Hurricane de-energized dozens of settlements in the Yaroslavl region

As a result of strong wind and rain and hail, in the Yaroslavl region overnight were powered down dozens of settlements. Power lines cut short by falling trees.

Seven most affected districts. Pereslavskiy, Rostov, Gavrilov-Yam, Nekrasov, and Lyubimsky Poshehonskiy. Repair work on the networks began almost immediately. In connection first social facilities. However, some communities are currently without electricity.

"There have been organized damage control personnel areas of electrical networks Yarenergo to eliminate the effects of single outages of overhead power lines and substations. In particular, measures to remove trees that fell on the wires of power lines from outside the protection zone and the transmission line work to restore broken wires. The work was done by the 34 rescue and recovery teams, involved 39 units of special equipment. The night before, were connected to the social objects for 17-18 hours will be connected to all "- said the head of the center Network Yarenergo Ruslan Trubin.

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