Horoscope for 2013 by zodiac

December 22, 2012 23:39

Hostess 2013 is Snake. And not just Snake, as forecasts for 2013 horoscope zodiac signs — and black and Water. However, since the eastern calendar starts ticking only on February 10, and then to his duties Snake, predicts horoscope 2013, proceeds from this number. Processes occurring in this new 2013 will differ only by high dynamics, and with it they will be mystery and inherent variability. Water, which is the element of this year, always attributed mystical mysterious features that contribute to the rise of a person, and vice versa his overthrow, and from the black depths of the water can expect anything, anything.

In a global sense, humanity should expect a lot of surprises in 2013, which would be impossible to predict. Great impact of the events and issues of the past and the mistakes that were made then receive an unexpected development in the present. Therefore, if you schedule a certain goal in the new 2013, then try to plan and arrange everything on the shelves in advance, so that the path to achieve them was not confusing, and as simple as possible. Alas, horoscope predicts for 2013 according to the signs of the zodiac, the main feature of 2013 will be instability, which will affect absolutely all spheres of life: economics, politics and finance. It is inevitable in the souls of men, and so we should expect a truly global cataclysms. But although what that zodiac signs this year will seem pretty heavy and fails, all the processes that will take place in it, is very plastic, and, if desired, they can be enough to pay for global use. This is true not only of the individual but of the whole of society as a whole.

There comes a time in which to rule changes. This will become clear from the very beginning of the year. It was in this year people will wait for the test and they will always do sometimes not so clear and obvious, but, nevertheless, a fateful choice. Large role in this, the new 2013 will belong to a bright and extraordinary creative individuals, including in science. As well as the Snake periodically changes its skin and the problems that in this period concerned humanity will change several times beyond recognition. But it was the experience, intelligence, courage and flexibility Snakes, as predicted on the zodiac horoscope 2013, will help to deal with them, you will only be able to use them.

Spring is marked activation of the society, which may lead to a change of political leaders. This will occur is in all countries, the leaders will choose not the beautiful speeches, but by the fact that they have managed to do exactly.

Until June 2013 Jupiter will be in Gemini, which will lead to global change that is called by the ruling circles. Take the leading role the leaders who will be prepared to pursue a flexible policy based on dialogue with the public forces, relying not on their own political ambitions, and to cooperate with the employees.

In the second half of 2013, after passing Jupiter in the sign of Cancer, the leading role belongs to the family values, culture and creativity. The Company will require the government to support the constructive solution of those problems, and the leaders who are ready to take up their decision, no doubt feeling the support of the mistress of the year — Black Water Snake as horoscope predicts for 2013, though, may not be aware of this .

As for the rest of the year, it will be very controversial, and there will rule differences. Only the mobilization of a significant amount of will and commitment to continuous improvement will help humanity as a whole and every individual, to overcome the problems that will be not so much external as related to internal systems.

New 2013 Snake — Year thinkers and philosophers, diplomats, inventors and explorers. It has to create, strengthen the rear, networking and relationship issues through peaceful means, and self-expression of serpentine wisdom in all spheres of life.

Horoscope 2013 for Aries

Horoscope for 2013 by zodiac

The first day of January, Aries promises an extraordinary event, meeting, beginning of a relationship or the appearance of an idea that will have an impact in the coming year. With someone you can "strike hands" — and stake out a new theme. But already in the first week of January will manifest opponents and bosses put you priorities.

Many Aries at the beginning of 2013 will be adjusted radically change anything — work, the environment and themselves. Plans will receive a new round in January. In February, your life will be a lot of mystery and intrigue. Not the best time for a pragmatic choice, but the emotional lives show the hidden depths of your nature. Many actions will be colored with compassion.

In the district March 4 build plans and watch how people and ideas are attracted to you and what they call you. On this basis will develop events in April and May. The second half of March — beginning of April — a turning period for Aries in 2013, the year. This is a general horoscope, but it points to the time of the destabilizing power. Almost inevitably destroy something, and the big powers will the one who knows where to go. New Moon April 10 for Aries most important of the year. You will get a big advantage in a competitive situation.

In May, continue to explore new territories and opportunities. Topic of income and expenses will be the main one. 25 — May 30 contacts with like-minded people will enrich you with new ideas. Perhaps a new partnership business or personal. June is good for both work and leisure. Schedule for this month preferably sealed to do as much as possible. Big changes are possible in the house. This month, well timed and important family events. In July of past mistakes and deficiencies in force under restoring order. Thread repair in the house may be, regardless of your wishes. In August you will still continue to strengthen the foundation, but your life will be more pleasant variety and entertainment.

In September, you have to establish itself on the experience that love and other relationships to study. Timely favors, its generosity and hospitality will help you achieve with important persons required depth of understanding. In the second half of September will require special attention monetary aspects of the relationship. Failed the test project of the former, however, and this process, you will be able to benefit.

In October, your analytical skills will be at a height, but try not to show their advantages. And do not try to retrieve the few energy-intensive things simultaneously. In early November, on the way you can hardly miss the old rake. Apply the lessons learned and their wisdom to understand why some have to take the exams of life twice. In the relationship be making cooling, but the ones that have passed the test will be included in phase refinement perspectives and vital decisions.

