Hello from space! UFOlogy and kriptofizika

November 11, 2012 18:30

Kosmogeologicheskaya map the territory of Belarus.

Kosmogeologicheskaya map the territory of Belarus.

No one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century, that all happens in the world keenly and closely watched beings more advanced than humans, although such a death as he was, at that time, people going about their business, they have researched and studied, perhaps as carefully as a man with a microscope studies of ephemeral creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water.

 HG Wells. War of the Worlds

Currently, there is no conventional terms, describing the concept of "anomalous zone" (AZ), but in one of the national projects on the AZ "dromos" accumulated extensive data on the availability of such sites, their influence on the physical reality of a usual [2-6 ]. For a long time researchers' Ufokoma "had to settle for a description of AZ from our colleagues from near and far abroad, the situation is complicated by the fact that a clear place to meet at least a number of criteria, known in the literature, in Belarus could not manage to find. So we took up the study of the few places in each of which there is a phenomenon whose characteristics are essentially extorted even from the "daily anomalies." The results of these studies, we describe separately, but in the process of thinking through some of the revealed features AZ born some thought, which is why today we are talking about things battered, but yet have not lost their relevance.

Long term monitoring of reports of anomalous phenomena in Belarus allows you to highlight areas in which there is a surplus of heterogeneous anomalies per unit area. Attempts to identify such sites, and to explain the range of their impacts on the environment and human beings were made in the early 90's E. Ageenkovoy. [1] Collected by the time the statistics showed that, in general, geo-active sites linked to fractures in the Earth's crust. Information was discussed with geophysicists, who provided kosmogeologicheskie cards and provide advice on matters of the possible impact of such sites on the body of a living person.

Numerous publications found contradictory information about the nature of AZ's approach to their study is still not structured. Currently geophysical hypothesis is not so clear, it is obvious that in the appendage to her need to take into account other factors, most of which are described in the literature is fragmentary. In addition to a thorough analysis of the literature in order to better understand the changes in environmental conditions observed in AZ, requires in-depth analysis on a number of areas previously mentioned laws, as well as confirmation of the existence of any deviation by putting the same type of experiments.

Imagine for a moment a hypothetical civilization that lives on another planet. The way that it was up to the observational astronomy can be radically different from our own, as are unclear and the possibility of its fundamental technique and mentality. As far as she wants to come in contact with other individuals? Court or the chief priests had already painted the monarch of all the horrors of this communication? However, the report could have severe and experienced soldier, accompanying report attached invasion plan for the next tidbit, a kind silver platter oceans which are in excess of the necessary technocratic society resources.

Eyes on stalks may be far prilnuvshimi the eyepiece telescopes, our Earth, except the reflected light and the brightness of the sun, respectively darkening fonit also in the radio, so yes, that give points to all the nearest planet to the central luminary headed. Such a powerful radio source is unlikely to be left indifferent to detect it aliens. They could take it to a special class of astronomical objects, and then a graduate student engaged in these strange objects more or less seriously, most likely, for a pattern in a hideous gurgling sound from the vicinity of another yellow dwarf. There is only one "but" — since the first radio was not much time and we have "seen" until only the inhabitants of the surrounding stars.

It is also possible that many of the methods of observation of our planetary system and our star has already been tried in the galaxy far far away. You can search for us, and the infrared radiation from the surface, even almost warm body of one person. Difficult, but can be a technique is so advanced that it even through the layer of atmosphere zamylivat distinguish moving over the surface of autonomous sources of thermal radiation — that is you and me. All this, of course, will give a lot of data to understand the newly discovered world, perhaps now somewhere along the dusty paths of distant stellar oasis wanders barefoot scholar behind which hangs satchel with books devoted to our planet. Books on "Zemleznavstvu" may not differ in its information from labor Schiaparelli on "Martian channels," but could be much more information-intensive than even the most recent works in this area. After all, our planet could learn not even thousands, but millions of years, however, due to limitations in the speed of light on Earth astrokruzhkah on the outskirts of our galaxy are now studying in the best case for the first apes.

Hello from space!  UFOlogy and kriptofizika

Perspective view of Death Valley in California, obtained by applying a digital terrain model (created in the U.S. Geological Survey) images synthesized from the spectral bands in the thermal infrared wavelengths (red, green, and blue, respectively). Photo: NASA.

The next stage which would be grinding his teeth (or fangs) went to astronomers — would establish a method or at least some connection to this planet, or else the development of innovative methods to obtain more information about the inhabitants of which are "at the bottom" stubborn gaseous shell. On the principles of these methods can again only speculate, it is likely we scientists try to scan across the entire spectrum of frequencies. But we are now armed with primitive of anomalous zones can assume that they were the "Rosetta stone" for those who follow us with only one difference — the code is clear only one side. All that anomalschiki understood about these mysterious sites are few, but the basic principle is clear — the "zone" is needed for energy.

Get extra energy helps not bury underground nuclear power plant, it can be either a normal fault the crust, or else rejected by the river, or even a gift to humans — a powerful line of power transmission lines. Increases the "power" of the zone and solar activity — solar flares and yet little measurable registration reaches our planet radiation from supernova explosions. Obviously, such interacting factors open some window trigger mechanism that allows for the intersection of several different processes, each of which carries a potential, there is no one to pass on lines that run clearly faster than the speed of light, certain information. As in many branches of modern interdisciplinary "channel" works at the junction of a number of factors, the very same transmission time is calculated only as the tip of a pen!

