Hovrinskaya abandoned hospital — Dark forces Croatian

Hovrinskaya an abandoned hospital.
This grim 11-story hospital is visited by hundreds of people from all over Moscow and other cities, but not for the purpose of treatment. The building has long been abandoned, and the medical establishment, it was only on paper. The fact that the building it began in 1981. But already in 1985, the work had to be stopped after the attacks of satanic sects Nemostor. According to other versions of it appeared unfinished, either because of lack of funding or because of the fact that the foundation of the building is so unpalatable recognized that all the building could simply collapse.

Watch Hovrinskaya Abandoned Hospital or HZB

Hospital Hovrino enjoyed in the dark, satanic guys very popular — at night in the basement they have served their black masses and practiced human sacrifice. In 1990, riot police descended to the servants of the devil with the raid by shooting them right there in the basement. And to other similar Nemostoru sects, many of which have been nepovadno here to go and see, it was decided to blow up both the entrance to the basement. Finish building the future hospital with a bad reputation already indelibly no one.

Hovrinskaya abandoned hospital (HZB, Croat, Umbrella) is now often becomes the object of criminal reports. But in its walls disappeared people as yet been found, and how many were killed — is not known. Continue here to arrange the meeting, all the same Satanists. Chosen unfinished Gopnik and homeless. And, of course, can not go past the Croat and lovers of extreme sports, of which there are now divorced among young people is very, very much, and those who, because of an unhappy love affair decided to end his life by suicide banal.

By the way, the nickname Umbrella abandoned hospital owes its unusual shape, which is very similar to a top mark of biological hazards. Umbrella — the name of the most secret laboratory of the virtual game "Resident Evil" on which later had to remove the self-titled film with Milla Jovovich in the lead role.

Experienced diggers continue with great interest to explore the mazes Croat and even organize it in a kind of guided tours for all intrepid visitors. Located within the walls of the hospital created an unreal feeling as if you have a hero that same computer toys. That's only the dangers that await you at every turn, might end very sad. You may fall in elevator shaft or the floor under your feet can easily fail. Now and then there are traps, cunningly covered with metal sheets — stepping on one of them, you can run into a "carefully" at the bottom of the prepared metal bars. You should also take into account the fact that unused buildings like this unfinished wear out much faster — so all in Croatian, one might say, has long been "moribund." In the end, the same person may be criminal unfortunate encounter on your journey, it is not recommended to go explore the Umbrella group of fewer than 10 people.

Seeing this building, located in the Moscow region Hovrino, once there is some reason inexplicable urge to rush headlong back. And having been there, I want to come back and immediately erase from memory the visit. This is the place. In fact, all that day. That's just go back, not all work …



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