Gozeksky circle — Ancient Observatory

January 13, 2012 11:28

Many secrets and mysterious constructions, which are given to us from a variety of nations, still doskanalno can not unravel the modern scholars. One of these mysterious and mystical places is Gozeksky circle, which is located in Germany. Under assumptions of this place — one of the oldest observatories.

Gozeksky circle created from several circular ditches, and the gate is located strictly in certain places. Through this gate in a specially selected days sunlight penetrates. According to the researchers, the structure was built in the stone age in order to specify the priests during the onset of the winter solstice. Gozeksky circle was discovered in 1991 during the inspection area from an airplane, it was then in a wheat field and the shape of the structure were found.

The excavations were carried out by researchers from the University of Halle-Wittenberg in 2002. In comparison with the GPS data, researchers found that the southern passages accurately mark the days of the onset of the solstices (summer and winter). The ancient temple of the sun was about 80 meters in cross section and was surrounded by two rings of palisade made of wood, with three gates. On the assumptions of the circle was created the first farmers who settled in this valley. The quality and accuracy of the calculation circle indicate that the settlers had a pretty good knowledge of astronomy. Gozeksky circle is for them not only observatory in the site were conducted mysterious magical rites and ceremonies. Therefore often find named German Stonehenge. Many tourists are attracted Gozeksky circle. I think it's time to make a site dedicated to the topic. And about this mystical place would be, I think, very productive. For now many lovers of mysteries and secrets.

It is noteworthy that the German Stonehenge was built for 2-3 thousand years earlier than the one that is located in the UK. According to archaeologists, Gozeksky circle, built about 6-8 thousand years ago, gave rise to the creation of a series of similar buildings across Europe, while Britain's Stonehenge was terminated.

The observatory also be used for the lunar calendar. When excavations were found traces of the fires, and the remains of sacrifices. The reasons why this place has been abandoned — are still unknown. Recently, near the location of the circle found a disc that is a mapped representation of the cosmos. In a place where the artifact was found, was also located "ring" structure, age 3600 years. The images on this CD without a doubt — the result of long-term observations of the stars.

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