Hurricane Sandy eye witnesses. Online

I decided to make a compilation video of eyewitnesses on the hot news hurricane "Sandy". As it turned out, the video is just incredible the amount of people and stupidity goes beyond the pale. I would be in this weather is not stuck to the nose of the house, and some are torn at the very epicenter, trying to slaughter report. Well, I guess to each his own. Look.

Watch Hurricane Sandy — Video witnesses

Thinking add another live broadcast, held more than 12 hours around the world!
Watch Live Stream Hurricane Sandy

Watch Hurricane Sandy — Video 2 witnesses

Watch Hurricane Sandy — Video 3 witnesses

Watch Hurricane Sandy — video eyewitnesses 4

Videos online without even conditionally set if someone found something — add links in comments, I move them to the article.
Too bad America, God forbid, such a cataclysm from us.


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