Hurricane in Saratov region


Hurricane destyaki trees were torn out of the ground. Photo: from the archives of "KP"

2.08.11.To what happened yesterday in Yershov and Pugachev locals call no more than a punishment from heaven. Hurricane flew at these campuses, literally, for no reason, no reason.

— The whole day was sunny. Weather changed in a matter of minutes: strong wind and rain loaded, so strong, that at a distance of two meters was difficult to see the figures hiding from the weather passers — says a resident Christina Zamerova Yershov. — All this lasted for several hours.

When the storm subsided, the citizens took to the streets to count the losses. With several houses were blown away, knocked down dozens of trees and damaged power lines.

And on the streets of pedestrians found the corpse of a man. The man did not have time to hide during bad weather. As a result, broken and swaying in the wind electric wire touched it, and it hit hard shock.

— Signal was sent to the panel "02" code to help the victim was no longer possible, — the duty Ershov otdelencheskoy hospital. — Physicians had only confirmed his death.

Currently, district officials are trying to restore the Ershov damage caused by nature. In parts of houses have reappeared light to the rest of electricity should come to the evening.

Of compensation to families whose homes have suffered, as well as family, Survivors hurricane local authorities are silent.

Victoria Dudin

Source: KP.RU — Saratov


In the Saratov region the wind left without light 350 homes

In the Saratov region the wind left without light 350 homes. Photo:

2.08.11.Vchera, August 1, in the Saratov region began to change the weather. In place of the heat came intermittent rain and strong winds. In some areas of the region is not passed unnoticed.

— The city Pugachev gusts reached 17 meters per second. Because of this, there is a power, a serious crash. 321 remained without light house. For similar reasons, and residents affected 30 houses in Yershov. There, the wind reached velocities 14 meters per second, — the press-service of the EMERCOM Russia's Saratov region.

Last night and tonight maintenance crews have tried to correct the situation. As a result, most of the homes have electricity restored. At this point in Pugachev remain without power 40 homes.

Anton Picos

Source: KP.RU — Saratov 

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