In December, you have to make a new selection under the influence of external circumstances. The most important events will take place on the verge of leaving and coming year. Avoid unnecessary risk, transferring the excess energy into useful work. And most importantly — make sure that you do not put in the face of change, and you do decide that you need them for self-realization. Important — if something dare — no turning back.

Horoscope 2013 for Taurus

Horoscope for 2013 by zodiac

Life can make an unexpected zigzag after the New Year. Not to stay long at the holiday table, but try your luck in different ways. Try to forces in a new field, go to far places or take a chance to confess to someone in love. In the area January 8 change is possible and in addition to your desire. January 13 in any case do not be a sudden impulse or desire. The end of January will expand your choices in the field of professional and in a more pleasant aspects of life.

Early February will bring a change in the romantic mood. The will to act is connected with the need for certainty and freedom. But this is only a "warm-up" before those events, which begin in late March — early April.

In the winter months in your life will be a lot of secret incentives, desires and circumstances. Your rational mind will give all estimates, and others may never know what you have experienced and felt at the time. Since late March wait bombshell and stress from people near you, for whatever reason, are not indifferent. In April, you have to act in an unusual rhythm and stamina than you need to take care of the money "stash", as the cost will have to significantly.

In May, you will appreciate the benefits of inactivity or when all of you will find the right itself, or the Exposure of your life great revolution, and it will be your decision. May 14, be careful not to make a big mistake. In late May, on the contrary, your luck may reach a peak.

In June, will develop successfully leave, especially visits to relatives or travel with a nostalgic touch. If leave is not forthcoming, then you prefer to enjoy a home renovation and design. In July, you will want a beautiful life. Have fun, flirt, but keep their secrets to themselves, because it is the time to be lush color bloom intrigue and gossip. From July 26 to August 2, you should not think only about the work, using the external influences and unexpected gifts of fate. Personal life in turn will benefit from your pragmatism. In late August, you will need more care, especially in matters of love and financial.

In the first half of September, will increase your requirement for beauty and comfort. Choose a program of self-improvement, or dedicate their free time needlework. In the second half of September are important to your relationship survive the crisis and may cease. For strong unions it will be a struggle to external challenges.

In October, will be acutely felt any injustice — in the distribution of responsibilities, profit, overhead. You do not want to listen to the voice of your intuition. But it is necessary. Second half of October and November — the revision of contracts and schemes in business relationships. That's what you come to be upset or to please you for a long time, so carefully walk up to the formation of their prospects.

Hand over the case and to take stock of the year, preferably before 20 December. By this time you should be ready and set of goals for the next few months of next year. The last ten days of December — an unpredictable time. Do not take chances, do not initiate a new order, but leave plenty of room for surprises. Important and useful changes can occur as a result of deterioration of current processes. Your vision tells your desired action. Miraculously can return what you have ceased to hope.

Horoscope 2013 for Gemini

Horoscope for 2013 by zodiac

This is your year, Gemini! Jupiter, the first half of the year will hold in your sign, will have a beneficial effect on the course of current affairs and help lay the foundation for a major life project for the next 12 years. It is likely that marked the beginning of the year for you to change activity, an important decision in a personal relationship or a waiver of the usual pastimes in favor of the unknown interest.

Change is almost inevitable, but it is important not to destroy completely what is a stronghold for you well-being and comfort. Since January 19, your thoughts and actions will gain clarity and ease. Begins a period favorable for self-development of a new space, an exciting online communication and fertilization of ideas, which will last for a year.

In personal relationships inspiration comes from the 2nd of February, and until then you will have to abide by the conventions, keep their promises and to demonstrate the seriousness of the partner. In February, it is best to engage in theoretical training for future cases and strengthen emotional ties. This is a great time for learning, creativity, implementation of personal hobbies. And the best of the year for get-togethers with friends and share experiences.

It should be noted that until the middle of April ideas will appear as if out of thin air, but the important things in life will be felt the lack of tangible reinforcement. And the relationship will gravitate to inconstancy and windy. At the end of March — beginning of April, you will develop energy-intensive activity. The main thing — do not lose your head. The more you have optimism, the greater will be the change, and large-scale projects. After April 14, you get more freedom for their actions and, possibly, new powers. Another focus of change — April 20-21. Hold the main course, do not let yourself with a knock down and take decisions only on a cool head.

In May, your dreams will force implementation. Think first about practical things and to remain faithful to reliable sources and links. Interesting events unfold in June 18. If the opportunity to implement a long-standing intention or someone offers you a joint project sponsorship, this opportunity is not missed. The ideal time for holidays and longer trips.

In July you will feel fatigue from too rapid developments and the need to make the home a place of solitude and personal creativity. Could resume contact with childhood friends. August will fill your life with romance, excitement, new hobbies, but do not expect to dodge work. The bosses on you will have your views. This time clearings and organizing at all levels. In September, you are only interested in high quality stuff. In a production environment, you will become a source of good advice. This is the time that the experience and tying ties for the future. In October, all the achievements of this year will find the assembly point. Feel free to give your thoughts mercantile character and try to maximize the promotion of financial interests.

