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November 27, 2011 4:44

In recent years, there is evidence that the people who died at the same time (for example, in a traffic accident) or are close to death, talking to each other in those moments.  Photo from

In recent years, there is evidence that the people who died at the same time (for example, in a traffic accident) or are close to death, talking to each other in those moments. Photo from

Of the numerous experiments of research experience close to death found that partners such states often talk to each other.

A phenomenon known as "near-death experience", studied for many years. A significant number of survivors of clinical death, dying shared their experiences.

Feeling out of body, hovering over her own body, a sense of moving up through the bright tunnel of light or a narrow passage, a meeting with the gods, with friends of the deceased? this is only the general characteristics of such experiences. In recent years, there is evidence that not only exposed the deceased dying experiences, but also his family who are with him at the time of death.

There are times when a group of people who have died at the same time (for example, a car accident or during a natural disaster), the dying experiences are common, coincide with each other.

This phenomenon is called "near-death experiences of joint conditions." In recent years, it was reported that the prevalence of near-death experiences of joint is almost the same as the experience wearing individual. American psychologist and physician, Dr. Raymond Moody (Raymond Moody), is a leading researcher in the field of near-death experiences.

His book (Life After Life) «Life After Life," published in 1975, has caused wide public concern. Moody's considers the joint experiences in dying condition conclusive proof that the mind exists independently of the brain, as people close to accompany the deceased, were healthy and did not suffer impaired brain function. "A few years ago, in the early stages of research dying condition, these experiences have also been observed in those who had not been any ill or injured, but compassion, while at the bedside of the dead"? Moody explained at a conference on clinical death in September of this year in Durham, USA.

Separation from loved ones

Dr. Moody first heard about the experiences of joint close to death from a professor of medicine in 1972, with which he worked. She tried to revive his mother, who died of a heart attack. Woman felt that comes out of your body and watch your physical body, trying to return to the life of the mother. She saw that the soul of the mother, too, came out of the physical body, and met with several entities. Some of them were able to recognize the doctor, it was familiar to her mother, who had died. Soon the soul of her mother and the accompanying disappeared into the tunnel.

Witnesses watched as the time of death of the deceased out of the shower head or chest of the physical body in the form of the transparent copy. This is the most typical for such events. Sometimes the witness can watch the whole way of life of the deceased. According to Dr. Moody, a woman from Georgia to record a conversation with the ghost of her husband, as she surveyed the moments of his life.

Psychologist, Dr. (Joan Borysenko) Joan Borysenko, reported sharing experiences with his son as they sat next to her dying mother. According to her description, the whole room was suddenly transformed into a concentration of light particles. Everything was perfect. She looked at her son Justin, standing by the bed, and saw the tears streaming down his constantly face. He said, "Mom, the room filled with light, do you see?" I replied that I see, and he went on: "This is my grandmother opened the door for us, so we were able to glimpse into eternity."

Simultaneous experience

American scholar and author PMH Atvoter presented the results of research conducted in a group of people. Feature of these experiments is that the majority of the participants, if not all see each other to leave their bodies, conversations with each other, exchange messages and observations during the test dying experiences. Their individual stories after such experiences are more aligned with each other.

Erwin Gibson, an engineer of nuclear physics, the retired, was one of the leading researchers in the field of near-death experiences. He has documented the history of Jake? firefighter. In 1989, at a time when Jack and his friends were trying to put out a forest fire, they tested a group dying condition. During this experience, they met and talked to each other, hovering over their bodies. In the end, all fire survived. After this experience, they compared notes with each other joint parts of the experience.

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