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Immersed in past lives, you can get rid of many diseases we lived before and will live there again? Is it possible with the help of energy borrowed from the past, to cope with all sorts of ailments? All this was said in another book, the famous explorer of life after the death of Dr. R.Moudi "Return back". What else is new opened resuscitation of the United States and how these discoveries can use people to solve their current problems? 20 years later

Back in 1980 in the United States have met 52 psychiatrist and founded the Association for Research and Therapy of past lives. Today it worldwide are hundreds of professionals. The association holds conferences, publishes the "Journal of Regression Therapy," catalog of works in their area.

What is it — the treatment of past lives? Scientists and medical practitioners have found that the events and experiences of past lives can affect the health, behavior and outlook of the individual in the present tense. For example, people may be afraid of fire because in one of the previous incarnations (or reincarnations) died in a fire in Rome. Or, say, the fear of air travel may be due to the fact that once now lives fell into the abyss, crashed in a balloon or airplane.

The first issue of the "Journal of Regression Therapy," his editor Irene Hickman wrote: "The members of the Association of Research and Therapy of past lives using methods that help to find and display pictures of the past, sometimes very distant past, which caused the disease, disharmony or dysfunction in the present. We found in our experiments that by using the techniques of regression therapy, it is realistic to identify the cause of any problems patients or clients and, acting on this cause, to neutralize its influence and back to health.

We recognize that neither our study nor our treatments do not fit into the framework of modern science and medical practice. "

Interestingly, not all therapists believe in past lives the reality of reincarnation. However, they are firmly convinced that sinking during hypnosis in the past (or present, fictional — it does not matter), people miraculously get rid of physical and mental ailments.

Theories about where in the course of regression sessions gets people a lot: some say — is the memory of her soul lives in other bodies, according to others — past life therapists can "wake up" genetic memory, that is, memory of the body, not the soul, and still others believe that all this "mental movie" — the joint work of our conscious and subconscious mind. They show us exactly the picture and make the experience the emotions that help to heal.

Between two times

"When I was in medical school — wrote Raymond Moody, — the assumption that the mind can cause or cure physical illness, was considered heresy. According to the medical elite, mind and body were separated, as the state and the church. Today, by contrast, is considered a heresy contrary statement — that the mind does not affect the physical ailments. For example, at Harvard have shown that the immune system is stronger, the happier person. The connection between heart disease and human relations, in particular, anger may cause spasm of blood vessels and blood clotting. It is believed that breathing problems, such as, say, asthma, have an emotional basis, that is, declare themselves as a reflection of some negative experiences. Recently, Harvard scientists have come to grips with the study of cancer and the connection of consciousness and subconsciousness.

Hence, attempts therapists past lives — to work on a variety of diseases, plunging the patient into a reality of the past days. "

In such an attitude is not unusual — we humans often use the phenomena, laws and forces of nature, the origin and the opportunities that we know very little. That past life therapists do the same. American physician and researcher Helen Wambach, a recognized authority in the regression therapy, conducted a survey of 26 experts using this technique. The study of case histories of 18 463 patients showed that 63 percent of patients after treatment improved health — in some cases it was only a partial improvement in others — significant in the third — a full recovery. Moody leads statistics in order to show that travel past life possible, although people seem to be something fantastic to the West. And besides, these trips — not destiny kakih-nibud elected or special people.

Here's what he wrote Moody:

"I spent with the volunteers nearly 200 hypnotic regressions. Some of them were very bright visions, during which time they have traveled back in time and see themselves in different situations, eras and even civilizations. Others held a brief meeting with her past life, they've only corner of my eye to look at themselves, exist and operate in different body in a different century. Very few, only ten percent were not able to see all their past lives.

All visions were extraordinary and original sources of their often easy to install. For example, some reflect the difficult relationship or hidden neuroses person's current life. So, man, feeling awkward with women, could find himself in a past life under the heel of the wife of the despotic or slave rich lady with unreasonable or perverse sexual needs. In another embodiment, the man could see the reverse situation — himself, stern ruler of a vast harem concubines, which serve at his whim.

In both cases, the important thing: our "other self" is trying in any way to remove the cause of disease or failure in life. "

In the first, explains Moody, we are told, from what you need to get rid of — stop humbly submit to the will of others. Usually all subjects during hypnotic sessions have the same morality, which we patiently "hammered". These visions — is nothing short of amazing simulator in which we live down weakness, cowardice, passivity, etc.

The second simulator makes us the character of "strong" subjects — turns into leaders, rulers, a bold, self-confident people. Even from this perspective we are told how much better to be a "top" rather than "below". A strong personality is to "crush", "wipe" the weak nature.

