Hydrogen sulfide bomb Ust Kamenogorsk


25.07.12.V different places Ust-Kamenogorsk is still walking the smell of hydrogen sulfide. Citizens "bombed" phone calls prompt emergency service, complain of an unpleasant smell and say here that if they did not live in the city and in the countryside.

In response, authorities shrug and calm people, saying that there is nothing extraordinary in the regional center is not proiskhodit.Direktor enterprise "? Skem Water Pipeline" Yerzhan Aubakirov said that no accidents no sewage networks, the company operates in a normal mode. According to him, all the forces of thrown out to soon launch a new thread in the village sewer October. These days there are tests.

At the site works gun that fires air flower aromatami.Mestnye forecasters also say that they have not fixed maximum permissible rates of hydrogen sulfide, but noted that he could over the Ust-Kamenogorsk is caused, most likely, the active evaporation due to the heat.

Source: "Express K"

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