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27.06.11.V Ukraine torrential rain did not stop the third day. A day without light were more than one hundred and fifty communities in nine regions of the country. According to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the accident has already eliminated nearly one hundred.

Most towns and villages were de-energized in the Odessa region. In itself, the main scourge of Odessa were trees falling under the strong gusts of wind. Says Andrew Anastasia.

The hurricane swept over Odessa last night — heavy rain accompanied by strong gusts of wind. As a result, dozens of fallen trees, there are injured and even killed.

The hurricane hit seventy resident of Odessa. At this point in the street Utesova it dropped old acacia.

Catherine Skribantovich, a neighbor of the deceased:

— Left neighbor, in the sixteenth, to call a girlfriend for lunch, went out and then the tree fell and killed her.

Rufina Balkovskaya, a neighbor of the deceased:

— Nightmare! Well, that's still looking: we stand with you, and I, for example, very scary, now that's when the wind continues.

At "emergency" all night did not stop the phone. Doctors say several calls were from people who were traumatized by the broken branches.

Oksana Tikhomirov, senior physician operotdela ambulance medical care:

— Branch fell on the boy of eleven years. Concussion and hematoma of the parietal region — was admitted to Children's Hospital.

So now looking cars that during bad weather were parked on the street. And this is one of the highways of the city. Everything, according to city officials, during a storm in Odessa fell about five hundred trees. They blocked the tram tracks, streets, broke off the power lines. In this house, for example, there was a drop of voltage instead of the usual two hundred twenty volts is four hundred. People burned all the equipment — refrigerators, televisions, washing machines. Emergency service, complains Odessa Igor Melnichenko, come in a hurry.

Igor Melnichenko, a resident of Odessa:

— At half past two nights awakened by the explosion — came here from the TV — a pillar of smoke was pouring.

And in this part of Odessa breaks electricity resulted in a short circuit and fire — in the building of a dental clinic there was a fire in an area of six hundred square meters. Because of squalls was difficult to put out the fire, said the regional emergencies department.

Alexander Kritsky, deputy chief operotdela EMERCOM in Odessa region:

— Extinguishing the fire injured two emergency workers from exposure to heat. Currently, they are hospitalized, they are being supported.

As for rural areas, the majority of settlements, which last night left without light, the accident has already eliminated. But there is a new, weather, according to weather forecasters, will not improve.

Maya Grinko, Assistant Chief of the Ministry of Emergencies in Odessa region:

— Unfortunately, in the evening and at night, today the situation is projected to deteriorate — the wind will increase to thirty meters per second, and sometimes pass degrees.

In the MOE asked people in the region in the rain and wind did not come to the old trees, not to leave them under the car, and switch off the electrical storm.

Andrew Anastasov, Igor Mekhonoshin. "Details", TC "Inter"

Source: Detail-TV

26.06.11.Segodnya in Odessa because of bad weather, accompanied by rain and gale-force winds, there have been several accidents. So, in the street Mechnikova tree fell into the roadway and partially blocked the passage of automobile transport going towards the street Myasoedovskaya.

At the very Myasoedovskaya hurricane uprooted and broke a few young trees planted on the pavement near the houses

Outside, the wind broke the Bulgarian tree that rest against the wall of a residential building, just a few feet from the window.

And outside Prokhorov uprooted tree fell on a minibus, parked on the sidewalk and blocked the road transport fares in the street Dalnyckiy.

Add that any work to eliminate the above-mentioned incidents were observed from which it can be concluded that the utilities and FEMA have been slow to work in a legal holiday.

Source: Telegraph

Uploaded by YouTube user gebguk, date: 26.06.2011

Pictures on the wall, under Victor Polishchuk VK

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