Hair coloring


Polls have shown that every second European woman at least once in their lives radically changed color hair. And once in a luxurious mane of supermodel Cindy Crawford has several golden strands, one of the most popular services in the salons was highlights. Succumbed to the temptation even conservative Hillary Clinton, becoming a light brown-haired woman with glimpses of the blonde.

Highlights — one of the most benign ways to change your natural color. After all, only lightened locks of hair, and the bulk of them remains intact. It is important that the regrowth bleached strand looks natural and requires monthly color correction. Therefore, highlighting important for colored blondes who want to regain their natural color. Finally, a chance for the indecisive with the least loss to figure out what shade them to face.

Now there are several techniques of dyeing. However, the essence of the transformations that occur in the hair alone. Discoloration due to exposure to water, hydrogen peroxide and heat. Incidentally, these chemical reactions occur and naturally when hair fade after sea bathing and sunbathing.

New technologies and tools allow the bleach to lighten strands fast, beautiful and high quality. No rubber caps with holes! For example, so-called U.S. highlights performed using the foil. Highlights on hair partings or bang, lighting only the tips of the hair (Technology baliyazh) — You can choose the best option! It is known that modern drugs can achieve the effect of lightening the hair on 3-4 pitch without the participation of hydrogen peroxide. After contact with them hair remains shiny, supple and alive.

Highlights dying using one or more colors is called toning. Usually this procedure is preceded by clarification of individual curls. However, if you want to add to your own color more dark locks, the hair should not discolor. To achieve the effect of naturalness apply no more than three shades of paint. Typically, this fantasy of his own hair color, which is played out lighter or darker highlights. You can make your own color brighter, adding curls a more intense shade. However, in the field of hairdressing all depends on improvisation.

Previously painted a fairly broad strands (using the word "watermelon"), now preferred a more subtle tints. For the brave suit extreme option — chord "the wild". Naturalness to fans like a more tranquil palette, such as "the effect of the burnt hair."

Very beautiful color transitions are available for long hair. Then, without parting with long, you will be able to change the image at the expense of toning diversity.

Of course, such experiments are best left to a professional. In reputable salons necessarily have colorists who work exclusively with color. They will not only be able to fulfill your wishes, but also offer the winning combination of colors for you. The professionalism and quality of the paint colorist guarantee the preservation of the health and beauty of your hair.

Highlighting and shading to outline to hide gray hair. However, if a lot of gray hair, it is necessary to weave all the hair dye resistant paint. Otherwise not be able to pure tones. Of course, all the above techniques can enhance the color of dignity hair, but also their disadvantages. Therefore, it is desirable to treat hair before this procedure. Especially look beautiful shaded strands of the graduated haircut and blond hair.


  • Getting ready to paint or lighten locks, try a few months prior to the procedure to stop using henna. If you can not do without it, only use colorless henna.
  • Select a decent interior and competent expert.
  • Going to the salon, make-up in those colors that you use most often and get dressed in the traditional style.
  • If you offer a colorist before painting to undergo treatment and strengthen the hair, listen to his advice.
  • If your hair is already colored, notify your colorist, calling the drug that you have used. An experienced professional can get the desired shades on any "material."
  • After highlighting and shading, use special means (shampoos, conditioners, masks) for dyed or damaged hair. Remember that hair is more fragile, and treat them with care.
  • To paint looked fresh and bright, every two or three months, visit the colorist.



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