In November, even your cheerful nature can cover the depression, and the work will be the only way out in this dark time of the year. In personal relationships you may find yourself in the midst of a detective story, so various intrigues and mysteries will be your life and testimony of others. The first two days of December the public interest for you to be more important than personal. Do not rush into the breach and monitor border reasonable not to disconnect their basic interests. And do not relax at the end of the year! Holiday celebrations, but it is the time to decide the fate of your plans for next year.

Horoscope 2013 for Cancer

This is your year, Cancer! Whatever you want permanence and stability, this year is going to make the free navigation of the island to find a new prosperity. In January, try to determine the support group, to form a circle of associates. Only properly building relationships and moderate risk, you will be able to expand its field of activity and to raise revenue. Singles will have a much harder.

From January 19 to February 5, understanding will be reached at a glance, and ideas arise from the air. Selects those who will find the material foundation. In February, you'll be generous and capable of reckless actions. This is a magical time can bring you a new novel, a hobby, intriguing puzzles in the relationship. Problems can occur if you will ignore the direct responsibility, and from March 21 to work clearly and should be your first.

In late March — early April, a powerful impulse of personal initiative could drastically change your professional destiny. You can change the field of activity, but not under the influence of emotions. Do not risk what you have, if the odds are against you. And vice versa — selling situation, if you feel you are close to the realization of their dreams.

In May impulsivity give way to calm judgment. This is a good time to rest, tying dating match your new interests. The most unmanageable things to move, if you feel the benefit, although at first may seem excessive force. Since the last decade of May everything will be solved quickly and easily. You will be working on the sympathy of others, including a secret.

In June, there can be problems in the home and with family, conflicts in which you will feel vindicated. It will be easier to compromise, to give yourself the opportunity to do what you like. Need for beauty and pleasure in June will be heightened. It is best to take a vacation, but if it does not — use every opportunity to diversify your life. July 8 get ready to start the game with new rules. The restructuring process will happen easily if you change the environment, interests and social circle.

It is possible that you will have to go through a renaissance of feelings, you will return to an old love or an idea for which the time did not have the strength, and now the main thing — not to repeat past mistakes. Do not waste your energy on new projects. Successfully move will only matters that you have prepared and start early. The required information will find you myself. July use for vacation if you are planning a trip to places of childhood.

In August, you will have the enthusiasm and the temptation to risk more than usual. You will be overflowing with ideas, and by the end of the month to open a truly unique opportunity. It is likely that you will start to work which will develop the next twelve years.

In September, you will return to the caution and common sense. This is a favorable month for polishing skills and preventive health. Try to relax and become stronger with a reserve. In October relationships and creativity will survive hard times. You can somewhat disappointed, but not discouraged, and try to reduce the claim to self and others. In November, the old principles and guidelines you have easier Exposure of revision, if will understand that they are of little avail. Any decisions and actions carefully ponder. So you can avoid the ridiculous accidents and more serious problems.

In the first half of December, try to get together and take stock of their achievements. Remember that the more you'll benefit polgola high luck, but you need to know exactly what you want. At the end of the month could disrupt communications with partners, there will be differences. Your gift to anticipate and avert problems will prove invaluable not only for you. For important events favorable first half of December. If you do not have time, to postpone a decision on the second decade of January.

Horoscope 2013 for Leo

Horoscope for 2013 promises Lions empowerment, increased influence in groups and teams, where you work, relax or implement your hobbies. Your popularity will increase, and with it — the chances of new fateful meetings and expanding social horizons.

The first half of the year is favorable for learning and self-education, travel, travel, implementing your interests abroad. In January, the influence of Saturn on the "home" sector of your chart will make thoroughly do rearrangements in the housing and in the relationship with his family. You may want to add some new relationship status or form a new division of responsibilities and communication Divide according to their importance in your life.

In February, you will be confronted with the original people and situations that will have a liberating effect on your life and become a source of new ideas for the year ahead. In February, to work, to introduce advanced technologies to achieve, using the finds, tips — all in advance, on impulse, instinct benefits. February will be one of the most romantic month of the year.

From March 20 to April 20, the powerful energies stimulate your craving for the unknown. You're quick on your feet and are set to dramatically change. This time is ideal for the implementation of programs that are related to your commitment to excellence, whether it be searching for new opportunities away from home, the development of a new activity, introduction to healthy living or device happiness abroad. These trends are perfectly complemented by strength of the Internet, instantly connecting people and accelerating information retrieval.

Each time with the new year, the representatives of the sign of the lions begin to hatch plans for the great accomplishments which they are bound to implement in the future. The onset in 2013 of the Black Water Snake as horoscope predicts for 2013, will not be exception in this sense, the Lions will be full of energy and ready for immediate advance their careers or to the implementation of the ambitious business projects.

To some extent, this year for the Lions will be really pivotal. And once they do, only the first step towards the realization of their objectives as all the anxiety, doubts and worries they finally leave. But here we should be careful not to try to solve all the problems with the mounts, as Black Water Snake as Leo horoscope forecast for 2013, does not suffer too hasty and ill-considered actions. And although work should certainly be focused, do not hurry. If you want to deal with the problems with the storm, you can not only lose, but get a few new problems, instead of before. Do not force events, better step back a little and wait for the time being engaged in the removal of more minor issues and complexities.

