Heavy rains in India

Three fire service personnel were among the six people who died shortly after the heavy rains in Uttarakhand and started landslides that demolished homes and threatened the lives of hundreds of pilgrims to the Chardham Yatra. Most felt the wrath of nature region Garhwal.

According to the Center Disaster Management and Mitigation (DMMC), two children were killed by collapsed house in Kararnprayag district Chamoli. Another child was washed in water flow Pokhri, where landslides continue to block roads leading to Badrinath. Because of the constant landslides, hundreds of pilgrims can not go on, and get stuck in various places Patalganga, Lambagar and Birahi. In the area of Uttarkashi (Uttarkashi) flash flood inundated several low-lying areas, causing panic among the population.

In Gangori, Uttarkashi region, the water level has reached a critical point, and people started to evacuate to safer areas. About 30 houses were washed away in the area of the bridge Gangori, which is also starting to crumble. Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna monitoring the situation and has asked the relevant authorities, so that they began to search and rescue operations. Also, due to begin work on cleared roads to shrines to pilgrims to return home. Public authorities have promised to assist in the provision of food and other essentials.

The number of victims is specified.

Source: Rage Of Nature

Source: vseneprostotak.ru.

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