Got into the habit UFO fly to Ukraine for the holidays

September 3, 2012 18:07

Got into the habit UFO fly to Ukraine for the holidaysAugust 24 Ukrainians in the twentieth time, Independence Day celebrated. Mystery is the fact that on this day in different years over Ukraine recorded, according to UFO, unidentified flying objects. Perhaps these arrivals UFO celebrations are not random, and newcomers flock to the "summit"?

Recall that the Independence Day was celebrated August 24, 1992. Then on frames made in the Crimea, there was something resembling a flying saucer. Late on August 24, 2004 near the White Church in Kiev, there was a mysterious object in the shape of a triangle, near which there are two objects smaller size. UFO shone a large object like even landed. True, the details of the story are unknown.

August 24, 2008 on Troyeschina flew another object triangular shape with lights on each side. He silently, blinking lights, moving in a straight line from north to south.

August 24, 2009 in the Odessa area observed object resembling a red-maroon point that changed direction several times. Witnesses said that at the end of one point there were three — in the form of vertices of the triangle, located at the same distance from each other. After a few minutes they were again merged into one, and then a mysterious object picked up speed and disappeared.

August 24, 2010 in Mykolaiv region in the sky there was something like a mirage of a ship.

A remarkable event happened in August 2007. In a corn field near the village Entseva Valley (Novi Sanzhary district, Poltava region) the strange sign. In fact, the appearance of crop circles and other shapes of unknown origin has recently become almost commonplace occurrence. But this case was out of the ordinary. "Figure" in shape much like the coat of arms of Ukraine! There were other differences from traditional icons. Typically, those composed of polegshih blades or spikes, and even represent areas where for some reason has disappeared vegetation. Here corn stalks for some reason stopped in growth in August and September, they are the same green as in May.

Green Trident had an almost perfect form, as if it lay off with special tools. Size — about 40 to 40. First noticed this phenomenon in mid-August, former judge of the district, passing by. At first, he did not tell anyone about what he saw — he feared that they would laugh, saying that his grandfather had imagined! Told about his observations only when the local newspaper, a note written with the words Novi Sanzhary teacher — she also said "trident" and reported in the press. A cornfield just pulled researchers and curious citizens.

Looking at the "coat of arms", shaking their heads, sighed and gasped. Then they began to push version. Some have suggested that this is the result of processing of crops with herbicides. Others suggest that the phenomenon is in some way related to the election campaign, which at that time was in full swing. In an area frequented even Kiev Policy Volodymyr Lytvyn and Vyacheslav Kirilenko. "I do not sign it — who to vote for?" They reasoned. But who painted it?

True, chairman Velikokobelyakskoy rural glad Vladimir Popivnich dubious attitude to both versions. In particular, when herbicide, he suggested, would remain on the field just a string, not a fancy "blueprint." Version that is someone's joke or hoax, was not even considered. Well, who could not get corn to stay green?

As it turned out, the anomalies in the Poltava region are not uncommon. According to representatives of the local administration, a few years ago in the nearby area Kobelyakskom already formed four circles of the same size! There in the sky was observed glowing balls. Incidentally, in August of the same in 2007 local school children took video of an unidentified flying object.

As to whether the observation of UFOs in this year, the anniversary of Ukraine, yet unknown. But the "plates" of the Square see often enough. So it is possible that soon we will hear another story about how the aliens decided to "mark" a holiday together with the Ukrainians.

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