In addition, the usual arrogance and pride of Lions can at this time do a disservice. After all, in order to solve many problems in this, new in 2013, you will have to resort to other people or to gather like-minded people. And if you are too impatient, to those around you, you may find yourself in splendid isolation, which will certainly affect the outcome of your work, and the most negative way. This includes not only your professional sphere, but also the area of personal relationships.

No, no one is saying that you should not strive for a leadership role, which is yours by right, but your desire to lead should benefit and those around you, not just you personally. The coming year promises to Lions great success in the event that he can lead a team working on some promising project, or if Leo is one of the senior positions in the company. If you do not have such a team, this year gives you a chance to create it. So — go ahead. It is not that your job is to create such a group will be very fast, but if you are not diverted from their goal, then your team will be really the power of the most seemingly impossible task.

However, do not expect that all the issues you will encounter only a collective way, and on your personal business skills will not be enough, that depends. It is not. And in order not to see this negative way, have the power increase your own level of education. Perhaps you know, the development of which the qualities of your character should be given special attention, and which to do better and get rid of.

We should not forget that the year of the Black Water Snake as Leo horoscope forecast for 2013 — is not the time to take risks without thinking, participate in lotteries or gambling. This can greatly facilitate your wallet, and perhaps even put to the brink of ruin.

Fall 2013 will be for the Lions very stressful time, because all the projects that you have to run, will require your constant presence and direct participation. And just before the New Year, you can count on a little rest in the circle of your family. Use this time to foreign travel and Christmas holidays.

Horoscope 2013 for Virgo

If you dream about a change, the first half of 2013, will give you a chance to try to force his new endeavors. Even if you are satisfied with your work, do not give up part-time work elsewhere, courses, training and travel. Interest to many things at once will excite your nervous system.

Rule for this year — to finish one thing before starting a new one. In January, you will attract older people with experience. Search for the source of wisdom, valuable information implies expanding circle, and participation in the life of different groups. January 6 news and changes nothing, as clues — whether you have taken a course or need something urgently corrected. January 22 start to one of the most important cases of the year.

In February, the support and assistance of partners will come when you need it most. But in current affairs, they also try to pass on to you the lion's share of the responsibilities. From February 23 to March 18, will emerge the old mistakes and miscalculations. Against you can plot, activation of spiteful critics. Step back and sequester.

At the end of March — beginning of April to the fore issues of joint ownership, the distribution of funds. For some it may be coming into an inheritance or acquisition of rights sponsor for their projects. This is also the time of experimentation and finding new ways of self-realization. Very bright period in sexual relations.

If in April, life will require you to the initiative and hard decisions, in May, will provide a respite. You just need to follow the path that opens and do every thing slowly and carefully. May is good for vacation if you are planning to travel long distances. You will be interested in all communications. Priurochte for this month purchase of a new PC, phone, visa.

In the third decade of May and in June to deal with optimal career. To this period belongs to a greater extent the warning does not overreach and try to bring the case to the end. Third decade of June — the time of significant change.

Year of the Black Water Snake, Virgo horoscope predicts for 2013, inspired Dev do unexpected. Acting on an incredible rise, they even entered the usual rules of their normal life, but it will get for the extra freedom. For whatever work the Virgin did not, they do it with the utmost precision and accuracy and is the euphoria that they will cover the beginning of 2013, it can not hurt. But it will help get rid of the usual inherent Virgo complex, so the Virgin allow themselves to try their hand at various professional fields and the most unexpected forms. However, Virgin has always sought to improve themselves, and good location of the planets in 2013 will only help them in this.

But that would be a complete surprise to representatives of this sign, it's the sensual euphoria that will cover them in the very first weeks of 2013. Virgin rarely go on about your own feelings, as the highly cherished welfare of his personal life. But in early 2013, representatives of all spheres of life of the sign expect considerable shocks, and they are caused by those very mistakes that will make the Virgin under the influence of surging on their feelings. During this period, the Virgin can shower and study and work, and to such an extent that the lost will eventually make up for a very long time.

However, after recovering from the upheaval of the year, the Virgin with the new forces will take over the work and in general the whole year is expected to be for them to be quite successful. During this period, you will be able to do your own business, opening a business, change jobs more interesting and well-paid, and, finally, to find their own happiness — it promises Virgo horoscope for 2013.

However, be prepared for the fact that the whole year, you will have to work hard. Problems and complex issues that require urgent solutions, will stand in front of you, one by one, so that a long stay in this, the new 2013, you would not be able to afford. But you expect a rich and prolonged contact with work colleagues, friends, business partners and potential investors. This period will allow you to gather around him the people on whom you can actually build in the future. And this is a lot, because in 2013 will achieve much success people involved teamwork. But other than that would be particularly successful and the virgin, who have dedicated themselves to some creativity, for example, writers, musicians, designers, actors. They can actually in it, new in 2013, to create works that will later be long and hard to say. If you are thinking about creating your own business. Then open it in areas related to restaurants, design or landscaping. These are precisely the areas that promise before the end of the year begin to bring big profit, of course, if you attach to them the best of their efforts and diligence.

