Hail damaged crops in Kharkiv region


Element destroyed 10,000 hectares of wheat and rye. Photo ns2.skitalets.ru

30.06.11.Nepogoda, which dominated the last few days on the territory of the whole country, not been in vain and the Kharkiv region.

Hail and heavy wind have destroyed 10,000 hectares of wheat and rye, the vice-governor on agriculture Vitaly Alekseichuk.

The regional authorities say there is no reason to panic, though they acknowledge — to assess the extent of losses until completely hard. Landowners just go around the black fields to calculate damages.

Owners of farm enterprises and ordinary farmers claim: hail laid much of the crop. In Vovchansk district resident Alexander Reznichenko garden by local standards rather big — about 50 acres. Harvest promised to be good, but suddenly burst showers. "On the third day the whole garden was black — wind and hail destroyed almost all the crops, — says Alexander.— Corn, potatoes, sunflowers, beans — nothing remained solid mess in the garden. No tears can not go. " According to farmers, more damage to crops caused not the rain, gusty winds and large hail. Owner in agro Dergachevsky district Oleg Gur says rain — not so bad, but put all cultures strong wind and large hail, and is unlikely to yield can be raised. "

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According to officials, the rain and hail passed in Dergachevsky, Bogodukhov, Volchansk and Balakleysky areas. Hardest-hit crops in the village Liptsy Kharkiv region — from the weather got here purely private land: the government is not there. Some private owners complain: because of the weather still can not get out in the field and assess the extent of the losses. "It's really bad — just crop lost.

Re-sow too late, soon winter wheat should be sown, — the owner of agro firm Vitaly Shevchenko. — Calculate how much cost us bad weather, are struggling. For example, to plant one hectare of wheat worth about two thousand hryvnia. With it you can collect up to 4 tons. In the past year the price ranged from 700 hryvnia per tonne of wheat to two thousand. So, on one hectare tenants lose 5 to 10 thousand hryvnia, given the resources that they do not work. "

Yesterday wanted to go to the field, but could not (wheel tractor progruzayut up to the drive) in VOLCHANSK area. Elements raged here a few hours. As a result, the ground mixed with 100 acres of buckwheat, sunflower, corn, soy 300 hectares, 200 of barley on 230 rape and wheat. The owners of the fields yesterday not what to say — come home with black borders, they could not. The victim harvest — no reason to inflate the price of any products, I'm sure vice-governor Vitaly Alekseichuk: volume lost crops is insignificant on the scale of the area, he said.

Rain de-energized 5 houses

As for the other victims of the disaster — continue to suffer and residents of Kharkiv, five houses were left without power, the chief dispatcher service "1562" Love Erokhina. According to her, now left without electricity houses at ul. Socialist, 56, str. Sadovoparkovaya, 6, str. Klaptsova, 4, st. 3rd International, 10/10 and st. Klochkovskaya 244. According Erokhina in these houses the water flooded the switchboard room, when they dry out — electrical power supply will be restored.

Source: Segodnya.UA

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