Hyundai trains now run in Zaporozhye

Starting from May 26, 2013, the train route number 167/168 Kyiv-Dnipropetrovsk-Kyiv extended to the city of Zaporozhye, making the speed and comfort of trains INTERCITY + available for residents of this powerful center of the southern Ukraine.
Train number 168K Kiev — Dnepropetrovsk — Zaporozhye-1 will depart from Kiev to 7:00. 15 minutes. and will arrive in Kiev in 14 hours. 05 minutes.
Train number 168P-1 Zaporozhye — Dnepropetrovsk — Kiev will depart from Zaporozhye to 15 hours. 59 minutes. and will arrive in Kiev in 22 hours. 49 minutes.
Trains INTERCITY + somgut cover the distance 658 km between Kiev and Zaporozhye to 06 hours. 50 minutes. (Traditional "night" train the same distance overcome at least 9:00 pm).
The fare in the cars class 1 from 376 UAH., In wagons 2nd class — from 275 UAH.

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