In the second half of 2013, many of the Virgin can suddenly feel a craving for mysticism, secret knowledge, the occult, philosophy. You may also be interested in and one of the religions, even if so far you have been a convinced atheist. Some of Dev even written to the special courses to understand the basics of vybranennoy philosophy and are subject to devote some part of their life.

At the end of the year, you should pay attention to the staff with whom you work, or again revise their business partners. Maybe it makes sense to grow into new connections to reach a new professional level.

Horoscope for Libra 2013

Since October 2012 you could feel that life has become more fun, responsibilities, if not diminished, then you deal with them quickly, and hobbies and enjoyable plan appears more. Saturn left the sign of Libra, where he spent two years, and now its influence spread to the area of your financial interests.

Theme of the year's number one — control of the money and find new revenue options. Until June, you can connect your success with foreign countries — commerce, travel, vacation. Someone so satisfied with their personal lives. In January interests will revolve around the house, repair, design. Do not miss the January 4, to solve an important personal matter.

The first ten days of February looks very promising and could make the impossible possible. You do not need to do, but to recognize the chance and accept the gift. The first half of March is favorable to enhance knowledge and exchange of experience and service. Sympathies, patronage, mutually beneficial interests will be very important, and you should not ignore the way of achieving goals. In late March, it turns out that not everything in your life is in balance. You have to go through the moments that go beyond the ordinary. A kind of purification and renewal in the relationship, restart plans for the year. If a good match, then almost immediately notice a burst of energy and a favorable set of circumstances.

The first ten days of April — when the truth in love. The initiator of change can be a partner. Give your reactions a little bit of theater for more impressions. The main activities of hedge, especially where you feel weak points. Last week of April will give you back a sense of stability and comfort. Material issues will again be in the first place, and the ideas will get the right conditions for implementation. In May well learn something new, to travel, to exchange experiences, to expand social circle and interests. Take a couple of weeks of vacation or more time off — you will desperately need fresh impressions.

Representatives for the upcoming Libra 2013 brings with it many challenges. Meanwhile, the real problems in their lives would be not so much, although of course they will attend. The thing is infinitely oscillating nature of Libra, long did not dare to bow or to the one or the other. Mistress of the year — Black Water Snake as a Libra horoscope forecasts for 2013, will be urged to require all characters to the ones to solve their problems, while the scales are doing everything they can to avoid responsibility and to shift its difficulties on others shoulders. If they stick to this line of action, the risk of being outsiders far this year.

Yes, unfortunately, in 2013, Fortuna is clearly not smiling weights. Of course, they will have a lot of work, but the effort is clearly not justified, moreover, numerous inconsistencies and minor problems and will do to reduce them to nothing. Libra under the circumstances it would seem that they rose up against virtually the entire world, and what they take, are doomed to failure and failure. This, of course, not really, but really, no project in Libra, new in 2013, will not start the first time, they will need more and more effort is needed to somehow run it.

Those scales that are engaged in business of their own, feel the urgent need for its reorganization. This will be due to the fact that significantly reduce not only the profits, but even the profitability of existing businesses. However, you should not be disappointed, because this bad luck will not last the whole year, and subject to the sustained and active work and ongoing commitment to the goal, you will be able over time to rectify the situation and not only correct, but even to make a profit . Try to not lose faith in their own strength and not throw around. It's better if you lay out all the thoughts and wishes on paper in the form of a small plan, which it will steadily follow. And most importantly, do not try to eliminate an existing business and start completely new, because this year is not suited for your efforts.

Naturally, the need to overcome the persistent problems is not the best way to affect the nervous system of weights, because in fact they have to do in a state of constant stress. However, every coin has two sides, and the strain will inevitably develop your intuition, but also hardened to meet future challenges and teaches with a smile. Consider the unfolding situation as an opportunity narabatyvaniya invaluable experience — it tells Libra horoscope for 2013. When depression reaches its peak, just try to relax, and take it to your favorite resort. For some, it will be a favorite hobby for some music. And anyone can go to the spa lounge.

As soon as you learn to resist the blows of fate. You will notice that they are becoming less sensitive, and then they will be much less. This will happen closer to the middle of the year.

Libra is a good option for this, new in 2013, and will be able to continue their education or to educate ourselves. Perhaps you will interested in the occult, or you turn to religion. Maybe you suddenly discover one of Eastern philosophies. In any case, you should just wait out this difficult period of your life, since the fall of 2013, he gradually comes to the usual norm.

Horoscope 2013 for Scorpio


2013 to be held under the sign of Scorpio Saturn. Get ready for large projects momentous change and reflections on the meaning of life. Someone Fate in rigid, expose the limits do make global purification process, both in terms of his body, and the surrounding area. And someone will make a leader of circumstances, a lifeguard, put a new global goal may not be for one year, cause to risk their belongings and reliable, but these changes will be dictated not a whim but a necessity.

In mid-January, you've forgotten your Christmas holiday. There are serious discussions, negotiations, and travel. Include your pragmatism and spend time and energy only to worthy things.

