic disappeared in timelessness. Famous for tales of defectors and the Middle Ages, then, of course, this is attributed to the machinations of the devil.

In our time, pragmatism and common skepticism missing people continues. The police even there the term "Poteryashka" … And there are strange discovery: what if, in a city or village there is a "Ivan, oblivious of his relatives." That is, people with completely erased the memory of loved ones, about where he came from, what could be, even after its poor guy can not remember. They are engaged in psychiatry luminaries, however, are minor successes: the units recalling memories of childhood, but what happened to them in recent weeks and months, do not know.

Unraveling the phenomenon of disappearance, there is only version and a hypothesis. They all revolve around one thing: we do not know anything about time. Apparently, it is not a constant. And the world is full of sites with anomalous chronometer.

The theory of time gaps popular fiction and even scientists, but make a convincing argument for or against is not yet possible. We only know that the anomalous zones more than we think. This is the Bermuda Triangle, part of Time Devil Tunguska region, where nearly a century ago, fell "self-titled" meteorite, and even the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. And lots of areas that suddenly make themselves known.

Another theory is that there is no law of conservation of time. And the idea that over time there is only a straight line — misleading. Proponents of the theory say: the time rolled around as if something like a thread on a spool. And so it is possible the co-existence of the past, present and future. Time overlap in layers. But sometimes between these layers is as if the closure or breakdowns occur. Such closures cause a chronal fields emergence of the so-called temporary black holes.

These black holes are like a tornado funnel. They move on to us incomprehensible laws and tighten various objects, animals and even people, like air or water hurricanes. The theory of black holes wandering explained and mysteries yeti, the Loch Ness and other monsters that were allegedly sucked hurricane time.



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