Harvest from the fields washed away by rain. Photo


Arthur Abramov such a shower and did not recall Photo: Sergei Plotnikov

13.07.11.Stihiya in society "Mukomol" Khabarovsk, which is 19 km Vladivostok highway, was played on Monday about an hour of the day. Sky closed the dark clouds, lightning, thunder, rain poured down.

As eyewitnesses say, the water was flowing down from heaven wall. In an instant flow, carrying stones and gravel on the roads poured directly on the plots, washing away everything in its path. Some hosts nearly demolished cottages.
— Heavy rain is so strong that it was impossible to go out, — says summer resident Arthur Abramov. — Such a powerful rain was not just a few years. Chairmen of garden companies do not care about the improvement of roads, have few livnevok — that water and flooded areas.

Another our problem — society "Oilman-3 ', whose chairman has arranged on its territory a huge garbage dump, garbage which flows blown by precincts. Waste even got into a single drinking fountain. Now, water can not drink from it.
And if the house, located on a hill, only slightly podtopilo, on the site, located below the water literally blown all landings, flooded cottages.

— We in the country washed away more than half of the beds — said Nadezhda Novikova, a portion of which still runs a rapid stream. — Only the eggplant and beets. Potatoes washed away to a neighboring site. Water was above the knee. Even in the house was! So we were left without a crop. House needed overhaul. Her husband is going to give the perimeter of the concrete dam build headroom. If such a nightmare again, we've got quite wash away!
A similar pattern at several dozens of summer cottages. Hosts some of them crying. You bet! After all, people are left without a crop and, therefore, without supplies for the winter. And what to do, who to ask for help, they do not know.
As told in the Khabarovsk Interdistrict horticultural society, the only way for the victims of disaster truckers — to make acts describe losses and ask for help from the head of the municipal district of Khabarovsk Vladimir Aleshko. And if the money is there, they will help.

However, in the Department of Defense and Emergencies of the Khabarovsk municipal area, we were told that no information about the event they do not. As for assistance, it is also summer residents are unlikely to have — say, you had to insure their crops. It turns out that people have to rely on themselves, and even to hope that they give not flooded with water again.

Author: Ilya gyrfalcon

Photo: Sergey Plotnikov

Source: KP.RU — Khabarovsk




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