GPS fixes change the Earth's poles

According to the engineers of GPS service over the last year "running" of the magnetic poles of the planet has increased. Shifted north to south at an alarming rate of 8 meters per hour.

Eight meters per hour — 180 meters per day is 65 kilometers per year. The researchers assure that they are now watching the fastest in the history of the observed reduction of the magnetic field. What are the chances that in the near future we will also see the magnetic poles shift to fully reverse polarity (ie, the north magnetic pole is located over the South Pole, and vice versa).

Modern GPS systems calculate the new magnetic north pole. It is almost directly north of Canada, near Ellesmere Island, which is quite far from the real North Pole. If measured in degrees — a deviation of about 15 degrees from true north. And while their speed only accelerated.

So what does this mean for us? In fact, so far, scientists argue about anything like a unified theory. And they are different from the "horror stories" — such as the fact that the Earth will stop and all life on it will be lost, to a fully pofigistskih "no one will notice anything."

So far we only know that the Earth's magnetic field periodically changes its the same polarity. At the moment, the magnetic field lines are literally "run" from the South Pole to the North Pole, and a point in the southern hemisphere, creeping down to the northern hemisphere.

Land "on plus" pole shift
As scientists have determined that the planet is not just changing their poles? The information they have found in the mountains and the rocks — just the direction of the surrounding magnetic field, how they form, allowed the researchers to reconstruct the history of these reversals. According to geologists, the last time the field was turned around 780 thousand years ago (0.78 million years), previous reversals occurred at a very muddled schedule: 0.99, 1.07, 1.19, 1.2, 1.77 and 1.95 million years ago.

According to this scale, the typical period between the "turn" in the last few million years, it is much less than the duration of 780 thousand years. Ie we can say that at this stage of the "revolution" had expired.


But in many places in the past, the field lines point to the south and facing upwards in the northern hemisphere and down in the southern hemisphere


Is this true? The symmetrical structure of the magnetic anomalies on both sides of the mid-ocean ridges give us a continuous record of magnetic reversals, there were almost 200 million years. This shows that the time between reversals — is not constant and varies from a few hundred thousand years to millions of years. As it was, for example, in the late Cretaceous period, when there was a U-turn with a break, between about 85 and 125 million years ago. Ie field retains the same polarity for 40 million years.

This view suggests that the attempt to predict the future of the geomagnetic "periodicity" of past reversals — a very long shot, to say the least. Another thing is that the current easing aching factors indicate that the strength of Earth's magnetic field changes during a reversal, because geodynamic theory suggests that reversals are likely to occur when the fluctuations in the cosmic core convection weaken and destabilize the dipole. This prediction is particularly relevant in light of the fact that the strength of Earth's magnetic field has been steadily declining at the rate of about 5% in 100 years. And since we first started measuring it in the middle of the 19th century, we can say that for the last 200 years it has diminished by more than 10%. Is this a harbinger of a reversal?

Scientists talk about it … stones. They can store information about the intensity of the ancient geomagnetic field. Ie ancient stones show how they were magnetized millions of years ago.

Soon the world will be more "north" and "Yugov"
So that's it rocks suggests that each "switching" polarity occurs when the field is the weakest. And a little less extreme dips in the intensity of the field when they are associated with the so-called "time-shifted" — the period when the change of the magnetization showed that the magnetic poles are just "wandered" quite far from the geographic poles (just like now). Just geodynamic theory predicts that the weakening of the magnetic field seems to be associated with new processes within the Earth's core. It is interesting to note that the field in our period, was much stronger than the last time "coup." These data may explain why the polarity of the current interval is longer than the previous.

The other interesting thing — before the field has been rather consistently at every turn. Field strength of each polarity of each other, over time, is reduced from right to left. In each case, the reversal is preceded by at least 20 — 40 thousand years rather continuous decay of the field is about the same, very low, meaning, with a much more rapid recovery of the field after the transition. In this context, a couple of centuries the field weakening — not so much.

So, the story tells us one thing: turn not an instantaneous event, and our compass is pointing north and south right tomorrow. Instead, the geomagnetic field will weaken, and the magnetic poles begin to wander in the lower latitudes, and maybe they will even more! Ie in different parts of the world compass will point to a specific point of the axis of the pole. This process can take thousands of years.

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