How to control the vibration of matter

February 26, 2012 20:52

Adolf Kortel, September 2010. The video shows a couple of "beating" bowls from China, and also one from the Academy of Florence. See how they do it.

[0:04] Two bowls purchased in China. Four dragons on the bottom show the location being antinode for standing waves from hitting the bubbles.

[0:18] Note: Wet your hands with soapy water.

[0:31] Then put the cup under a soft cloth and gently stroking the handle, if you do not want to wet my pants. We need to find the right pressure.

[0:47] The one that more works better

[1:00] The modern version of "beating" the bowl in the hall of the Academy in Florence.

[1:08] It publishes a pleasant sound, but also requires a lot of effort to achieve the "beats" of water. It takes longer because of the large mass of the cup and water.

[1:16] When you are going to do this, come and guardians are asked to stop because of the loud sound. I got to make the water jump only a few centimeters.

[1:21] … well, maybe next time …

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