Honey in the Kharkiv region went up because the bees died half


One of the most popular varieties of honey, lime, and collected this summer everywhere — prevented the rains at the time of flowering. File photo of "KP".

26.07.11.Na markets of the city has its first new crop honey. Beekeepers from the suburb of Kharkov do not expect the traditional August fairs — the goods being taken now.
On the market in the New Homes from last week of a woman selling Pechenigy district. For the three-liter jar of fragrant dark brown honey asks 160 UAH. Trade is brisk, but most people take half-liter (30 USD) and liter bottles (60).
— Maybe beekeepers and sell at that price, but it's cheap, three-liter jar — 4.5 kg of honey, — explained the reporter of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" employee home honey. — We first flower honey is over, have a ride soon. Is a kilogram of 55 hryvnia. In the past year, prices were different — from 30 to 50 per kg, this year — more honey.
The main reason for price rise — the mass death of bees. According to the head of the Union of Beekeepers of Kharkiv region Alexander Strygina, beekeepers lost half of his wealth.
— This happened because of chemicalization crops, because the plants could not withstand the rotation. When the crop is sprayed from aircraft, none of the Bees do not think … I do not have warned the closure of the hives, the bees brought poisonous nectar from the field in the cell, and many died during the winter. Therefore, honey will be less and it will be expensive, — said Alexander.

Carry apiary to Poltava region

One of the most popular varieties of honey, lime, and collected this summer everywhere — prevented the rains at the time of flowering. Lucky beekeepers Bogodukhov and Valkovsky areas.
— And we have to harvest linden not, buckwheat is also not given much nectar, soaked flowers and the bees were in the hive — shrugs pasechnitsa of Krasnokutsk district Tatyana Pisotsky. — Now cleared up. But we're in the same place not sitting exporting apiary in Poltava region, there are not attracted to pesticides, organic fertilize only. Also at Poltava sown sainfoin, a chic honey plant.
Last year, the fair Tatiana honey sold to half a ton of candy a day, her husband did not have time to bring up the cans of Red Kuta. But to make predictions for this year she has not yet decided. Honey plants from the heat quickly wither, complain beekeepers. No doubt in one thing — the average non-deficient pounds of honey — herbs, sunflower — went up by ten. The most expensive will cost acacia sweetness — 210 UAH per liter jar.

Lipa brought, and buckwheat pleases

— Acacia for the weather was favorable, — the beekeeper from Robins Nicholas Stepin. — And on the lime tree because of the rains were able to take only the top layer of flowering. In general, this year's favorable year for the field of herbs, waiting for a good harvest from sunflower.
One of the most useful types of honey — buckwheat, this year it will be sufficient, happy beekeepers. After the spring, "buckwheat panic" when the grain became scarce and prices rose several times, the area under buckwheat increased in the order: last year it was sown on 15,000 hectares in the farmers planted 24,000 hectares. Particularly well in culture freak Velikoburlukskom area.

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How to distinguish the young honey from last year

It is no secret that sellers can sell under the guise of May last honey harvest. Print the schemers to light layman is difficult, say beekeepers. Of the simple ways not to buy instead peretoplenny May last year — scooping up a spoonful of honey, pour it.
— If honey is pulled, it is more mature, if spilled — the young, who have not survived, — says Nikolay Stepin. — In general, the best honey — certified. There are already known — what moisture, composition, it is checked for the presence of antibiotics, radionuclides, GMO.

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Source: KP.UA

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