Hurricane Sandy, people rummage in garbage cans and shouting about death!

The consequences of the Hurricane "Sandy" appalling, and the network appear strange at times, and sometimes shocking video about the population of New York, which is dug in search of food on garbage cans and induces panic with their cries for others …

Watch New Yorkers are digging in garbage cans

This video generally would not trust, because it is hard to believe that just a few days after the storm of the population has no money, no supplies … In any case, I share found.

Watch "Sandy" claimed the lives of 88 Americans

"We are going to die here!" Shouts Donna Solly, Senator Chuck Schumer, when he arrived in the flooded neighborhood of Staten Island, New York with a group of journalists.

Americans are shocked by the scale of destruction

Well, it looks like Americans. Panic is in their blood. Although, in their place, I do not know how I would behaved. And do not want to know.


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