In February, in your life can be a new mystery. This winter month will create a favorable environment for new friends, romantic dates. You show a willingness to discuss the future prospects with a partner that will deepen your bond. First two decades of March will be marked by delays in cases and new plans. In your life back old ideas, people, and suggestions. Reviewing the past and the mistakes, you can change the future and then to make up for something.

End of March — beginning of April — the most complex and interesting period in 2013. He will test and new opportunities in the area of your core business. You can suddenly change jobs, business or office. At this time, we have to carefully monitor the health. Large loads must be carefully justified. Risk is almost inevitable, but it must be found justification

In May, to properly build relationships. Look for mutually beneficial interests in any contacts — and your business will be promoted without problems. If we decide to "stretch" and insist, get ready for a strong opposition. In May favorably resolve issues of ownership, investment, relationship status and inheritance.

In June, the flow of information and active communication will cause the need for updating. You can easily part with some guidelines and then select new. And just like with people — June may be marked separation, although it is possible that only while under the influence of sudden passion.
In 2013, the Scorpio will successfully develop the ideas that he began to implement as early as 2012. The mood, the black water snakes, as Scorpio horoscope forecasts for 2013, fully coincides with the internal rhythms of the Scorpion, and therefore all his actions will be just the same doomed to success. Scorpio will not have to worry about this, new in 2013, the status of their cases, but he will have to make some very important decisions for themselves, which may affect his future.

If Scorpio wants to really change your life, then in 2013 he presented sufficient great chance to do so. It will be able to rally the team and become a recognized leader and solve problems in their personal lives, to educate ourselves, or to continue their education, in general, in the Scorpio, the new 2013 will be able to try all possibilities in order to finally determine what He really wants to get on with life. This is not surprising, because the Scorpions are under the special protection of the Black Water Snake as Scorpio horoscope forecasts for 2013, and there are doubtless in her pets. Therefore, they can always count on her support.

As well as the hostess of this year, Scorpio is not prone to fussiness, preferring to deal properly measured and think. However, if the Scorpions and are absolute favorites of the year, it does not mean that it would be all too easy to be given, and the difficulty will bypass it by. Simply it will be much easier to overcome them than other characters. Foresight, intuition and a special insight of Scorpio will help him provide the majority of the problems and by the time they occur to be fully prepared. Guide Scorpio can take advantage of these amazing abilities to this, the new 2013, in order to wrap them for the benefit of the entire company. Since Scorpios can entrust management of complex and controversial negotiations or development of a strategic action plan of the enterprise. It is their amazing intuition and the ability to anticipate the course of events in advance will help the company with honor to overcome crises.

What challenges await representatives in the sign of Scorpio, the new 2013. First of all, you need to pay attention to the relationships with those around you. One of the complex traits of Scorpio, is that he can not forgive or forget the wrongs he inflicted intentionally or not. Although he could not long endure, and not to react to them in appearance, the memory of giving offense remains in his heart forever and if a chance, Scorpion stings necessarily the one who believes his opponent. So this leads to difficulties and confusion in the team. After all, as a rule, because Scorpio is not immediately inflates scandal, those wrongs which have been inflicted himself, already safely forgotten, but the reaction to them is Scorpio visible to all, and this leads to the fact that Scorpio begin to consider aggressive, treacherous and wicked man . Occurrence of these controversial and unpleasant situations to be feared at the turn of spring and summer, and at the end of the holiday season, at the beginning of autumn.

Spring and summer will be for Scorpio the period when he was able to open a new business or to engage in the development of an existing enterprise. His new ideas and projects are also at this time will find their living embodiment. After a hard year of work, the fall of 2013 Scorpio can relax and reap the fruits of their victories. In fact, the 2013 will provide a strong Scorpio and stable base for their future grand accomplishment.

Horoscope 2013 for Sagittarius

Dedicate the coming year to partnership. You can easily start up new relationships and contacts. You will enchant strong, gambling, easy-going and successful people in various fields. You can succumb to shine someone's personality and decide on a change in career or personal life. There is some risk of losing the support and stability in the usual and ordinary bonds, to bring some of what is part of your oldest and most trusted in the world.

In January, be choosy when making a choice with whom to deal with and what to do. Think more about earnings than on spending, and take the time to tear down what has recently arranged. February will direct your attention to the unexpected things. The ideas of this month will fuel your interest throughout the year, if you can explain themselves and their partners a practical sense.

End of March — beginning of April preparing to give you an energy lift, flashes of ingenuity and updated romantic hopes. The brighter and more original is the subject of your interest, the more likely to lose your head or quick to part with cash savings. Monitor the need for drastic actions — move home, with someone to move down or left. But if you decide to — get ready to more thorough change.

At the end of May will open several new features. Keep a quiver of arrows at the ready — and a rabbit will surely be yours. This is a good time for a new partnership, alliances and associations with people on the basis of new projects. In June, new connections can be tested in practice. This is a favorable month for investments, transactions and events with a certain degree of risk. In some ways, you have to appear in the role of pioneer, but the trends are favorable, and it is better not to relax until the goal is reached.

