Half the world will see the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter

In the night from 13 to 14 March in the northern hemisphere of Earth will witness an unusually close approach in the sky, the two planets in the solar system — Venus and Jupiter, which happens relatively often — about once every 13 months, writes The Daily Telegraph.

About 19:00 Moscow time in the evening sky on the west side, at about 40 degrees from the earth, will be seen clearly stands out against the background of the two "stars". For those who will observe the phenomenon with the naked eye, the distance between celestial bodies seem insignificant — only 3-4 centimeters, or about the thickness of two fingers.

Officer of the Royal Astronomical Society, Robert Macy notes that Venus is located a little above the right side and will be brighter Jupiter.
Planet for several months gradually approached each other, but on March 13, this process will reach its peak, said Spase.com.

From a physical point of view, the "collision" of two planets will not be any danger. Both planets are in pretty good distance from each other, to have a tangible impact on the Earth and each other. Nevertheless, the fact that Jupiter and Venus are on the same side of the sun, gives the gravitational effect — albeit insignificant.

Source: www.rbc.ua

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