Hurricane Sandy in the U.S.. In the streets of sharks!

It seems to be not subject news site, but go past it I can not.
If someone does not watch TV or read the news on special portals, I will say briefly: in the United States is raging hurricane "Sandy". Lots of new rumors and an incredible number of facts that are officially confirmed, will appear every hour. And a floating power station exploded in the streets of America Shark (photo in the header of the article), flooded subway lines and dozens of victims … How would those who did not belong to the United States, but such a natural disaster that struck the Americans, one can only sympathize.
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Hurricane "Sandy" hit the U.S. East Coast. The first blow came under the states of New Jersey and New York. At least 13 people were killed in floods in the United States. The storm moves inland, wind gusts exceeding 130 kilometers per hour. In the ten states declared a state of emergency. In New Jersey, the water leaves the city Atlantic City casinos.

More than three million people remain without electricity. Under the threat of flooding was a nuclear reactor "Oyster Creek." On Twitter, there was a frightening picture: one of the flooded streets in a residential swimming shark. On one of the electrical substations in New York, which is in the midst of a hurricane, there was an explosion. Lower Manhattan is flooded, the water has penetrated into the subway, resulting in several subway lines were flooded.

Its main blow "Sandy" brought down exactly on the New York — Wall rain, strong winds, which knocked down, tore billboards, mangling the roof and easily broken trees. All that was worn on the streets at a hundred miles an hour. Emergency services went to the scene immediately after the first reports of the incident.

"All of this collapsed down for some moments, and completely unexpected. Old apartment building just could not stand such a gust of wind, "- said city resident Mary Dickson.

At the top of a skyscraper under construction wind broke the boom tower crane hanging over the top of the 57th street. The scene was cordoned off by the police, at any time, the structure can fall from a height of 90 floors. In the lowlands — a flood, the water of the Hudson Bay has risen by four meters. Despite the declared mandatory evacuations, many elements taken unawares.

"We were driving and suddenly realize that you were trapped — the path was cut off with water. We decided to take a chance. When the car stalled, I thought it was the end of us, but lucky "- told in a hurricane survivor Tony Scott.

In some areas of the city power company intentionally cut off electricity to minimize the effects of the hurricane. But in Manhattan did "Sandy." Victims of "Sandy" in only one of New York were five people, but the information is clearly not definitive. The first hurricane strike took over the coastal city.

On the road, warning: "The fare will be charged, seek refuge." But where to find it? Almost completely flooded Atlantic City — the capital of the East Coast gambling. Flood noted in the two cities named Ocean City — in the states of Maryland and New Jersey. Breaking into the center of the continent, the tropical "Sandy" has met with a cold western cyclone, which worsened the situation. In Kentucky and Tennessee after heavy rains began falling snow. The biggest problem at the moment is a power outage. In the east of the country remained without electricity three million people, still paralyzed public transport. Get somewhere else can be only on the machine, but there is a problem — there is nowhere to take the gasoline, as many refills are closed.

Hurricane "Sandy" in the United States. In the streets of sharks!



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