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Results naikrupneyshgo tender for the supply of 22 attack helicopters Divide does not affect the state of Russian-Indian military-technical cooperation. So the newspaper commented gaze win the South American AH-64 Apache on Russian Mi-28N is one of the senior officials of the state corporation «Rosoboronexport».

Tender for the supply of attack helicopters Divide announced back in 2008. Saying that he was ready to buy 22 drums and languid 15 transport helicopters, and promised that the winner will get 3 billion dollars. Among the competitors of this amount were Russian company «Kamov» British-Italian Augusta Westland, also the European concern EADS. Little later invited to the role of India in the tender and American Bell Helicopter and Boeing.

The main requirement was that the machines that purchased helicopters should be equipped with 2 engines, electronic warfare and radar warning systems irradiation. The set of their weapons must go antitank system module with a gun, or more than 20 mm unguided rockets caliber 70 mm with a range of 1.2 kilometers, and guided missiles «air-land» With a range of more than 7 km. Helicopters were also to be unloaded weight of more than 2500 kg, possess superior maneuverability and be applicable for use at any time of the day, including in severe weather and climatic criteria.

Despite the fairly extensive role helicopter companies in the competition, the main battle for the prize unfolded between Russian Ka-50 «Dark Shark» European AW129 and Eurocopter Tiger. In general, by 2009 Divide dramatically lost interest in ongoing competitions. And generally stopped tender, citing the fact that a number of participants did not have time to prepare for the beginning of his necessary documentation. Keeping in mind, apparently, the Yankees, who have already been invited after the tender was officially declared.

At the end of 2009, India again took over its own desire to buy a batch of helicopters.

«Apache» against «Night Hunter»

Restart military-technical race century led to severe rearrangement of the opposing sides. Our homeland instead of «Dark Shark» — From its own military procurement refused — proposed export Mi-28N. Coincidentally, just as the Defense Ministry announced that Mil machine will be the main strike force. Plan to purchase more than 50 such helicopters. Training center in Torzhok helicopter pilot training received first Mi-28N is their active development.

It was manufactured with an eye to the brain contender in the Indian tender — Yankees AH-64 Apache. In this confrontation between the Ka-50 would look pale. By the beginning of the test Russian helicopter was not yet brought, which was one of the circumstances of his departure from the broader tender in Turkey. In addition, the position of the «Dark Shark» seriously shot down Russian military said that in the form in which it exists, they do not need, and requires double machine with several other technical features.

In comparison with the AH-64 Apache Mi-28N heavier almost 3 tons, but it has a more massive engines, which gives him the greatest gain in combat load and flight properties. In addition, the view from the cockpit of the Mi-28N is better, but in the AH-64 Apache installed convex glass that do not glare that can interfere with the devices.

Armament of the Mi-28N also looked a bit more seriously. Both he and Apache arming mobile automatic single-barreled guns of 30 mm caliber. South American gun M230 weighing 54 kilograms provides rate of 625 rounds per minute with an effective firing range of 3 kilometers. It is believed that this gun does not differ very high precision and lack of capacity.

The Mi-28N is set by changing tank gun 2A42, ancient and tested. It noticeably heavier than American and has severe impact. But the problem with the latest designers coped helicopter, achieving accuracy even higher than that of the South American rival. But, deciding a number of problems, they got the most massive helicopter gun in the world: the weight of the projectile and the initial rate is almost twice more than the M230, firing range — 4 kilometers, and rate — up to 900 rounds per minute. Shell fired from the Mi-28N, 15-mm stitches armor with a 1.5-kilometer distance.

In addition, gun 2A42 only reliable and actually does not overheat: unlike AH-64 Apache, Mi-28N is quite capable, with no breaks for cooling, release all your own ammunition. In the end, the shooter chooses the type of projectile: piercing or high-explosive.

Have their differences and rockets. The main «tool» both helicopters — anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), everyone has their 16 pieces, suspended on external sites. For Mi-28N did supersonic precision missile «Ataka-V» with radio command guidance. Such missiles work and the criteria of smoke and dust, which scatters the laser beams interfering missiles with «ordinary» laser guided. A new version of the rocket «Attack-D» acts already has a range of up to 10 km.

Important tool for AH-64 Apache — missiles Hellfire AGM-114A laser-guided AGM-114B and a radar-guided. The helicopter can take both types of missiles, and the crew gets the opportunity to chat during a fight to elect a suitable alternative. Range of their actions is 6-7 km, but, unlike the Russian missiles, Hellfire subsonic. In fact, to reach the goals in 4 kilometer missiles wasting 15 seconds, while the Russian it takes 1.5 times less.

In addition to all these features and a South American and Russian sides have emphasized the all-weather capability and Convenience implementation of its own machines.

Without intrigue intrigue

In fact, the confrontation 2-machines completed back in 2011. Even then it was clear that satisfied Divide Mi-28N, but not going to take it. Why — it turned out only a year later.

«We decided not to choose the Mi-28 for technical reasons. Our experts believe that the Mi-28 does not meet the requirements of the tender on 20 positions, while the «Apache» indicates the best results, «- said the representative of the Ministry of Defence of India.