Sometimes, however, the sources of stories of past lives are not so easy to calculate. How to explain the mysterious cases when such subjects were found later in this story, and have been known to a narrow circle of people, and not known to the volunteers Moody? The famous explorer can not this, and science in general, in his opinion, too, can not. And it was the first such cases suggest the reality of reincarnation, which believed and continue to believe many of the nations of the earth. But no one has been able to prove they are right or not. This, however, does not prevent doctors and hypnotist actively treat patients sent back in a time machine of their imagination. About them and says Moody.

Killer — Asthma

30-year-old woman, let's call her Mary, a child suffering from asthma. This turned into a problem for her entire life. Mary tried all means-tested, but the drug gave her only temporary relief. Out of curiosity — and perhaps as their last hope — she turned to the past-life therapy.

Initially, Moody just talked to Mary about this and that. It turned out that she is quite happy with her husband, with its share of little blows of fate. Mary was happy with his role: raised a daughter and four-kept house.

Despite this, at most minor nervous tension Mary began having an asthma attack. For example, the night before the meeting with Moody it happened during a table setting for dinner. Anyway, a tiny effort to do anything on time, even approximate, provoked the attack.

"I am sitting comfortably on her couch and hypnotized — says Moody. — She saw herself in the London of the late XIX century housewife. Mary gladly engaged in household chores: shopping, cleaning the house, cooking, washing. It looked quite ordinary.

Then we come to the last hour of her life. She was returning home from the store. It was a heavy fog. It was a cold day, one of the most bleak, and it is tightly bundle up so that there were only slits to see the road. Mary said she may have been inattentive. Approaching the house, she began to get the keys out of her purse. When she opened the door, emerged from behind her man pushed her into the house and went after him.

She tried to escape, but the resistance was useless. Soon he was on top, covered her face pillow and strangled.

In the regression, she left her body and was watching the scene from above death. After killing Mary, the man began to scour the apartment, pull boxes and stacks of clothes in search of money. Nothing was found, he was out the door.

Being out of my body, Mary felt the bitterness of what it was deprived of life at such a young age and in such a tragic way, and the fact that she was separated from her beloved husband.

The only session gave excellent results: attacks appeared, but were very light, Mary began to take less medication. Mary felt that, in fact, has visited in the past life. Now, sensing the approach of an asthma attack, she remembers the reason for the disease. "I remind myself that this man killed my past life, but he can not do that in my current life," — says the patient.

Hypertension of Ancient Egypt

Another woman, Anna, a few years suffered from high blood pressure. She took medication, carefully follow the diet, but it did not help.

One day she asked Moody plunge it into regression to just "see what's there." Anna found herself in ancient Egypt. She "walked" to the scene of the last day of his life. Their town was attacked by foreign troops. Almost all the defenders were killed. And it is time to fear. The soldiers were killed and robbed. Women were beaten with fists, but left alive. Strangers were hunting for men and stabbed them with their swords. There was blood everywhere on the streets.

Anna in his vision was a young woman. She tried to hide somewhere, but in vain. Everywhere there were enemy soldiers. She rushed through the streets, along with other women, but wherever they turned, everywhere were strangers.

One of them grabbed Anna, about to rape her. She began to scream and resist. Then he scratched his face. Then the invader got angry and stabbed her stomach with a dagger. Anna fell, and that was it.

"When she was lying on the couch with her eyes closed, the fear on her face and in her voice was obvious — says Moody. — She was on the verge of collapse, talking about his unsuccessful attempts to elude a deadly enemy. "

Finally, the doctor and the patient discuss the events of regression. "It's more than a dream," — said Anna. She felt them, as happened a few days ago. Talk to Anna brought great relief. It was almost dispassionate in "re-experiencing" of events.

In subsequent sessions, Moody found the source of her illness. Anna was now able to calmly talk about the relationship with the boss, who was a source of constant fear and anxiety because there is always expressed dissatisfaction with her work. Implicitly it is also disturbed relationship with her husband. Although the marriage did not have any problems, Anna worried that their intimacy is gradually disappearing. Behind all that was mortal fear of a male rapist from the past.

Multiple regressions with subsequent therapy sessions have helped to stabilize her blood pressure. Now, sensing that he was losing control of himself or the situation, Anna is able to relate his feelings with that terrible episode and say to yourself, "All this is nothing compared with the fear that I felt when it happened." Past Life Regression has helped her learn to calm down. No matter what the problem is, she knows that it can not be worse than it was in ancient Egypt.

At the end of the book Moody's warns readers against the overuse of travel in past lives. It's awesome fun, but can not solve all the problems of today, much less a substitute for real life, he says. Therapy past lives — it's not a panacea for all ills and ailments. That is how it should be treated and not to experience the deep frustration after a close acquaintance with a regressive therapy. Remember, everything connected with reincarnation, new to the Western world. So fashionable and delights the audience ecstatic. But in the East believe in reincarnation thousands of years and have rich experience in the field of past-life therapy. If this trend was a panacea, there has long been an ideal came to life. Alas, this is not, and is not yet in sight.

Victor Potapov

The Secret Power 24.2000

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