Notorious "crop circles" may be prompted researchers AZ: here we are talking about the impact on vegetation, accompanied encoded information (unless of course, this is not a side effect, a kind of artifact signal). According to this "classical scheme" is likely to occur Novokubansk circles. "Window" in this case floating, but clearly linked to a specific date and time — usually mid-June and during the astronomical midnight. Rough calculations yet suggest that certain patterns are a projection onto a plane of radiation, the radiation is clearly coming from the top, because if the power lines are close to the circle and at the same time it may be a projection extending from the ground wires. Bowing yet unidentified factors, date of appearance of authentic community in one of the regions in Russia is almost the same from year to year (hoaxer can forge community every day, but usually at the weekend or on vacation).

Icon under study Novokubansk conducts expedition "Kosmopoisk."

Icon under study Novokubansk conducts expedition "Kosmopoisk."

Reading or transmitting certain information in certain specific areas of the Earth's surface are subject to a number of experts alien principles, but rather the restrictions imposed on them interstellar distances. In the first place, apparently, learned from bitter experience, or do not consider us to be "grown up" for full contact, the choice often falls on the remote, sparsely populated areas. After seeing what they are doing our foolish fellow, you see, in other worlds, scientists generally doubted that stumbled on a planet with an intelligent civilization, not on an island with a provincial planetenku native narodtsem, and contact with it because of the backwardness is not possible while in principle. However, these empirical "find" and the selected areas are not so far away from them so that it was impossible to get to the big city with the help of high-speed vehicles, even by our standards.

Such neighborhood sometimes can push on dark thoughts about the preparation of a springboard for an attack, but that's because of the remoteness of troops will not bail out of the Kremlin, brandishing a whip over his head laser. In the famous Hollywood productions aliens attack too pathetic. Starting from the "War of the Worlds" by HG Wells, when tripods burned by laser beams all around, until recently, the movie "Alien invasion. The Battle of Los Angeles ", where battles are conducted within the boundaries of a major city is all the same. "Our" in firing from automatic villains, those in them from a clever guns.

The real aliens are unlikely to waste on trifles. Reasonable to destroy the ants of the world can be, for example, to create an army of self-replicating nanobots …. One mishandled here a bot of billions of earth materials to build their own clones, which will be like a virus parasitic on man, and then enter into a symbiosis with it. Then in the "hour of X» is tentacle space aggressor turn switch — and all mankind together will play in the box. Without firing a shot! And then no nuclear warheads, nor all the modern weapons, or Chuck Norris does not save … This is just one of the possible scenarios, not to mention the tactics "unfair war" known since the time of the first military leaders, such as the poisoning of drinking water or the atmosphere. But why spoil his future biosphere of the planet? I think, to the small things like the preservation of ecology has reached any more or less advanced civilization.

How to select these areas — "grope" whether they like kegs to play bingo and then select and arrange in any order or any such site carefully titrated, and his work is contributing to a coherent whole network? Worried about such considerations the founders of the "dromos", many of whom have devoted half of his life understanding the patterns of anomalous zones [2-7]. But although the patterns revealed a lot, structure them in a clear system for some reason does not work.

By "dromos", by analogy from the Baikonur originally understood as just such areas, "portals" on the long road from point "A" to point "B". This we believe AZ something alien, and the long journey across the galaxy next railway station — quite commonplace. The analogy to the station seemed quite good, because at the same time gave many figurative analogies. It became easier to interpret the appearance of a certain area of the Earth's many moving luminous formations, shimmering in the night like the headlights driving up the locomotive.

Reasons for the interest of aliens to Earth can be anything — other than a purely 'scientific' interest is likely to beckons just a cozy room on the interplanetary station, and little people with their everyday problems little worried devotees healthy sleep and snore cosmic wanderers. At least, targeted interventions in the "course of history" or "Kosmopoisk" or "UBI" nor any other organization has not identified, and the numerous references to this — the subject of a separate study (see photo). The only thing that can not be written off — the omnipresent energy that is always in abundance in the anomalous zones. Instances of objects hovering over power lines is also not uncommon in the first place, because these lines are actually very much, and, second, the desire to save money on electricity is not confined to your neighbors below. In Belarus, the cases of triangular UFO hovering over a high-wire lines were noted during the expedition of the Mogilev region, another razvedekspeditsiya — in Gomel on Proskurnya possible to establish that the UFO also drawn to the strong power lines …

Hello from space!  UFOlogy and kriptofizika

"Millionoletnyaya light" walled in stone — found in one of the expeditions Ufokoma of Orsha in 2006. In fact, around the cement to the state of rock and sandstone.

Proceeding from the above considerations — the site is suitable for the exchange of information between the Earth and other planetoid can be roughly ranked as the notorious Zone. All occurring within its effects must be invested in secondary processes of this "energy-exchange." Did the distant astronomers to move their body in the form of forced astronauts or robots to perform all the planned measure is not clear, the answer to this will only further systematization of all the inherent anomalous zone effects.

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