Maybe that fatal for Mi-28N was the role in the strategic command post exercises at the Gorokhovetsky ground near Nizhny Novgorod, when, during the implementation of practical shooting the helicopter fell. How to learn consequence, this prerequisite was hit propellant gases starters rockets into the air intake of the engine. Because of what he had «drowned» and died. And only thanks to machine design: the chassis and shock absorbing bronekapsuly in which pilots are designed to withstand the overload in 15g, — pilots remained alive after the fall and got out of the wrecked car, even without bruises. In general, for the Indians, it’s likely to be not so radically in comparison with the fact that the helicopter fell, carrying the main maneuver itself.

In addition, it was evident that the main advantage of AH-64 Apache in that it has long and very well used in the actual military conflict. Do the Yankees have as performance statistics fighting machine implementation, and performance data «refusal» all systems rotorcraft in everyday operation and complex criteria. For Mi-28N is a fundamental information is typed. Divide And, recalling the experience of past agreements with Moscow, when buying appliances, was obliged to bring it to combat-ready status for additional funds to avoid risks.

In addition, under a huge issue at the Mi-28N is its all-weather capability and the possibility of introducing at any time of day. Equipment responsible for it, is still undergoing tests. That’s why the army Mi-28N hidden in a spherical capsule vserakursnym antenna is mounted on top of the screw. Specifically, thanks to her helicopter must «build» goals, even while behind cover: in the ravine behind the trees. Detect them, organize, and committing «poskoku» excellent despise and just instantly hide from the eyes of the enemy.

«India will be» Apache «as promised Americans with radar that displays absolute favorite helicopter tender, — told the head of the center Gaze» AST » Ruslan Pukhov. — Second bad news for us is that the divide over the last 5 years has had an opportunity to take a very expensive things, although their Russian counterparts are much cheaper. «

Diversified business

In the near future India seriously diversified its military-technical ties. Our homeland is no longer a monopoly in this market. This fact is even enshrined in the Indian legislation requiring not take arms and military equipment from the 1st supplier. Specifically, these are now being intensively used by European, South American and Israeli companies offering Divide technique expensive, but very high-tech. In addition, adopting the strategy of the Russian Federation, the West often offers itself not only buy it, and to establish licensed production in India.

Before the outcome of the tender helicopter, for example, Washington decided to exclude a number of Indian defense companies and institutions from the list to control arms exports. Namely, were removed two large Indian state enterprise: Organization of defense research and development (DRDO) and Indian Space research of cosmic (ISRO). Due to this significant increment U.S. expects military-technical cooperation with India. Here inviting Divide the role in the development of a light fighter fifth generation F-35 and access to the most modern production techniques today helicopters «Apache». India has already acquired the U.S. military transport aircraft C-130J-30 Super Hercules (though could and Russian IL-76) patrol aircraft P-8I Poseidon (abandoning IL-38), also plans to acquire missiles Harpoon II (Russian analogue X -35) and C-17 transports Globemaster III.

Diversification has led to the fact that our homeland flew out of the tender for the supply of a light fighter. The cost of the deal could reach 1.5 billion dollars for the supply of 126 vehicles Divide. Championed always holding his MiG-35 was considered «worthless» at the last moment, when the Europeans promised to give India the technology to manufacture their own fighting machines.

Fog cooperation

Lose Mi-28N sad. But not fatal. As explained to the newspaper gaze Rosoboronexport, the situation is difficult, but not hopeless. To keep the position of the Russian Federation had to go on an unprecedented step: Divide offer joint development fighter fifth generation. Agreement concluded December 21, 2010. Our homeland and India have agreed on the development of conceptual and technological project of the Indian version of the fighter fifth generation T-50 (PAK FA) — FGFA (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft). The deal amounted to 295 million dollars. Designing FGFA will take 18 months. For earlier first flight of Indian aircraft scheduled for 2015. Air India wants to buy 250 FGFA totaling 25 billion dollars.

During the upcoming visit to Divide Russian President Vladimir Putin will sign another contract to supply India batch of 40 Su-30MKI fighters. In addition, after the Indian side recognized the successful tests of an aircraft carrier «Vikramaditya», which took place in July — September of this year in the Barents Sea, the ship under a contract company «MiG» put to the previously built 16 MiG-29K naval fighter 29 more.

In the context of India’s MiG makes to the same contract to modernize 63 Indian MiG-29B on the model of the MiG-29UPG. Within its framework will be installed on the aircraft radar «Zhuk-AE» (Cost to ship the MiG-29K), which will allow to extend the life of fighter for another 20 years. These works are of great importance to maintain the quantitative composition of the Indian Air Force and the merits stated goal to enter the level 32 combat-ready squadrons.

According to experts, it all says that the perspectives and common interests in the military-technical cooperation between countries with 2 remain. That still regards helicopters, then under the terms of the tender need to divide the same languid transport machines. Russian leadership here completely — Mi-26T2 has no analogues in the world. And its technological filling meets the latest requirements.

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