In July, the current affairs may delay, but will be of interest to a more global project. Dedicate this time slow and careful search of information, preliminary discussions and negotiations. August wonderful month for vacation if you are planning to spend it away from home. In the work process will be relevant travel, deal with foreign partners, knowledge transfer to younger generations.

In early September, use every opportunity to benefit their career prospects. You can change jobs, make deals and contracts, to recruit new people to the state and to attract sponsors. In the second half of September, life will pose new challenges in the business relationship. They will have to change and transform, and this process will not always be pleasant. If there are any obstacles of a material nature, think of what they have withdrawn. Take care of the theme of health, physical self-improvement — and some external problems quietly disappear.

October tough economy and raise the issue of cleaning activities. Dedicate this month global restore order in his life, but make sure that the "water does not throw out the baby." On some things and communication will help to see a different perspective and to find them a new meaning and application. In November, reducing the load better, but the important things are not left unattended. Overloading can adversely affect health. Relations this month threatens cooling and disorder. But if someone will walk joint tests, consider that purchased a new colleague.

December will provide a new scope of work and will give you back the usual confidence and luck. Bad news can not be excluded at the end of the month, but in general, this time can be very productive in the construction of fortifications against adversity. Do not get stuck on the current difficulties and disagreements. From 8 to 17 December useful features use immediately. Secure agreement enlists is designed in the new position. Better just to "push" situation than wait for the beginning of the new year.

Horoscope for Capricorn 2013

 Horoscope for 2013 by zodiac

Fundamental changes, you have experienced in 2012, the year is not over. You will have another year of global restructuring, after which you will go in a new direction, freed from the burden of things lose their value, aiming at new targets.

In the first half of the year you have to do a lot of work in his home world and family relations. For many Capricorns, this will involve a change in marital status, family composition and housing issues. In January, you get a golden chance to make a transaction, contract, or create partnerships, which give meaning to your activities for the year ahead.

February will provide an influx of new ideas and expand your interests in many areas. Financial issues should be the focus of any theme and activities. This month will require thrift and foresight, and then you will benefit from a variety of unusual and often features. The first ten days of March — a magical time to wish and dream. If properly send the request, the dream will come true in the first half of May.

April will have to devote to domestic affairs, which will fall like a snowball. You come up with irritation in his circle, but the goal will justify the means, and as a result you get a lot of satisfaction. This is a great time to make your home beautiful and cozy and streamline relationships with loved ones. From mid-April to mid-May your life will go so smoothly that you will be envied. This is a good time to leave and the other joys of life. Try to spend more time with loved ones and doing things that you enjoy dostvlyayut.
For Capricorn in 2013 will stand out quite complex and ambiguous. No, the trend this year, as a whole will be fairly well-off, however, and there will be plenty of problems, too, and in order to overcome them, the representatives of this sign will work in future. And, strangely enough, the cause of these problems will be not the enemies, and our own laziness and unwillingness Capricorns to take life seriously. Black water snake as Capricorn horoscope forecasts for 2013, which is the master of this year, a very negative attitude to such frivolous behavior, she believes that all should reign regularity and order. Capricorn does not like to work hard, he prefers to shift its own responsibilities to other shoulders, at the time, until he can calmly enjoy the fruits of others' labor.

From the first months of this year the head of Capricorn will fill in something original and even revolutionary projects and ideas, it is worthy of the real incarnation. However, the representatives of this sign prefer to solve problems and make do with cavalry assaults. The necessity of applying active and hard work brings them into depression to the point that they are willing to give up if you do not own projects, then at least put them aside. There is also a great risk that Capricorns will only create the appearance of active work to create a certain image, but the essence of the matter will be left without their attention to it, they will not want to go into. In the same and the main danger lies. Already in the first days of the new year will be goats made mistake after mistake, which will grow like an avalanche, and thus the more difficult in the future to correct them. Strangely enough, but these multiple problems are unlikely to scare Capricorn. The most important thing for him is to wait until it is suitable wave, in order to be able to drop in on her tongue and balance on it, achieving small and big wins. Capricorns are able to perfectly control the flow of the situation and thus be active at the right time, reaching so successful. If Capricorns will remain in this new 2013, passive observers, they risk being cast far back.

Spring promises a significant and sharp increase in Capricorn in everything that will affect their professional work or the scope of their personal business. However, to stay on top, Capricorns need to enter into competition with rivals and win a place in the sun. But the wisdom of Capricorn and his insight, coupled with the experience of life, according to Capricorn horoscope for 2013, will allow him to easily win this competition. All the more so by the time he is able to bring together a strong team that will support him. So that by the summer of Capricorn will be deserved rest on their laurels and celebrate their victory.

No matter what, Capricorn goes to pets capricious fortune and he was very lucky in all his endeavors. The most important thing for him is to overcome your own laziness and seize the opportunities that will give him this year. In this case, he has all the chances to be the end of the year among the winners. In the summer of 2013 Capricorn projects go into active and hard work, but the representatives of this sign did manage to find the time and rest for a few days or a couple of weeks on the warm sea, which they love so much.

This stay will only benefit Capricorns and autumn 2013 with new powers they can return to their immediate duties to impress everyone with his new success.

