Heat wave kills dolphins


Environmentalists: "With the Black Sea wrong"

22.07.11.Etim dolphins and harbor porpoises in the summer began to show unprecedented activity: very close to the beach and even swim in the water area.

Odesa Alexander Demisheva dolphins before seen only on television. The other day walking around with a five year old son to the seaport — The Ship admired. Suddenly right under Sec berth loud splash and a bit of fizz, and then — oh, miracle! — There were dolphins. Graceful animals ignored the bulk ships, darting back and forth, to the enthusiastic cheers of dozens of residents and safely frolic in the warm water, high jumping.

— They swam up to the docks and, I think, deliberately flaunted before us, — says Alexander. — Many of them off the phones and cameras. Some even brought raw fish — feed …

From mid-June dolphins almost every day to see Illichivsk and Odessa beaches. Vacationers in delight, but environmentalists not to fun — this behavior of animals means that the Black Sea is something wrong.

— Never before had the Dolphins did not approach so close to the ground, — says Sergey Dorofeev ecologist. — They prefer the open sea — there is their element. And near the coast to have a lot of risks: fishing nets, screws, boats and motor yachts, strong waves, finally. During a recent hurricane Ochakov threw two cubs dolphins. One was dead, but for the life of the second fight local environmentalists. But, alas, in vain.

Maybe they mad?

Sea water is dirty, many years at sea dumped toxic waste, because of this, animals have lost the innate ability to navigate, experts explain the anomaly. But sound and a fantastic version.

— Here we have the so-called "zone of insanity" — stunned professor of applied ecology and fluid dynamics of the Odessa Polytechnic Nicholas Shalimov. — All over the planet scattered data points, some of them wander. Getting into them, the animals begin to behave abnormally: birds suddenly astray or even fall to the ground, the whales beaching themselves. Dolphins or are in such a zone and crazy, or just escape from it. In any case, they behave at least inadequate.

There are, of course, the optimists who explain this improved environmental friendliness dolphins coastal waters: that the sea has become cleaner, mammals have felt it and came back. However, scientists from the Black Sea Marine Mammal Council (incidentally, the only Ukrainian organizations, professional studies dolphins) blame the anomalous heat, install in our last two years.


Recently at Kinburn Spit near Odessa found six dead dolphins trapped by poachers.

— This summer is unique in that for the first time in nearly a century of observing small fish anchovy gathered in shoals near the coast — says the chairman of the board of Alex Birkun. — A hamsa — a favorite delicacy of all dolphins. In the fall she spawns off the coast in the winter and summer fry grow in search of food go far out to sea. Passed but winter was unusually warm, and instead of one hatched just two generations of anchovy. First, as expected, went to sea, but the second left along the coast. Him and hunt dolphins.

Carried away by the pursuit of prey, harbor porpoises and bottlenose dolphins often caught in fishing nets. Traps for larger fish — sturgeon and Qatran who arranges poachers (catch of these species have denied), — for dolphins deadly. Confused, they choke.

— It happened with the five harbor porpoises and one bottlenose dolphin, which recently found on the Kinburn Spit — experts have confirmed it — sigh Alex Birkun. — I'm afraid this is not the last victims.

Photo Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Mykolaiv region and from the site dolphin.com.ua.

Alexander Zhukov


Source:  KP.UA

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