How quickly restore energy and reduce stress? Simple Secrets of breath

November 9, 2011 22:06

Ramona Heim, Shutterstock.comThe main task of breathing — oxygen saturation of the cells and the regulation of energy balance in the body. In the oxygen exchange involving all organs and systems. The better we breathe, the better our life potential.

However, inactivity leads to tissue hypoxia, loss of energy, and the body perceives it as an appeal to aging.

Full breath — is:
full breath to oxygen enough for all cells;
short breath-holding to lung cells had time to "grab" and the circulatory system brought it every cell;
full breath to the last molecule, to rid the body of waste products from the cells (yes, do not be surprised cells do the same thing and all living things).

Simply put — it is a harmonious alternation of saturation with a short starvation. Have you ever thought of your breath? No? May be interested to know that lack of oxygen prevents the cells and interstitial fluid is completely free of toxins — that you fatigue, lack of energy, depression, pain of unknown origin and other troubles. Life in the city and work in the office (at the wheel) are not conducive to full breath, and therefore full of energy. However, regular exercise people such problems do not happen. If you are not one of them, you have to start with a simple improvement of breathing exercises — it is not only the supply of energy, but will not cause the flu and cold season.

Breathing techniques and methods, there are vast. The most famous: holotropic breathing, pranayama, Strelnikova gymnastics, gymnastics Buteyko breathing with the help of trainers. Some are quite complex to learn, others need special conditions or the presence of a coach-mentor. In this case, techniques, methods, techniques and equipment used are different, but the secret is that the result is always positive.

Therefore, let us here and now in possession of a few simple way of breathing. They are very useful.

1. During all work absolutely necessary respite. Someone makes smoking, and we will do breathing.

Initial position (IP): standing or sitting straighten his back, relax the muscles of the abdomen and back. Now a semicircular motion gently allot shoulders up and back, relaxing the muscles in the neck and shoulders. Chin holds a straight line (if you put it on the back of the hand, the brush will be parallel to the floor) or slightly up. Posture is stable and gives confidence. In this position, the energy moves up the spine freely.

Laced his fingers into the castle, at the expense of the inspiratory one-twovigorously raise our hands, turning the palms up, on the exhale to the account three or four as vigorously omit them up to his chest. Repeat 5-10 times — this is the "charge" will be enough for one or two hours.

An open window effect will increase 10 times, as the air in the room, "dirtier" than on the street, the use in the decoration and interior plastics.

2.Stressful situation has become commonplace in our lives. Let's learn defuse easily.

Take an initial position and at the expense time — Breath, at the expense of two — Holding the breath, to the account three or four — Exhale. Repeat for as long as the heart is aligned, and then breathe evenly. On three Account breath, a slight delay, and three account expiration — is breathing for normal calm state. Breath control will allow you to escape, unwind and resolve the issue without emotion.

3. Take a situation where it is necessary fast recharge: Before the show when meeting when experiencing fear and anxiety. This method will give courage and determination.

So, we begin. Start out at the expense of one-two — CER-oh-oh, to three — Delay on four — Exhale. SAR-o-oh — delay — exhale. The cycle should be repeated at least 3 times, but the best 5-8 times. Can and 10 minutes if not confuse dizziness. It's like a battery charging: longer charging — more use.

4. The way in which the cold season will warm up faster than hot tea.

Standing in the initial position, breathe deep, deep breath and quickly make a circular motion with his hands forward for 40-60 seconds. Let's restore breathing. Again, take a deep breath, hold your breath and now rotate your hands in the opposite direction. Lungs — a factory of heat: in the cold air we breathe in negative temperatures, and exhale its constant temperature of 36.6 degrees. Anoxia and the movement of the hands of "forces" overclock warm, oxygenated blood in all directions. Well — got warm? Perfect!

5. Now, let's learn the way that helps imperceptibly cool in a stuffy room, inside the car, the bus, in the subway. We are going to cool the air you breathe by narrowing the nasal passages movement muscles nasal sound, pumping air through the nostrils. And exhale, relaxing the muscles of the nose. It's like a cool sip of water in the heat! I think you'll like it, but it will save the core of asthma attacks.

If such a simple way to train regularly internal muscles nostrils, then gradually they will be strengthened and if you are reputed snorer, it can lose this "glory", and if suffering from a runny nose, it is most likely that will get rid of them for good.

6. And, finally, for the most determined. If the development of airway skills, you find the strength to get on your dtsat-floor walk or jog in the morning — you honor and praise! At the expense of one-two— Breath, at the expense of three — Exhale (no delay!). This way when making "feat" would "take off" on your floor or run fairly long distances without stopping. Just do not forget to stretch the muscles of the thighs and calves, so the next day krepaturnye pain did not prevent the recurrence of a feat. And if you did not have the habit "dyhalki" — increase in cycle 2 times: inhale for 4 counts, exhale for two accounts.

Feel the magic effect of the "session" simple gymnastics-charging? What are you willing to get from regular exercise?

Energy, health and good spirits!

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