Horoscope 2013 for Aquarius

Horoscope for 2013 by zodiac

Horoscope for Aquarius in 2013 is still marked by the presence of Uranus in Aries, making you leaders and catalysts of change of circumstances for the rest of the zodiac. In fact, the 6 years you will own passion pioneers that make life richer and more interesting, but no promises of peace and stability.

The second ruler of Aquarius, Saturn, in 2013, the year will go to Scorpio. You have to get to the bottom in fragile but vital situations, faced with uncertainty hurting, and then, as in the song — "we have ours, we construct a new world …" — to do the erection of a new foundation of prosperity and relationships.

New Year's Eve, this time for Aquarius is unique. But the need to translate the desire personal initiative. If you miss, it will be more than annoying. Of course, everyone has his own desires, but a characteristic of all — sudden changes in the plans, likes and priorities. January as a whole will be marked for you with high efficiency. It is desirable to add the responsibility and ability to select the most important thing. In February, the most promising first week. It promises luck as romantics and pragmatists. In late March, expected a big change. It is that time will be decisive for the major cases and events this year.

In the area on April 7 as possible life-changing event, or at least the important news for you. Until April 21, have a lot to discuss and decide with whom and under what conditions you will interact further. Since the end of April and all of May will be to slow down and focus more on the house, loved ones, and personal hobbies. From 25 to 29, the change will be important for your future. You can aim a blow at two in the bush, if you believe that you need it. Life can bestow anything and without a request from you.

By June 19 ideas for your career prospects must pass a comprehensive assessment process. If you suddenly will have a new interest and related opportunities — it will be on time. In July, well take a vacation and realize any dream. Possible without leave; probably work this time you provided anywhere. In late August, do not risk unnecessarily. Concern yourself with the required repairs and fixes, including personal relationships. In September, you will do more formal side of business relationships, contracts and debts than ever.

In October, all activities will require more effort, but the difficulties will improve your relationships with friends and colleagues. In November, the cheers go any stripping, cleaning, renovation. Do not forget that in such events needs and your body. In December, the first half of the month has a great potential. Do not put off trips and other enjoyable activities for the end of the year. This is best suited late November — early December. The New Year is better to be in a familiar place, to think about their victories, defeats, and new plans. There is a great probability of returning some old themes. Evaluate the risks as far as you want at this time of change and which ones.

Horoscope 2013 for Pisces

Horoscope for 2013 by zodiac

In the first half, the home and family will be for you in the first place. Possible change in family status, having children, moving, real estate acquisition. You will be close to the old walls and want to push them. If you are going to do the repair, do not delay this event for the summer. Stagnation in any subjects will provoke sudden decisions and actions. In order not to hurt your core values as often as possible to change something — the interior, leisure, social circle, hobbies, clothes.

In January, be prepared for a change in the team, career permutations. In personal relationships will increase the need for reliability, warranty, material signs of attention. Any connection at this time can come to a close. February will bring into your life updates, fill it with romance and adventurism. Quite unexpectedly you start to take the initiative where previously expected "weather at the sea." This is a good time to practice esoteric. You can succeed in finding things and people, unlocking all sorts of secrets.

March will increase your influence in all situations. In fact, March and April for you — the key months of the year, when it will decide the fate of important projects and relationships. Events may get an unexpected development. Do not be afraid to take on at this time overhead, looking for a new use for his abilities. You feel happier by the fact that something in your life changes.

At the end of March — beginning of April, you will test a financial nature. This may be connected with the need drastic change personal image, style of life, and you do not stop at no cost. But at this time, a reasonable approach can demonstrate the unique capabilities in earnings, and to change the appearance in April, better use of sports, dance and other security and mobile options exercise.

Since the end of April you can relax, take a vacation or just spend more time on things that you like. In May well learn something new, organize, previously acquired knowledge and skills to find their field of application. End of May — a time of change in home and family life. You will feel that you need more freedom to express themselves and expand social circle. Make sure that your house has not had a random people.

Between June and the year ahead increases your luck in love and creativity. This is a perfect time for the "freelancers", those whose work is not constrained by borders, has a flexible schedule and the ability to make independent decisions. In July, it is best to stay at home, create, collect on its territory friends. In August, you might want to change, adventure. This is a favorable month for a holiday. Unmarried Pisces possible holiday romance. For those who are married, there will be troubles related to children. Get ready for higher costs.

In September, the business and personal relationships will be more pragmatic. To win someone's heart and keep love, you will require more attention to mundane things. In a business partnership will also need a cool head and accurate calculation. But this time, as no other, can bring you to the cherished goals. In October, try your luck away from home. If a business trip or holiday in sight, use the internet as a means of escape to the world.

In November, life can take on any new burden, but rather on their own to find a business that has long waiting in the wings. Order and discipline will bring you a sense of security. You can descend to the wisdom in the face of a man endowed with a special status, or the introduction to a new philosophical system. Meditate more often in nature, collect power.

In December, the first two decades are favorable for new cases. As the curtain fell, the possibility of staff changes at work. Try to protect yourself, consider options for different occasions. Personal relationships will be filled with passion. New Year's Day will not bring respite. Use them to update the plans and important decisions.

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