His hands were inherited

— Uncle Val, look — girly-school student, going to the house Shubin, since he was on his way home from school, the owner of the hand held out with a dislocated finger.

— Valentin Maksimovic, only have one hope — big man barged into the house, a man who lives on a nearby street. — Yesterday fell while working in the forest, but apparently uncomfortable. Today something poopuhla hand and turned blue.

Shubin sent him to the x-ray in hospital Konoshsky. He came back with nothing, explained that nothing was found. But Valentin Maksimovic was persistent, Come again, show that here in this place you have a broken bone. And, indeed, met him a few days later with a hand swathed in plaster.

This house, or rather his boss, is known not only in Podyuge. To him and visited by Konosha out, come out of the Coulomb interaction, Velsk, Shenkursk, Vologda, Arkhangelsk and even from Moldova and Ukraine. And all because he — for some Uncle Val, Valentin Valentin Maksimovic and just — treats. If the joint is not in place, or brush twisted or awkward man fell, he needed a bone grope and always right. Sometimes, on a stretcher into the house to carry the patient who is amiss with the vertebrae, and 15 minutes later, you see, he leaves his feet already. Not surprisingly, the podyuzhan, who, with their sores go to the district hospital, health workers often encounter the words, and then you came to us, you have your own there, Shubin. Or, conversely, will advise konoshanam and others, not the locals go to Podyugu: Shubin help.

Commands respect not only healing talent Shubin, but his working life, Honor, with 13 years in the woods with a saw Luchkova deal had. Originally both with his wife, Galina Apollinarievna of Khmelevy, which previously was a farm. So I had quite a few zemelku popahat, and mow the grass. And after the army got on a tractor skidder in Podyuzhsky timber industry — from here in 1990 and retired.

— But at this time I was engaged in healing — says Valentin Maksimovic. — Previously, when I was working on the tractor, the hands are not washed clean of all, all the time in black oil were. When cleared, I realized that my fingers could feel something.

Of course, such a gift can be given the people and the nature. A Shubin he also inherited from his mother. The dead woman's name was Lydia Petrovna. She also helped people reduce a different dislocations, because of early collective farmers were too busy in the regional center, to the hospital to go, it was a lot of work, especially during haying and harvesting. And then, as they say, close by your doctor. People.

June 21 Valentine Maksymovych turn 69. Age, to be sure, a solid. The forces are not the same steel hands pooslabeli. But he never refused to help and today, even when in the house and knock on the night. Before getting down to business, be sure to talk with the man, perk up, if he feels that he is restless. With some three treatments and holding. But those who come in drunk, refuses. In one case, remembers when a drunk, he felt severe pain even waved his hand at him — just do not hit.

Doctoring diseases, and it is remarkable, Valentine Maksimovic has been donated. Already a he man, always ready to help people alleviate their suffering.

Konoshsky Courier May 18, 2004 (55)


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