Hurricane Joachim swept across Europe

Ever it was to end. During the unusually warm winter in France broke the hurricane that hit the north-west of the country. Near the Atlantic coast stranded Maltese cargo ship "Bremen". Crew members were evacuated from the ship by helicopter. Reportedly, the Coast Guard is leaking fuel oil on board "burden."

In the French region of Brittany whole last night the wind was falling poles and trees, tore a high voltage wire. Morning left without electricity for about four thousand customers.

And having problems with rail transportation. In Nantes — the sixth largest city in France, the trains were not running, which disrupted the Christmas plans of the French.

"Troublesome, is over, but deadly. Anyway, I'm on vacation, so do not worry."

"I was going to Saint-Germain-en-Laye celebrate the centenary of my godmother. But it did not. Like last year for her birthday it's snowing."

There were no incidents in neighboring Switzerland. At least three people were injured in the canton of Bern, where the rails come down passenger train. The reason was that fell on the road because of the strong wind tree.

In Germany cyclone brought heavy snowfalls, and with them, and transportation problems. But were relieved owners of ski resorts and ski lovers: after a long fall in the mountains, at last, came the winter.

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A powerful storm caused traffic jams in Germany

December 16. On Germany Hurricane "Joachim» (Joachim), which caused traffic jams in some parts of the country — reports Bild. Most affected by the disaster and the south central part of Germany. Hurricane Saarbrücken Airport closed temporarily.

At Frankfurt airport flight delays began. This occurred because the ground crew had escaped from the plan because of the severe weather. However, the cancellation of speech does not go, assured airport spokesman.

Rail service between Kaiserslautern and Saarbrücken, and in Landau stopped. In the Saarbrücken winds tore trees from the root, some streets and basements were flooded. Wind overturned road signs and building signs. In South-West Pfalz regional trains stopped moving due to the rails collapsed trees.

In the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate meteorologists recorded strong winds that can reach speeds of 130 kilometers per hour. The wind speed at the top of Germany's highest mountain Zugspitze reached 180 kilometers per hour, which is why cable car was stopped.

In the south of the state of Hesse hurricane canceled classes in 122 schools, — the representative of the local authorities for schools Ralph von Kümmel.

In some parts of Thuringia snowfalls led to congestion and accidents. In Menhsberge bus with 15 children crashed into a wall. None of the passengers was injured. Route 61 near the town in western Germany Alzey closed. On the morning of 16 December there happened a few accidents due to strong winds. Near the Hunsrück (Hunsrueck) flooded the streets. Authorities announced the risk of flooding of the Rhine, Mosel and Nae.

Recall that in late June in many parts of Germany hurricane. The disaster knocked down trees, damaged several bystanders, have difficulty moving vehicles. First of all, the element of the territory affected federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Brandenburg.


About 120 flights canceled due to bad weather Zurich, Switzerland

December 16. Nearly 120 arriving and departing flights were canceled at the international airport of Zurich, Switzerland on Friday due to the strong winds of Hurricane "Joachim", the website of the Swiss Radio DRS, with reference to airport spokesman Marc Rauch (Marc Rauch).

According to him, the removal touched 60 departing and 59 arriving international flights operated mainly Swiss airline Swiss. In this case, the cause of the cancellation of flights provided to non-flying weather not only in Switzerland but also in the way of aircraft in the airspace of other countries, said Rauch.

In addition, due to the bad weather numerous flight delays at major airports in the country have led to a huge accumulation of passengers in departure terminals. Many try to change tickets for other dates.

Meanwhile, three flights arriving at the airport the other Swiss cities — Basel, were redirected to other airports, as not able to land because of the squalls.

Hurricane "Joachim" in Switzerland has become the cause of serious injury and even raneniq people. On Friday morning due to Hurricane in town Tavannes (Canton Berne) derailed passenger train. Composition, moving at a speed of about 70 kilometers per hour, hit a pine, which fell due to strong winds on the way. The collision derailed cars. Four people were slightly injured, a dozen experienced shock.

In some mountain police blocked the road because of the fallen trees, but the main highways are open. Wind gusts in some places up to 130 kilometers per hour.

Source: RIA Novosti

Spain. Storm

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