Hailstorm in New Buyan. Video


12.07.11. "Was terrible. As if the end of the world "- as described villager New Brawler Krasnoyarsk region Samara region hail that fell in the village on July 11. This was reported by TRC "Terra."

Local residents told the correspondent of that hail started suddenly. He broke the glass in the windows, wind blown away. "It was terrible. As if the end of the world. Instantly. It was light. Came a cloud, "- said Elena villager Wolfhound.

In the building of the local administration roof and flags were carried by the wind into neighboring gardens, damaging wires and gas lines. For some time, turn off the gas and electricity. Precipitation also left a dent on the car roofs. Local resident Vyacheslav Yakovlev said that the people at this time rested on the lake, were injured in the form of bruises and contusions. Called for an ambulance. All gardens hail destroyed crops.

The damage caused by bad weather, the village administration did not specify. It is also unknown whether the victims will receive compensation for the damage fallout, said in the TV spots.

Source: TRC "TERRA", smbc.ru

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