Heavy rains in the nuclear power plant Fukushima-1


TOKYO, May 30. / Itar-Tass Agarkov /. Due to heavy rains in the area, "Fukushima-1" in the lower areas of emergency stations significantly increased the level of radioactive water. This was announced today at the Directorate power company "Tokyo Electric Power" / TEPKO /, which is the operator of nuclear power plants.

Heavy rains were a continuation of collapse at the end of last week on the island of Honshu, the second this season, Pacific typhoon "Songdo." His victim in southern Japan was one person, and two others were missing, local authorities said today. According to the latest administration of Okinawa Prefecture, just in the disaster affected more than 60 people.

May 29th tropical cyclone approaches the center of the island of Honshu noticeably weak, but heavy rain and wind did not stop. Meteorologists warn of showers, which can lead to flooding and landslides, including the north-east in the "Fukushima-1". The rainy season is a major concern of TEPKO. Its board of directors recognizes that the station is not ready to poor weather conditions, because not all of the plant area is treated with a special resin, which prevents the spread of radioactive dust.

Torrential rains can loosen the soil and increase the flow of water in the lower rooms, "Fukushima-1", which would complicate the work on dehydration. As noted in the TEPKO going on for nearly two days, the rains have led to an increase in the water level in the 1st reactor at 20 centimeters. No less alarming situation in the buildings third reactor. Only in turbine halls and technical shafts of these reactors, as well as the 4th unit has accumulated about 85 thousand tons of hazardous liquids.

Now the operator station is making efforts to reduce the leakage of radioactive water in the near future to launch a more robust cooling scheme.


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