Great mysteries of the world (history)

August 26, 2012 9:50

1900 — The lighthouse on the island of Eileen Moore Flannan. Becsledno gone all watch the lighthouse.

1902 — "Paris crash." On the night of 29 to 30 December in 1 hour 05 minutes in many places in Paris to stop the clock.

1908 — The fall of the Tunguska bolide (meteorite).

1911 — 14 July, the train station in Rome, "cruise", hosted by "Sanetti" for wealthy Italians came progudochny train. 106 passengers were sightseeing surrounding the new section of road. The train was approaching superdlinnomu tunnel. And suddenly started happening something awful. According to two passengers who managed to jump out on the go, all of a sudden covered molochnobelym fog that the closer to the tunnel was thick, turning into a viscous liquid. The train entered the tunnel and … disappeared.

1911 — Birth of Sibyl Vanga, received the gift of prophecy, after it took a tornado.

1912 — A giant ocean liner "Titanic" struck an iceberg and sank. In this case, killing more than 1,300 people. But this tragedy was predicted by several people.

1913 — Off the coast of Tierra del Fuego was discovered sailing ship "Marlborough" to close reefs. On the bridge and in the premises remains were discovered 20 people. The entries in the logbook of the ship out of New Zealand in early 1890, but in one port did not come.

1916 — In the summer, during the melting of glaciers on Mount Ararat pilot Lt. Roskovitsky and his co-pilot on a reconnaissance aircraft of the Imperial Air Force found the ark on Mount Ararat.

1918 — Execution of the family of the last Tsar Nicholas II. Before our time found the remains of all the family members, which led to the emergence of several Anastasius and heirs.

1920 — Alleged discovery of the ancient Slavic monument — "Veles book", the authenticity of which is disputed, and in our time.

1922 — On the River Paint (USA) noticed a huge animal with a snake-like neck and a big head, resembling a dinosaur relic.

1924 — Not far from the village of Taung (South Africa) found "skull Taung child", whose age is estimated to be 2.5 million years old. Hypotheses have alleged extraterrestrial origin.

1925 — In a career brick factory Odintsovo found fossilized "human brain", perfectly conveys all the details. But finding dates Paleozoic era (about 300 million years ago), when there were no mammals …

1928 — Above the village Shuknavolok about Vedlozero (Karelia) observed ten-span cylindrical body from the tail part of which is beyond the flames.

1933 — The first observation of a monster in Loch Ness (Nessie). To date, about 4000 noted observations and meetings with him. Sonar study of the lake volume in 1992 found 5 giant lizards.

1943 — In October of this year in the United States in setting secrecy held which had no parallel in the history of an experiment to create an invisible warship.

1945 — Mass UFO invasion in Queensland (Australia).

1945 — The mysterious disappearance of the leaders of the Third Reich (Muller, Bormann and others).

1945 — In the evening, 5 December 6 aircraft disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

1946 — In Bridport (Australia) on the beach found the corpse of a giant hairy beast.

1946 — In the United States (New Mexico) crashed unidentified aircraft. Among the debris were found six bodies like creature man. To investigate the incident Sept. 18 commission was established, headed by the director of the CIA, Admiral Hilenkouterom. After the official birth of ufology.

1948 — September 8, at Lake Base (Ontario, Canada) was seen "river monster" — "large, blue-black, with two triangular growths on the back" animal.

1955 — Gopkinsville, Kentucky, United States, after the explosion of a UFO was seen for a while a little man with a huge glowing eyes.

1955 — Death of the battleship "Novorossiysk". Explosion, gryanuvshy under his head on the night of October 29, 1955, killed 608 sailors and officers. A huge ship rolled over and sank in the North Bay of Sevastopol — in front of thousands of citizens.

1956 — In August, the British air base UFO chasing a fighter for 20 minutes, then disappeared.

1958 — December 14 newspaper "Youth of Yakutia" has written about a giant monster that dwells in the lake Labynkyr.

1963 — During naval maneuvers of the U.S. coast of Puerto Rico Seen movable object, developing unprecedented for a vessel speed — about 280 km / h

1964 — August 29, in the Pacific Ocean on board the research vessel was photographed section of the bottom length of 4200 meters. Above the mud was found complicated configuration object that resembles a radio antenna.

1967 — In the Valley of Bluff Creek captured on film female "Bigfoot" (the author of the film — Roger Patterson).

1968 — The official date of the death of Gagarin. In fact, in his death, few believed. Prophetess Vanga claimed that the first astronaut is not dead, but "was taken."

1969 — The landing Americans on the moon. The very fact is disputed to this day.

1977 — "Petrozavodsk miracle." September 20 at 4:00 am UFOs as a bright star (and then — glowing jellyfish), which runs the red rays, was seen on the main street — Lenin Street. Later in the upper floors of the glass found a large hole with very sharp edges.

1979 — July 27 at 23.00 in the sky over Baikonur observed a very bright "star", performs random motion across the sky. For it remained stable footprint. The observation lasted about 40 minutes.

1982 — In Tsemess bay on one of the ships of the Black Sea fleet stayed on board all hours.

1986 — January 29, crashed UFO near Dalnegorsk (hill "height 611").

1987 — Suicide 2000 Dolphins — they jumped on the coast of Brazil.

1989 — 140 whales were killed in the southern coast of Chile. Mass suicide is the fourth time.

1991 — An explosion on April 12 in Sasovo (Ryazan region) when the city observed a UFO. So far recorded anomalies near the crater — reprogramming calculators and damage electronic devices.

1993 — For 10 months of the so-called "Pacific Triangle" near the western Micronesia lost 48 ships and more than 200 sailors.

1994 — Around the Czech town Chelyakovitsy found "Cemetery of vampires" — bodies ritually murdered men of the same age.

1994 — In the area of Mezhdurechensk crashed airliner A-310. Many versions of what happened, and the results of the official investigation is not made public until now.

1996 — In a cave Movil (Romania) was first detected a closed ecosystem, not connected with the Earth. Found 30 species of plants and animals living in isolation for 5 million years

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