I was a teenager in the light live fish

June 3, 2012 9:33

In India, the 12-year-old boy swallowed a fish, playing in the creek.

I was a teenager in the light live fish

In India, the 12-year-old Anil Barela, playing in the creek, swallowed a live fish. 1news.az reports with reference to the Indian media, the child and before that had a habit of swallowing live fish.

But this time the fish instead of the stomach into the lungs of the child. Due to the constant movement of fish in barrels began difficulty in breathing, oxygen levels fall in the blood and the child was taken to the hospital, wrote gazeta.ua.

Following the discovery of X-rays for lung fish Anil was immediately operated on. The operation lasted 45 minutes.

Seized the fish was alive. Doctor who operated on the child, said he encounters a very interesting situation in its 20 years of practice.

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