IDEF-2013. Turkey Show THREE CONCEPTS new fighter TFX

IDEF-2013. Turkey Show THREE CONCEPTS new fighter TFX
In passing these days are in the International Defense Exhibition Istanbul Turkish company TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) has introduced three new fighter project TFX. Initial design programm fighter should end this year, reports May 9.
Images are pictures of 3 concepts aircraft — single engine with front canards (Scheme «duck») and without the usual twin-engine and aerodynamic design (pictured). Currently, the Turkish Air Force and the company TAI are discussing these 3 concepts.
In late September, held a meeting on the 1st choice of the projects submitted. TAI applets working on this together with the Swedish industrial group SAAB.
First flight of fighter aircraft is scheduled to perform in 2023. TFX may vary fighter Lockheed Martin F-16C, the armament of the Turkish Air Force.

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