Heavy snow and rains in Afghanistan


13.02.11.Silnye snowfall and rain, marching across most of Afghanistan for two days without a break, have led to a descent from the mountains of debris flows, avalanches, which killed people, "Kommersant"

Debris flows have covered five counties immediately western Afghan province of Farah — Haq-e Sefid, Poshtrud, Anardara, Saidkuh and Balabuluk, destroying all or part of more than 1.3 thousand houses and buildings.

The county Balabuluk a mudslide hit a car, in which there were 7 people. As a result, five children and two women were killed. Mudflows also destroyed in Farah dozens of orchards and hundreds of acres of fertile land.

In the district of the northern province of Badakhshan Qeshm by heavy rains occurred landslides that destroyed several houses in the spurs of the mountains. 2 people were killed and one was wounded.

Snowfalls led to blocking vehicular traffic on many roads and mountain passes. However, the main Afghan Salang Pass, which connects the northern provinces with the central, yet open to traffic. Snowfall in two days and took place in Kabul at zero temperature, which led to podtaplivaniyu streets in parts of the city. However, information on the mudflows and destruction in Kabul have been reported.

Forecasters predict further heavy precipitation in many regions of the country.


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