Ice storm struck the southwestern United States. Photographic

In the south-western United States struck a powerful snowstorm, killing two people in Colorado. On icy road in an accident hit a bus carrying prisoners. Victims of road accidents are one prisoner and guard. Injured nine people have been hospitalized with various injuries.

As "Rosbalt" referring to the National Weather U.S. cold snap (from zero to minus seven degrees) replaced the warm weather (plus 15.5) only for a day. In particular, strong snowstorm led to icing of road surface in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado. Many highway had to be closed.

In addition, the ski areas were not able to get a rest, who are stuck on the road and have to wait for the completion of the storm in roadside motels.

In Oklahoma, only an hour blizzard snow depth reached almost four centimeters. According to ITAR-TASS, meteorologists predict the formation of snowdrifts height 38-46 cm in the New Mexico had to cancel classes in schools, and to suspend the National Laboratory in Los Alamos. BaltInfo adds that the laboratory was founded during World War II to develop nuclear weapons and continues to this research to this day.

As previously reported, in the north of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland hit a violent storm. Schools were closed, flights canceled, not cruising ferries and trains. Off the coast of Yorkshire in the north of England, with three hundred ferry passengers unable to approach because of the strong wind. Places his speed reached 250 kilometers per hour. More than 50,000 people in Scotland were left without electricity due to the continuity of the power line.


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